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  1. Have you thought about crafting a low silhouette walker with a power armor interface socket? Basically, build yourself some bad *** augmentative armor, and have a light armored walker meant to be piloted by a person in your model of power armor, walks with the movement of your legs, etc. Now you have a larger augmentative "suit of armor" with better speed and armor and a few more options. Want to use attached to armor weapons instead of ship weapons so it isn't too game breaking? Craft your walker with weapon ports for your armor weapons, and use the HP for the walker to add something augmentative to the "suit" rather than ship weapons.
  2. I see how this can be seen as looking for a rule that doesn't need to be a rule. But I didn't know about armor encumbrance being reduced when worn, for example. I count it's full encumbrance. In the absence of a rule, I'm happy to just use the logic of the experience of wearing a full combat kit. I'm probably more restrictive on myself because I know what physical limitations come from wearing and carrying full combat load and body armor. Even reducing the encumbrance seems a bit too much of an advantage to me, unrealistic like. Full combat kit is no joke. I've weighed more than double my body weight depending on what I had to carry, like if I had to hump a ruck on top of my patrol kit. Granted, this is Star Wars, so I can see powered armor's encumbrance being reduced because it's an assistive device. After all, encumbrance skyrockets if it's powered down. Stands to reason it's reduced by 3 from its base enc. when powered. It is my goal to keep it real, not to do anything that is only okay by technicality but just breaks the game. The fun is in the fact that there is real risk, not in putting on some god mode BS I get away with just because I lawyered my way into it. Bottom line, I want to operate within the rules, and self restrict away anything that is technically within the rules but just provides stupid advantage that isn't realistic. However, I do not want to screw myself out of advantage from within the rules that actually does make sense. For example, saying a weapon with an enc 4 adds 4 enc to armor when it's mounted seems reasonable if the armor enc is reduced by 3 when worn. It's not super advantageous, it's not crippling to overall encumbrance. Happy compromise there, and it makes sense. Plus, there's modding weapons, the Stripped Down mod, or getting good rolls in crafting to reduce encumbrance, etc. There's just some stuff that seems game breaking. Like in crafting, you can technically reduce encumbrance as much as you get the rolls to do it, to a minimum of 1. It isn't like soak where you can only select to increase soak by 1 once. There's no limit on reducing enc though, and I can't find anything that says you can't. I won't do that. I'll drop it a bit, sure, but if I have powered armor with 3 soak and 2 mounted weapons, I wouldn't mod it down to below 6 enc minimum, maybe even higher, just doesn't seem right or make sense.
  3. Nothing I can find in the Core books, the Hired Gun book the armor mount mod is from or the Technician book tells me if you add the weapon's Encumbrance to the armor's total. On the one hand I could see the argument made that it costs 2 HP on the armor AND 1 HP to mod the weapon to mount, so in the interest of fairness it shouldn't. On the other, I can't realistically say the encumbrance just disappears because you mount it. It still has weight, adds size, etc. Besides, with enough Jury Rigging and Stripped Down mods, you can reduce encumbrance to the point a character could carry so many weapons it'd just be way to OP to even be fun. Without an official rule, the best I can think to do is a compromise, like halving the weapon encumbrance rounded up and adding that to the armor's total.
