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  1. Yup! Been doing a shared dice pool now for while but with more than 5 dice mostly for the convenience. I might consider making the pool smaller though after reading this. Great Work.
  2. Wave 5 Spoiled by Polish Distributor Rebel: Ghost Empire: Tie Adv v1 Sep: Punworcca 116-class Scum: Jumpmaster Republic: Y-wing FO: Nothing Resist: Nothing https://www.wydawnictworebel.pl/pages/los-galaktyki-1335.html?fbclid=IwAR0lzlgJZSetpv_sZDobo_iFbPzuFbanHEWiaNHfFx4UUXIjqMKPcu1KESs
  3. We are going to attempt to go to both Twitch and youtube but if we have issue we will be switching to twitch only.
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