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  1. I've been running this with some success - the cham/rex combo may be a bit much, but it is satisfying when it lands Name: Stardrop Faction: Rebel Commander: Admiral Raddus Assault: Surprise Attack Defense: Rift Ambush Navigation: Solar Corona Starhawk Battleship Mark I (140) • Admiral Raddus (26) • Kyrsta Agate (5) • Expert Shield Tech (5) • Weapons Battery Techs (5) • Leading Shots (4) • Linked Turbolaser Towers (7) • Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam Array (10) • Concord (12) = 214 Points MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) • Hondo Ohnaka (2) • Ordnance Experts (4) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • External Racks (3) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Profundity (7) = 128 Points Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36) • Captain Rex (5) • Cham Syndulla (5) • External Racks (3) = 49 Points Squadrons: = 0 Points Total Points: 391
  2. Sorry for the slow response @Cpt ObVus, just seeing this. Would love to merge groups as the opportunity permits. Got a game going in Ithaca every other Sunday afternoon now
  3. For those interested - we've got a group going at Great Escape Adventures in Ithaca, meeting every other Sunday for now. DM me for details if of interest.
  4. for those interested, looks like Mythic is starting up semi-regular sessions
  5. Great! I've been down to Mythic for xwing/Armada, hope to see y'all there soon.
  6. any chance there's still a group running in Ithaca?
  7. Hi all - looking to join or start a group of folks playing in or near Ithaca, NY. Pretty new to the game and have kids, so can't travel super far and would love to play more casually or with a CC campaign or something. Mythic games in Elmira has been running some events and happy to support them if that's a good spot.
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