  4. That's a pretty good idea for Kav-Dann armor to get your character to cover if WT or ST is exceeded and they're knocked out. It'd be really cool if having it could allow assistance with certain tasks. Trouble is, getting powered down. Jumps to 12 Encumbrance. I can just see a destiny point getting flipped so a storm trooper NCO has an ion grenade to lob... but this can be countered with Hardened. But then, that's 2 HP, and however many using a droid brain runs you. What about wearing shield gauntlets and an energy buckler? You'd be harder to shoot with Deflection 3 (+3 ranged defense) and Defensive 1 (+1 melee defense) , provided you can stack the Deflection from both, though I could see that being disallowed either by actual or house rules for the same reason Defense is not stacked, in which case it would only behoove you to wear one, unless you want the 2 Deflection from the Gauntlets and the one Defensive from the buckler, with the Deflection 1 of the buckler negated by disallowing stacking. Down side: no additional assistance with tasks from the droid brain. Bright side: instead of taking armor HP, they would take only 1 of your personal Encumbrance each if you wore both. My character is a hired gun merc, so I'm looking to create a formidable combatant, staying hard to hit and countering powering my armor down, so this might work for me. But if you're looking for droid assisted slicing or something, probably wouldn't help you. Perhaps a custom cybernetic brain implant? It has a computer access link, so maybe trade out the Intellect +1 for instead allowing certain interfacing and task assistance when interfaced with your custom armor? Perhaps causing arm or leg implants to pair with your armor somehow, functioning like some of the armor mods like Repulsor Assisted Lifting or Integrated Slicer Gear. Saves you the HP and Enc, instead drawing on your cybernetic implant capacity. Expensive sure, but hey, go big or go home in a box.
  5. If you have all the XP to spend, and want a tank of a character, there's a build I'm looking for for my character that will take a few applications of Jury Rigged and Tinkerer to Kav-Dann armor and two attached weapons. Colossus looks like a great tree, and if you want to drop some XP into the Bounty Hunter- Gadgeteer and Technician- Modder trees for 4 ranks Jury Rigged and 4 ranks in Tinkerer, you can get a serious suit that would put Predator to shame. Those might make sense story wise for a character like you describe, a former imperial trooper who may have experience maintaining his own gear now reduced to having to cobble together what he can in order to make what he has work. Between the extra wound threshold from Colossus and a loadout with armor that allows the firing of two weapons hands free, you'll be a monster. I have a spreadsheet with what I want for an armor loadout, which has a T-7 Ion Disruptor and Disruptor Rifle with Underbarrel Grenade Launcher mounted to Kav-Dann armor. I know, sounds unwieldy, that's why Jury Rigged (reduce Enc) and getting the weapons Stripped Down mods and both weapons and armor Superior quality mod. Total Encumbrance:8. The armor and weapons are tough to find and expensive, but I have ideas for getting as close to the loadout as I can until I get all the pieces, perform all the modding, if you're interested. Walking in with a wound threshold in the 20s courtesy of Colossus and other tree's Toughened, in armor that gets your soak close to double digits provided you use a Dedication or 2 for Brawn, might make it a little less impenetrable.
  6. Wouldn't the Hardened armor attachment cover this? Hardened- Prevents deactivation of power armor by electromagnetic or ion weapons I know it says it prevents the armor from deactivation, but you'd be wearing it, so wouldn't it protect your implants?
  7. http://oakthorne.net/wiki/index.php?title=SW_Weapon_Attachments I don't see a way to search the site, but if you pop "Oakthorne SW XYZ" into Google, you can find weapons, armor, attachments, equipment, etc. from what appears to be comprehensive from all books up to current, or at least I haven't been unable to find anything using this. Great reference tool.
  8. Anyone know where and in which book I might find out if it is legit to augment the explosive damage of the Explosives Belt (page 48, AoR Spies book, Dam 15 Crit 3 R-Eng, Blast 5 Breach 1 Limited Ammo 1) with Improvised Detonation or Improved Improvised Detonation talent from Demolitionist talent tree, or perhaps with the Self Destruct System on page 60 of the Spies book? My GM has my character working with a Demolitionist as a means of working into the story my character learning to become one. I only know how explosive material and IED construction works IRL, but making it conform to the game mechanics to keep it within reason so it's not just stupidly OP and no fun because no challenge is where I'm kind of getting stuck. My goal here is maximized collateral damage to facilitate escape should my character be captured and the belt is taken, and to, with a command detonator for the belt or Self Destruct System from a hidden compartment on my character's clothing (totally screwed if stripped naked, but otherwise kept if they fail a perception check to locate it), cause enough chaos that my escape may go unnoticed for a time, or, failing that, at least render incapacitated or dead some of my would be pursuers. Or perhaps, in these following instances, I'd be looking to cripple larger objects than mere personnel, going for more anti-material effect, like taking out a small craft that is landed or an ATST. For example, if I get my Mechanics to say, 4, and use Improved Improvised Detonation to add my Intellect (2) + 2xMechanics ranks (2x4) to an IED, can that 10 damage stack on top of the 15 if I use the belt to do it? Or, with a Self Destruct System added to the belt (5 damage) the three +2 damage mods (total 11) to the belt (15) for a total of 26? Same goes for if I want to do all that and use the explosives from a couple re-purposed concussion missiles or a thermal detonator so I make a big enough boom to take out an ATAT.
