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  1. Had opportunity to fly my "Force Aces" list. It was a lot of fun (won the game too). Palps is really, really good with other Force users, far more than i had thought.
  2. I started during 1st edition, by collecting ships from both the Empire and Rebels, got Scum (and FO and Resistance) later for the necessary upgrades, but i've converted only the Empire and Rebels to second edition. Wasn't sure what i'd like back then, nowadays i'm mostly Empire player. I would recommend getting a bit of both the Empire and Rebels. They offer options from swarms to arc dodging aces to synergistic abilities to more tanky ships, letting you try things out and if you have enough ships, you can play with friends with your ships. It is easier to select a faction once/if you try all factions, if you have local scene at local gaming shop, you could go play with them and ask if you can try others' stuff out (either whole lists or borrow ships to complement what you got already). If you do find a favorite faction, you can probably sell or trade other ships if you have no interest to keep them.
  3. Palps on Lambda is a stylistic choice for me. I strongly prefer thematic lists or card combinations, even to a fault (hence stuff like Maarek Stele with Prockets, was awesome in Star Wars: TIE Fighter). Can't see Palps riding the TIE Reaper unless absolutely necessary, the TIE Reaper is basically a military dropship, not a more luxurious shuttle fit for an Emperor. I did forget to consider Whisper... but i've never been a fan of the TIE Phantom, so whatever.
  4. Old canon had repulsor droids, new canon doesn't seem to have mention of type so it might as well be a normal astromech. Regardless, retrofit.. sure, possible. I do strongly question the idea of cross-faction V-wing though, no matter whether it has droid slot or not. Largely because the game has only 4 cross-faction ships (TIE/LN, Headhunter, Y-wing, ARC-170 [5, if you count Sheathipede and assume it probably gets added to CIS at some point]), and i strongly suspect that is so because of three of those were basically grandfathered into the game. The TIE/LN for the Rebels works just about because it is in Rebels and had distinct paintjob, but were things done from scratch today, i'd say the Y-wing would be Rebel exclusive and the Headhunter probably a Scum ship, and the ARC-170 would be Republic only. Further, some cross-factions ships were left out, with not even cross-faction pilots, makes me think that cross-faction ships are avoided where possible. Admittedly it is possible for later upgrade packs to reintroduce some (eg Imperial Boba Fett) but i'm doubtful retroactive cross-faction pilots will happen, figure new pilots for existing factions is more likely (Vult Skerris for the Empire in the TIE Interceptor or TIE Defender, or even Vader in the TIE Defender). And singling V-wing as a sole Republic-Empire cross faction ship is also a bit weird. For one, the Empire has similar ships already: TIE/LN and TIE/IN, and possibly others, depending what kind of stats the V-wing gets. Secondly, the Empire used everything the Republic had really, so why not make all of them cross-faction? That the V-wing appears in ROTS only after the Empire has been declared, as someone noted, isn't much of a reason, since the ship must've been around before that (it wouldn't magically appear within days the film spans). Vader used Eta-2 Actis for a long while too, would that be Republic-Empire cross-faction ship too? And Empire not having new stuff to buy is not a good argument either. As noted elsewhere, there's bunch of canon stuff the Empire can get: AT Hauler, Krennic's Shuttle, TIE/rb; and far more old canon options than anyone can probably bother to remember. (I admit that anything not having appeared in a while is annoying...) And this reminds me of a far more plausible cross-faction ship, if there's to be cross-faction ships that aren't special cases like Sabine's TIE: the LAAT/le that appears in both The Clone Wars and Rebels, in hands of the Republic and Empire. It gets more screentime total for either faction alone than the V-wing (i'm assuming it is space-capable). Note: I don't count the YT-1300 as cross-faction ship since it has three distinct (well, more or less) variants with different gameplay. The V-wing's change would be far smaller, if there'd be any.
  5. Ah, interesting, have missed that. I suspect canon will retain the droid slot though, rather than create weird variants.
  6. Yeah, didn't think of that. Actually recommend sharing the poll if people would, i don't really frequent many forums and i don't use social media (not counting few forums).
  7. Not entirely in that the Geonosian fighter is seen before Belbullab-22. But given the gameplay niche and style, quite reasonable perhaps.
  8. Looks like there are other typos and weirdness as well. Why capitalized "Cloud"? Lower case Delta-7 Aethersprite. I wonder if the text was scanned from something and no one did proofreading.
  9. Interesting, 3 or 4 factions leading, followed by all 7. Too few results yet to really extrapolate but i was suspecting that this might be the case. Probably should share the poll more widely to get more answers.
  10. People always forget what EP1 says. It is very clear about Midichlorians communicating the will of the Force, not being the Force. They explain Force Sensitivity, not the Force.
