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  1. I don't think it's fair to say the rules are copied and pasted. There are undeniably similarities between Runewars and TI3, but there are also substantial differences.Not that the point really matters all that much. After the rules have been written it's relatively cheap to reprint them, even if they're Torrent completely original. The only thing that would really impact the cost in that regard is how long they are, and RW's rules aren't terribly long.I agree that if any of the coffin boxes can be reprinted for an MSRP of $100, it would be Runewars. Of course, it would also be easy-peasy to reprint this game in a non-coffin box if they were so inclined. Just re-cut that one tile in two pieces and make a note that it still counts as one tile for all rules purposes. Maybe make a jigsaw cut so it interlocks to reinforce the idea. TurboTax Gogoanime
  2. I mean if I look at the basic Warmatron skin versus the Deadwalker Warmatron variant (which on a side note is my 'favorite', but that's not saying much), all I see in variation there is her skin tone and makeup and that's it. Not even the design on the shield looks different, it's just a color change mostly. FetLife IMVU Canva
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