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  1. HedgehogNL

    Saw's Renegades Re-release?

    I'm waiting for a 2.0 reprint (rr the current hybird one with updated cards), as the original one had some incorrect/updated texts on the cards. Not that worried about the X-Wing S-Foil quality, as the one I got in the core set is bad too and I don't want to open and close them during play anyway.
  2. HedgehogNL

    X-Wing second edition

    All ships will be rereleased, with the exception of the 'aces' paint schemes. I can't give advise if you should buy 1st edition, or wait for the 2nd edition rerelease. It's probably a lot cheaper to buy (and convert) 1e edition, over here small ships are on sale at many shops (but former players still ask too much ;)). Seems the retail prices for small ships in second edition have increased by a third or so. I'm waiting for 2nd edition rerelease mostly, as I expect some 'power creep' with upgrade cards and all. Probably others that can give you much better advise, but this is my take on it.
  3. HedgehogNL

    FFG your app is poor quality

    You're right about that, but I guess this comes down to expectations. FFG made the expectations quite high by calling the app the cornerstone of 2.0 (can't find the exact phrasing). So in my opinion most complaints and suggestions in this forum are perfectly valid. So I have changed my expectations. I don't think FFG will make a squad builder that's suitable for the casual player to fool around with, it's just a tool to generate the PDF you need for tournaments. There's still hope this will improve in the future, as this posts by FFG basically states the following: They were surprised by the issues and lack of funtionality too. Their focus is to fix critical issues first and prioritize other fixes. They will listen to our feedback to create 'the best possible Squad Builder experience'.
  4. HedgehogNL

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    Those are the right kind of questions imo. I don't think the bugs are the biggest problem, but the lack of functionality.
  5. HedgehogNL

    What Will Incentivize FFG to Fix This?

    I don't think that's the general opinion, but it's what I'm afraid of. I think we shouldn't expect a proper squad builder from FFG anymore. The situation we might end up with is that 3rd parties make awesome squad builders on the 'unofficial' API and that people only use the official squad builder to print their list for tournaments.
  6. HedgehogNL

    2018 Nationals Locations?

    Dutch nationals are on the 17th and 18th of November. In case you're from the Netherlands and still want to register: https://www.facebook.com/events/947847542043302/
  7. HedgehogNL

    No App updates since release?

    About two weeks ago and it's still in an awful state. So I hope they work on a big update that will fix almost everything, or that they hired some other party to redo it from scratch. The other scenario is that they think it's fine in it's current state 😅
  8. HedgehogNL

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    No (official) updates for two weeks, hope they work on a big update that makes the app usable.
  9. HedgehogNL

    My new favorite squad... today

    For some I read Cluster Mines and got me confused List sounds fun, going to try this. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I agree with both your suggestions!
  11. HedgehogNL

    2nd ed Console Fire damage card.

    It still doesn't make much sense to me. As I read it now, you'll always get to attack a last time when console fire kills your ship. The game has reached that initiative step, so it doesn't really matter if there are no other ships with the same initiative? Edit: I think it's just that I got this wrong all along, that I find it hard to 'understand'. So it's good that there is official ruling now, just have to get used to this outcome
  12. HedgehogNL

    Broken Image Links for profile pics

    Oh wow I hope they fix the X-Wing Squad Builder faster than the profile image selector!
  13. HedgehogNL

    Ghost with turret indicator

    The tournament regulations state the following on page 4: So I guess that will become the most common way to do it.
  14. HedgehogNL

    Rank the Disney-era Star Wars Films

    Exactly the same ranking as you. Rogue One is the only movie that lived up to the expectations for me. The Force Awakens was nice, had some nice moments for fans and seemed like an introduction for new viewers, but then The Last Jedi was just crap. Or at least when I left the theater; now I've watched it on Netflix I'm milder, but still think it's not a good movie. Solo was entertaining, but not epic like Rogue One
  15. I don't have this ship, but I have painted something similar for another game. What I did was prime the model and remove/insert the loose part several times while not being all too careful. The removed paint I incorporated in the design as actual damage. Hope this makes sense 😛 My skills and experience is nowhere near what's being shown here though.