  11. Woorloog

    Inert Fat Han

    Mega chonk Han? Wait, is Han becoming Jabba? Can we call this build Jabba-Han?
  12. I believe Garven Dreis says something about T-65 X-wing in ANH special edition. That'd be fourth instance total, i think? And i believe that was in the original script, have vague recollection of it being the novelization of ANH. EDIT Yeah, the novelization has Blue Leader (Red Leader, ie Garven Dreis, in the film) asking Luke about T-65 X-wing EDIT2 Wait, did the film say only "T-65"?
  13. Dunno, buy a ship together with a friend, you get the cards you want, your friend gets the rest? I'd assume Scum will eventually get the card. Also there was talk about upgrade packs. Actually the issue that made me think how many factions people play, since multi-faction players like me naturally don't really have the issue of missing out cards at this stage.
  14. http://www.strawpoll.me/17837074 Out of curiosity. Also some additional questions: Which factions do you play? If you converted, did you convert all of your factions from 1st edition? If not, why? If you're not playing all factions, do you intend to add another faction to your collection later on? Which one(s)? Me, i play four factions: Rebels, Empire, Republic, Separatists. Didn't convert Scum, Resistance, First Order. Mostly got Scum because of some mandatory upgrades in 1st edition, not my style. The latter i'm simply uncertain about. Currently considering adding Resistance or possibly exchanging Rebels for Resistance. The more i think about the Rebels, the less they appeal to me, but the Resistance offers things i think i'd like.
  15. Not an issue as a multi-faction player (prequels, Empire, Rebels). Even if i wasn't, i'm not sure i'd be bothered really, since there are very few pilots who i feel could really use Target Lock (but then i'm a casual player), can make do with Focus and maybe Predator usually. Admittedly Tarkin being unusable without Krennic is a bit of an issue, since i really don't care for the Decimator. YMMV, of course. And i'd expect the Targeting Computer to appear in future releases eventually, like the TIE Interceptor. Obviously not ideal if one doesn't need more of these. Plus like Hiemfire says, upgrade packs.
  16. So... would TIE Bomber's stat-line and dial be OK? Or is more speed needed to keep the ship reasonable?
  17. Huh, interesting. Still, i think that in this case, TIE Boarding Shuttle makes more sense, and only as a config. Easy enough and covers the small-base shuttle option. Though admittedly delivery is problematic, unless there's gonna be squad packs (like Republic and CIS have) for all factions, in that case Empire squad pack could contain config cards for Bombers Not that i say no to new Empire ships as long as they're interesting enough, and i'll admit that the TIE Shuttle is just interesting enough... Also, i admit that at times i do wish i had a small and cheap shuttle option when i can't afford the Lambda and the Reaper is too mobile for my list.
  18. No, no, no, no(?), N/A. I'm assuming "Epic missions" and "Epic" are separate things here? Simply boils down to budget. For a single huge ship, i can get multiple smaller ships i'll use far more often. And i'm not really a fan of any of the existing huge ships. Epic mode is another matter, i'm doubtful how practical it is though. Might work in local store, but almost certainly can't play at home (for lack of space).
  19. I see. Well then... How many Aces do i need with Palp-mobile? My "Force aces" mockup seems possibly lacking in firepower.
  20. The V-wing is basically the predecessor of the TIE/LN. I'd say strong similarity is in order, with some changes such as astromech slot since it was equipped with one, and perhaps S-loops. Call it cheap swarmer-arc dodger hybrid. The Eta-2 on the other hand... The biggest issue is making it distinct from the Delta-7. IIRC, the Eta-2 sports ion cannons, and is even more maneuverable, so cannon slot, perhaps linked cannons, and more blue makes sense, but at what cost? Less hull? Just extra expense? It is distinct enough from the V-wing, the Republic pretty much consists of Jedi, supported by unimpressive clones and a handful of named clones. I'd say this should be done as a config to the TIE Bomber, as before. I believe Rebels shows the TIE Bomber having quite a bit of space inside it, and there's apparently mention somewhere that the bomb bay pod can be replaced with passenger pod, implicitly creating TIE Shuttle configuration. As for the canted radiator panels, all art for TIE Shuttle has always had them be inwards, as with TIE Bomber. IMO it is just the weak composition and messy lighting in ESB that makes the panels look like they cant outwards. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/TIE/sh_VIP_shuttle and we may have seen the TIE Shuttle (or its boarding variant) in Rogue One: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWars/comments/8n5u3i/canon_question_in_rouge_one_what_the_heck_are/ I don't see much reason for the TIE Shuttle from gameplay-POV, since the Empire has TIE Reaper and Lambda, and hopefully Delta-class shuttle at some point. Doesn't really make sense to add it as a separate ship, just as a config.