  9. That sounds great, but with a price tag of 1.75M... our characters are presently at the level of... you remember those two idiot friends of Jesse's from Breaking Bad? Yeah, our characters bring them coffee. Doesn't help that we keep pissing in the Black Sun and Hutt's Cheerios, but our characters are idiots, and we play them honestly. One hyper violent sociopathic schwanzkopf (it stars it out if I say it in English, let's see what it does when I say it in Krautinese!), and one 20 obligation to addiction drunk who is only alive because he rolls well, except when he rolls despair and shoots frickin ME... point it, it aint exactly rainin space duckets for us yet. Now if we could steal us one of them big buggers, that's a different story. Though we're likelier to accidentally, or on purpose, blow it up.
  10. We got a YT2400, burned one HP on smuggling compartments to hide our *****. We were thinking of 4 light ion cannons linked and ion torpedoes in order to disable our quarry. Wondering what else it would best behoove us to use with remaining 2 HP if we're loading out with piracy in mind. I was thinking a boarding tube, or extra defense points to our deflector shields for when the fuzz shows up and starts firing on us. Also curious to know if there is a breaching charge good enough to blast our way into a door we can't slice our way into or hull, or if any of the cutting torches would suffice. I can find examples of them, but as yet what I find is unclear if they would use well in such situations or are intended for use only as tools by mechanics or technicians. Any other pirate types out there with any suggestions for personal kit or ship loadout for Strategic Transfer of Equipment to Alternate Locations?
  11. Well dress me up and call me Sally! I was thinking more like what I saw Luke with in Degoba, like what Yoda stole was like a small piece, maybe 10% of the overall mass, of a meal kit or something. This helps. My character can eat for days now.
  12. I appreciate the clarification. Let me rephrase: I understand what you mean and what the rules are, even though I do not effectively or correctly communicate it. In this most recent reply, it makes considerably more sense than how I could have come up with to describe it.
  13. Okay, now this is starting to make a bit more sense. I'd rather play like this than nitter away at the rules, lawyering crap left and right. To what you said, you remind me of another thing that bothered me. 0 encumbrance rations, and stuff like them. I know there's somewhere it says 10 zero encumbrance items counts as 1 encumbrance. Anyone who has ever picked up a case of MREs can tell you that calling 10 of those 1 enc, while a pistol or a knife is also only 1 enc, is nuts. To my mind, and without my GM's insistence, I am far more strict on what I'll say I can carry. My character has like 6 0 enc items at any given time, and at that point, I say there's no more room. Just doesn't wash, makes no sense. Unless we're talking ruck sack, in which case I'd expect agility, stealth, athletics and coordination checks, and to have to spend a maneuver to retrieve anything if needed. See, I'm not about being a stickler, but that's not rule lawyering to me. If I was GMing and had someone "carry everything from assault cannons to toasters and enough ammo and bread to keep them operating continuously for five years" I'd just flip the table and leave. If anyone I play with does it I'd bet my dangly bits he gets his peepee slapped by our GM. Thanks everyone for all the prompt responses. Really helps. Was a bit worried I'd just get yelled at, "NEWB! Read the effin books, cherry!" I do. But there are a LOT of books, so this is handy. Thanks.
  14. Okay, we're saying the same thing, I'm just saying it wrong I guess. Still, doesn't make sense to me. Or reality. Sure, if that's ALL my character has, then yeah, a rifle and a pistol and MAYbe a reload. But with a vest, to say I can only carry an additional reload and 2 frags because my encumbrance only goes up by 3? That's wronger than dry docking right there.
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