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  1. I would like to see a Scarif Squadron Set with: TIE-Strikers, TIE-Reaper, U-Wings and Zeta class shuttles (the later for both factions).
  2. The ship can also be seen in "Rebels" and in "Rogue One", but didn't get much screen time or attention. It might be a good ship against squadrons and could find a niche, although I would be surprised to see the Empire gets the SSD, while the rebels receive the comparatively small Gunship...
  3. Well, the Wookiepedia article about Stormtroopers lists quite some different Troopers, so there should be no shortage of ideas, but I guess Death Troopers might appear next. For the rebels... maybe those kind of Rangers which also appeared in Imperial Assault.
  4. I just read in the Facebook blog of "Yoda's data" (German retailer) there won't be a German version of the SSD, because of the estimated low number of sold SSDs. Don't know if it's true, but sounds reasonable given the high price of 189 €, that's roughly the price of 5 ISDs in Germany...
  5. Hi! Very soon I'll introduce my brother in Armada. So far he played lots of X-Wing and is familiar with the typical FFG approach. But I'm not sure if using all available upgrade cards (I own nearly all of them) are could be too much while building a fleet, as he isn't really familiar with the game. Any suggestions or experience of introducing a new player? I don't want to treat him like a fool, but also don't overwhelm him. Thanks for any answer!
  6. FFG is a company, it will focus on the stuff which bring the most benefit in the short (and hopefully long) run. As X-Wing 2.0 was launched and Legion is still knew, I'm not sure if they have the manpower or ressources to support Armada in a way (some) in the Forum would like to see. Maybe they also learned a lesson and don't want to announce wave after wave life X-Wing just to finaly see they screwed it up. So far Armada is quite balanced and let's hope FFG is careful enough to keep that balance, even with the SSD coming soon. And to be honest, complaining you can't spend your money for a tabletop game is definitely a First World Problem...
  7. Totally agree with you, although the standard critical hits are dangerous, the Contain tokens don't help you with all the other critical effects. But to be honest, don't know how to fix that without creating more trouble for other cards and builds...
  8. Maybe noch just new objectives (although it's a great idea), but missions. Corellian Conflict went into a good direction, but some known (and lesser known) battles would be a good thing.
  9. Excellent work, although I feel sad for the loss of the Rebel Alliance. Anyway, looks awesome! Great work!
  10. To be honest, if an SSD could be crushed by a fleet of Corvettes just be ramming would be a shame. I know the SSD was crippled by an A-Wing in the movies, but still it feels laughable. Let's see what the rules will say. Does anyone know how much playtesting is done usually?
  11. Well, the SSD won't hit the shelves before Christmas, why write an article? Time and attention are precious. What I really would like to see is an official app that can adjust the cost of cards, but well, that's an entire different topic...
  12. I hope they change that angular design, looks like starship in games of the 90ties. The design of Ansel Hsiao is definitely better, the guy does an awesome job.
  13. Hi Ling27! I like your idea! The only thing you might consider is using a more arrogant tone or some fictive quotes made by imperial admirals, inspired by von Clausewitz, Sun Tsu or Jomini. This isn't necessary, but could connect your document to the "New Order" ideology of the Empire. Anyway, I'm looking forward to see more!
  14. Taking about the fleet of the Resistance is a bit difficult, first we don't have so many sources and the two movies about them just cover some days/weeks. And don't forget it's a SF movie, they don't care so much about reality, that's why logistics and finances rarely matter (just if it's a plot device). If for the plot the Resistance needs more ships in the next movie, they'll get them by some means. In TLJ I also thought why the FO didn't immediately lauch fighters after arriving near the Resistance base, shouldn't that be a standard procedure? Or why didn't they detect those slow bombers before? Well, because if TLJ would be realistic we would see something more like "Saving Private Ryan". Do I mind? Yes, a bit, sometimes the FO officers are shown as really evil... ****** idiots. Anyway, I liked the space combat and I'm sure the Mandator would look awesome in Armada, just no idea how much dice you could roll with those autocannons!
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