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  1. HedgehogNL

    Showcase: B/SF-17 Bomber

    Well done! I like the battle damage and rust!
  2. Nice! Is it a green laser? ­čśÄ
  3. I haven't been visiting this part of the forum for some time, as I was tired of all the complaints (including my own). So I gave it some time and kept hope the squad builder would improve. In meantime I have played X-Wing, but haven't touched the official Squad Builder until today. In two weeks time the app is available for 6 months. FFG themselves stated that "several cr´╗┐itical fea´╗┐tures were either missing or non-functional", that they "are dedicated to providing you with the best possible Squad Builder experience" and that"´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐y´╗┐ou´╗┐ c´╗┐an expect to see immed´╗┐iate and regular updat´╗┐es´╗┐ to th´╗┐e web´╗┐site an´╗┐´╗┐d m´╗┐obile app´╗┐s o´╗┐ver the ´╗┐n´╗┐ext seve´╗┐r´╗┐al´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ d´╗┐´╗┐ay´╗┐s´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐". So I'm wondering what critical features were missing, that have since been added? I can't really see the dedication to create the best possible Squad Building experience, not even remotely. The app gets some updates for new X-Wing content or formats, some minor fixes and that's it. Most of the feedback in this forum is valid, but ignored. I came to the realization that this won't change. This is the level of quality and functionality of the official Squad Builder. Maybe my expectations were too high (I doubt so), but I'm fine with it now. I just use a third party squad builder. Posted this here to see if others are still having hope, because of FFG's claim/goal to bring the best possible Squad Builder experience, or that most of you came to the same conclusion as me (ages ago ;)).
  4. HedgehogNL

    Showcase: IG-2000 Aggressor

    Looks good! Just for future reference, some repaints of the IG-2000 are posted here as well:
  5. I've had the same with the original (very minor) and HotR Falcon. So it's not limited to second edition or scum falcon. When I tried to bend the small connecting peg it came loose, so I could glue it back in. Still not perfect, but much better.
  6. For $9 I would keep it, I pay more for the dice alone ­čśé Then you'll have some extra obstacles that aren't in the 2.0 core set and an extra range ruler. Maybe you can even sell the models to somebody that's going to convert to 2.0 or wants them for painting or modification.
  7. It will have the cards and cardboard, but you're still missing a dial right?
  8. I had good results with Vallejo gloss varnish, although I haven't used it for cockpits yet and not on surfaces as big as the Firespray's cockpit. So I might run into the same trouble as you eventually Anyway, I needed about 3 thin layers. Used a little bit of water to let the varnish flow better. Don't know the drying time, but I guess it was about 24 hours. As most of my painting is 'assembly line'. Oh and before I forget; I used a 'matt spray' (army painters) on the whole model before I applied the gloss.
  9. HedgehogNL

    S-Foils Opening/Closing

    In the tournament games I've played people told me not to flip the cards, but just tell me. In games at my home I use the old target lock tokens to indicate open foils. I think a double sided token would be best. Also to remind the player to declare in time (before activation).
  10. HedgehogNL

    AnyCubic Photon DLP 3D printer

    I had no clue you could already get this quality for this budget! Well done!
  11. HedgehogNL

    2.0! Got it from an online seller and...

    I'm not a frequent player, but my 1.0 cardboard tokens have been used many times and are still looking good. The 2.0 tokens have been used in 8 casual games and 6 tournament games and many of them look worn. It's of course true that I would have about 100 of shield tokens in 1.0 and now only a couple, so they are used more frequent. Still the component quality is lower than 1.0, even when the alignment is good
  12. Did you use the IKEA PS lamp for the death star as base? Or did you make this from the ground up? Great work!
  13. HedgehogNL

    Triple X Protons

    I flew Luke (supernatural reflexes, protons), Wedge (protons) and Thane on the Dutch Nationals. Normally I fly with Biggs. The reason I decided to swap him for Thane is so I can break formation more easily, also Thane's iniative of 5 can come in handy. His pilot skill is also awesome, especially when Luke and Wedge have just launched their missiles into the target. It's not as overpowered as it seems at first glance. It's a nice list, although it flies very different than with Biggs and astromechs. It's all about the approach, hit hard with your protons at range 3, use Thane to finish targets off. With Biggs I think I could stay enganged longer, with Thane it's better to break off and try another range 3 approach I guess.
  14. HedgehogNL

    WanouMars Repaints

    Was cool to see your ships in real life on the Dutch Nationals (and play my first ever tournament match against you). Keep up the good work!
  15. Have seen it mentioned here and there, but no seperate topic on the first 4 pages. Please add obstacle selection to the squad builder, or at least when exporting to PDF. I'm going to a tournament this weekend (Dutch Nationals) and there doesn't seem to be an obstacle selection available in the app. So the printable squad lists are worthless for tournament play? Guess I'll just edit the PDF and add them myself, or use this PDF: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/98/61/98615519-2c30-48c0-838d-587567f07045/xwing-squad-sheet-test.pdf This squad builder is mediocre at best in it's current state. Not user friendly and lacking features for casual play, but not compliant with tournament play as well.