  21. I never got to play with Palpatine in 1.0 (since, you know, the guy was only available in a huge ship). Now, Palps doesn't work like he used to... but i still want to try him out. Currently thinking something like this: Omicron Group Pilot (43) Emperor Palpatine (11) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 5 Maarek Stele (46) Marksmanship (1) Fire-Control System (2) Proton Rockets (7) Ship total: 56 Half Points: 28 Threshold: 3 Soontir Fel (52) Predator (2) Ship total: 54 Half Points: 27 Threshold: 2 "Scourge" Skutu (32) Predator (2) Ship total: 34 Half Points: 17 Threshold: 2 Total: 198 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Thoughts? I wonder if it might be smart to trade Skutu for a blocker TIE and slap extra upgrades for Soontir and Maarek (eg ABs for both)? Didn't use Vader or Grand Inquisitor because they're expensive, plus i'm skeptical if either one would benefit much from Palps supporting them. Obviously they might be able to save a Force occasionally, which is useful, but is it worth having Palps in the list? I do have this "Force Aces" idea as well, but it feels somehow lacking and flawed.
  22. For X-wing, potential ships: Republic: -Clone Z-95 Headhunter (larger than normal Headhunter, has torpedoes) -Alpha-3 Nimbus V-wing -Eta-2 Actis light interceptor -LAAT/i or LAAT Space Gunship -LAAT/le (light gunship, from TCW and Rebels, could be shared with the Empire) -Theta-class shuttle (Senators, high ranking officers) -Eta-class shuttle (Jedi) -Nu-class shuttle (Clones) -G9 Rigger-class light freighter, Twilight (could be shared between Republic and Scum, though it seems the Separatists made use of the class as well) -Havoc Marauder (From the cut TCW episode/arc, The Bad Batch, though it will be part of season 7) -T-6 shuttle (Jedi, i see this as unlikely though) -CloakShape Fighter (if old EU content will be used, this was used by the Jedi, could be shared with Scum, actually exists in new canon though name only so far) Separatists: -Rogue-class starfighter, also known as MagnaGuard fighter (in old EU, had variant/predecessor named Porax-38) -Droid tri-fighter -Umbaran starfighter -HMP droid gunship (technically airspeeder... but such a perfect counterpart for LAAT that it would be a shame not to have it, also repulsors work in space as seen in LAAT so...) -Ginivex-class fanblade (Asajj Ventress' ship) -Sheathipede-class shuttle -Maxillipede-class shuttle -Punworcca 116-class sloop (Dooku's yacht, though somewhat unlikely given its lack of clear role and the solar sail being too large for this game) -Mankvim-814 light interceptor (seen briefly in RotS apparently?) Other/mixed faction: -Jango Fett's Slave 1 (Scum, with Jango available to Separatists?) ??? -Sheathipede Type B (extended Sheathipede, don't think we'll see this one but listing anyway) Both factions have at least 7 probable ships, which would add up to total of at least 12 ships per prequel faction, contrast to the Empire's current 14 (Rebels and Scum have more). If old expanded universe is mined, then there's few more, especially the CIS would could use "Sabaoth fighter" for example. Since i'm listing stuff, i might as well list other factions as well: Empire: -TIE/rb Brute (or Heavy TIE or "Infiltrator", Solo) -Delta-class shuttle (Krennic's shuttle, could be functional replacement for the Upsilon-class as "heavy " shuttle, Rogue One) -AT-hauler (AT-ST dropship, Solo) -TIE/ad Avenger (shameless promotion, would fill in the void left by the TIE Silencer, Legends EU) -Endless amount of options from old EU, Gamma-class assault shuttles anyone? Rebels: -drawing a blank here unless we start drawing on Legends, T-wings anyone? Scum: -Sooo many options, too many from old canon, can't really think of anything in new canon Resistance: -T-85 X-wing from Resistance series -Resistance Y-wing as seen in one poster First Order: -Xi-class light shuttle (TLJ) -TIE Echelon (Disney park thing) -New triangular-wing TIE seen in a poster -New TIE from the TRoS trailer -Vonreg's TIE from Resistance series -FO TIE Bomber, seen in Resistance poster (take TIE Bomber, turn the wings inside out and paint the ship black and white) 😵 So many things...
  23. There's Krennic's Delta-class shuttle from Rogue One. Figure we'll see that eventually, as a "replacement" for the Upsilon as a heavy shuttle, with Lambda being "light" shuttle.
  24. There's a Resistance poster (for season 2, i think) around with what seem to be FO TIE Bombers (take TIE Bomber, turn the wings inside out, paint black and white). But i reckon it might take a while for the ship appear as a miniature. Otherwise, there's Xi-class light shuttle, Vonreg's TIE, two different TIE designs from TRoS (one seen in a poster, one in trailer).
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