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  1. You got a droid force user? XD House rules, I’m assuming?
  2. Also always remember as a GM: every roll of the dice must have a consequence. In the situation you described at first, there was no consequence for a failure. Before telling the first player to roll, take a second to think what the consequence would be if they fail. If you don’t, they’re gonna want to keep rolling until they succeed. If you can’t think of a consequence, and it really is a situation where they would succeed eventually after repeated attempts (think opening a jar of pickles), don’t make them roll. Just say they succeed.
  3. This is super cool too, I’d love to steal this idea as well. If you feel so inclined, I’d encourage you to share more details on how to do it exactly, because I’m still not quite sure I understand how. Maybe in a separate post?
  4. Envelope: “Open when the mysterious R2 unit starts beeping and chirping frantically for the first time” Inside: “You realize you’re the only one who understands the R2 is saying this “senator” is the person who assassinated the leader of your unit”
  5. Envelope: “Open when you encounter a blue-skinned female Twi’lek wearing a black leather vest” Note inside the envelope: “Say: ‘Hello, sister’”
  6. Ah, I did misunderstand the rules. Ty for clarifying!
  7. Well, just because DP seem more like a pendulum rather that a resource. Why would a player use it if he knows he’d be creating a dark DP that could bite him in the rear later? Also, if players simply get light DPs when the GM flips a dark one, doesn’t that feel kinda unearned? I think if they’re given out freely for good RP they’d actually be a reinforcement. But that only works if there are no strings attached. If every DP can be flipped to dark DP, the player feels like he’s simply creating more pendulums by playing good RP, rather than getting a reward for it. I actually also have a follow up question. Don’t players get a maximum of 2 DPs per session, or am I misunderstanding the rules? They just roll 1 force dice, right? That seems so limiting. Most players are gonna have 1 DP for the entire session, and a lot of the time that single DP is gonna be locked as dark. No wonder people don’t use it. I’m gonna have them roll 2 force dice PLUS hand out non-flippable DPs for good RP. I wanna see 3-5 DP tokens per player on the table.
  8. You’re gonna have 7 players?? I can’t even imagine managing a group that big even if they were all little angels. Let alone if one of them has a motivation so involved. Not a good fit.
  9. How confident the players feel is largely dependent on the tone you set as a GM. Until they’re more comfortable with each other, go a little easier on the consequences of their choices. Show them you’re interested in the RP potential of whatever choice they seem more inclined to make. Be excited and embellish your responses to them. As for the dice-happy player, try to set as many difficulties as you can at simple. Try to answer “simple” even before he even finishes asking “What would be the difficulty for this roll?” Hopefully eventually he’ll get bored and get the hint.
  10. Ah yes, very true. Thank you for pointing that out, that’s pretty important. Technically that’s really only worth 5 XP at character creation, but I’ll take it ? I can account the other 5 for having those extra 2 career skills available.
  11. How do you figure? Force-users still start with the same amount of XP (or more), and have everything that non-force-users have available to choose from (and more). Force powers come at a cost, sure, but so do talents and skills. Force-users simply have more to choose from. I could create two almost identical characters: one from EotE, and one from FaD with the same starting characteristics, skills and talents, 50 Morality and 10 leftover XP.
  12. Guys, I’ve read several discussions about how or whether to use Duty, Obligation or Morality in mixed games. Seems most ppl, though not all, prefer to pick either Duty or Obligation based on the type of campaign they are playing, and make all force users take Morality independently. My question is this: does anyone else feel that Morality has an intrinsic value? In other words, don’t you feel that force-using characters already start with a little advantage? Let’s not even count as an advantage the fact that they have a whole extra pool of force powers to choose from (which we should). But simply by taking Morality at character creation rather than Duty or Obligation, essentially force users get to pick either 10XP, or 2500 credits, or 5XP+1000 credits, or a free Destiny Point every session (light side paragon). Not to mention the chance to get even more mechanical benefits at the end of each session by rolling the dice to resolve conflict. Non-force-users don’t get that, unless they take additional Duty or Obligation. Makes me wanna pick a career from FaD just for that extra 10 XP, even if I never intend to play as a force user. Thoughts?
  13. Maybe I’m misunderstanding a bunch of things, but this custom power doesn’t seem very much like Suppress at all. Similar in some respects and very specific applications, sure, but definitely not the same. And Misdirect is something completely different in my eyes. Shroud comes close, but like you said it’s a talent, and what you need is a power. Seems the critics here aren’t listening to an important fact you mentioned: that you already created a force-sensing mechanic that works well for your campaign. The power you’re suggesting serves a very specific function for you that none of the other suggestions cover, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t create it. Maybe it’s just an issue of balancing it to make sure it’s not OP, but you’re just gonna get that with a lot of play-testing. Sounds like you thought about it and you know the game, so go for it. Let us know how it goes, and please share the final power tree once you’ve play-tested and balanced. It sounds interesting, I might want to use it! Also, I’m sure you already know this, but if you were to ever play with another group, you may have to shelf this and any other homebrewed powers if the other players don’t agree with it.
  14. Great idea, I’ll probably do that too. Right now I figure we’ll follow the published rules for establishing the starting DPs. I’ll flip dark to light as rewards for good RP, or simply add some if I have no more dark DPs left. I think I’ll also have everyone flip their DPs if they’re using them for mechanics, such as activating a power or upgrading a dice. But if they use the DP for narrative effect in a pertinent way, I’ll let them discard it, rather than flipping it so I could use it against them. Thanks everyone for the great discussion, I’ll report back after I’ve tried it
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