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  1. Both my brother and i find the mobile version to be pretty bad at the moment. As such i stick to using on PC only.
  2. The TIE Aggressor is... disappointing. Looks pretty cool but that's all really. Its turret slot is unique for the Empire, but with only two turret options, pretty worthless IMO. If an ionization platform is desired, i'm inclined to load a TIE Bomber or Assault Gunboat with Ion Torpedoes (or perhaps Ion Cannons for the latter) rather than try to use the Ion Cannon Turret. And basing a build around the Dorsal Turret seems dubious. I do like having an ability cover my flank or rear but only if i have spare points for that, and without the turret, the TIE Aggressor doesn't really have any primary task other Empire ships can't do as well or better. Veteran Turret Gunner-based double-shot TIE Aggressor is just too expensive to be worth it. At only one point less than the TIE Bomber (at lowest initiative), which offers overall more durability and identical dial (except for K-turns), it isn't really compelling difference. Comparing the generic talented pilots does make the TIE Aggressor look a bit better (2 points less), but i almost never use anything but named or lowest initiative TIE Bombers so at least for me that is utterly irrelevant. I suppose the linked action isn't too bad, especially if combined with Debris Gambit but that results in somewhat expensive ship rapidly for what it does, and it does make utilizing ordnance difficult unless you got another source for Locks and Focus. And let's not forget the TIE Bomber is far more flexible otherwise, with options for torpedoes or bombs as well. To make the TIE Aggressor better, i would like a sensor slot for Passive Sensors especially to make better use of missiles though that would overlap with the Assault Gunboat. Additional turret options (the missile turret concept suggested earlier sounds cool and unique) would be ideal, of course, though they need to be carefully thought out to avoid balance issues like TLT in the first edition without stuff getting priced so high it never sees any use. Additional named pilots would be an option as well, interesting and well priced abilities would elevate the lackluster chassis from mediocrity.
  3. Four ship minimum? Ew, can't play triple aces (or twin aces + support).
  4. Ended up playing with two Nus with XG-1, Autoblasters, Plasma Torps, Passive Sensors; Saber Squadron Ace with TarComp and Intimidation; and Soontir Fel with TarCom and Swarm Tactics. My opponent (my brother) flew Leia with Han gunner and Mag Pulses, Ezra Bridger TIE/LN, and Garven Dreis (don't recall exact upgrades). Plasma torpedoes worked well, stripping shields from the YT-1300 on the first round and almost getting it to half points. Didn't really get any more use out of them but no matter, Autoblasters worked well couple of times. Saber Squadron Ace fired once (thanks to Swarm Tactics) and got nuked, i flew it and Soontir a bit stupidly straight at the enemy. Soontir did well though he fell to to a lucky shot from Ezra at the very end of the match (one hit vs triple blanks). Indeed, i would've won if not for that ridiculous luck. Definitively like these Nu-boats. Think i'll try them with Ion Torpedoes next time, though i'll need to come with some other friendlies. Definitively need a Gunboat or two for even more Gunboat mayhem.
  5. Does anyone ever use ion torpedoes? 4 dice at range 2-3 is attractive. Sure, damage isn't great, but hits are likely and ionized targets could be easy prey on the next turn.
  6. Actually interesting, but i only have two Nu bases. I do have three Gunship models but the conversion kit contents alone are a bit limiting here. (I also have only two passive sensors cards but since i play with my brother, we ignore that and just add charges to ships who lack a card they have, but ship bases and cards are a bit more big deal for us.) Wish the Gunboat would get a reprint soon, i'd like to get another. As for ordnance-Vynder, i like that but i've played that so often i'm kinda bored with it. Usually i've used it with both PTs and APTs, i only got Diamond-Borons relatively recently, definitively an interesting option for Vynder. Currently thinking of 2x Nu with Plasma Torps, Passive Sensors, XG-1s, Autoblasters for 47 points each. I expect i'll face Rebels most likely, with prequel factions possible though less likely, and shields are always an issue when dealing with Rebels. Interceptors carry TarComps, and Soontir has Swarm Tactics as well. I wouldn't mind flying Turr Phennir but i want to keep a bid, and i've got exactly 6 points left. Unfortunately there's a lack of good options for 3-5 points... EDIT Good modifications at that range that is. Uncertain what would be a good talent for Soontir's wingman.
  7. Pondering how to equip a couple of AGs flying with Soontir Fel (and a TIE/IN wingman). Previously, i've found Nu/XG-1/Autoblasters to be one of the most cost-efficient things to fly, but i can't fit practically more ships yet need to spend points. Or more specifically, adding a ship is possible but aesthetically displeasing as i don't have enough cardboard bases for additional Nu-Gunboats or Saber-TIE/INs. So perhaps i could add passive sensors and some missiles for longer range shooting? But if so, which missile? Mag-pulses offer nice range and effectiveness for OK cost, homing missiles don't seem too bad on paper (though i've never seen them really work, for or against me). APTs seem to overlap too much with autoblasters to be truly worth it. Proton torpedoes are an option, i'll just fly the TIE/INs with fewer upgrades, but i worry about the expense. Alternatively i could fly them as pure missile boats but those never seem to truly work out, either becoming expensive wrecks, rolling badly, or ending with massive amount of unspent ordnance.
  8. Had opportunity to fly my "Force Aces" list. It was a lot of fun (won the game too). Palps is really, really good with other Force users, far more than i had thought.
  9. I started during 1st edition, by collecting ships from both the Empire and Rebels, got Scum (and FO and Resistance) later for the necessary upgrades, but i've converted only the Empire and Rebels to second edition. Wasn't sure what i'd like back then, nowadays i'm mostly Empire player. I would recommend getting a bit of both the Empire and Rebels. They offer options from swarms to arc dodging aces to synergistic abilities to more tanky ships, letting you try things out and if you have enough ships, you can play with friends with your ships. It is easier to select a faction once/if you try all factions, if you have local scene at local gaming shop, you could go play with them and ask if you can try others' stuff out (either whole lists or borrow ships to complement what you got already). If you do find a favorite faction, you can probably sell or trade other ships if you have no interest to keep them.
  10. Palps on Lambda is a stylistic choice for me. I strongly prefer thematic lists or card combinations, even to a fault (hence stuff like Maarek Stele with Prockets, was awesome in Star Wars: TIE Fighter). Can't see Palps riding the TIE Reaper unless absolutely necessary, the TIE Reaper is basically a military dropship, not a more luxurious shuttle fit for an Emperor. I did forget to consider Whisper... but i've never been a fan of the TIE Phantom, so whatever.
  11. Old canon had repulsor droids, new canon doesn't seem to have mention of type so it might as well be a normal astromech. Regardless, retrofit.. sure, possible. I do strongly question the idea of cross-faction V-wing though, no matter whether it has droid slot or not. Largely because the game has only 4 cross-faction ships (TIE/LN, Headhunter, Y-wing, ARC-170 [5, if you count Sheathipede and assume it probably gets added to CIS at some point]), and i strongly suspect that is so because of three of those were basically grandfathered into the game. The TIE/LN for the Rebels works just about because it is in Rebels and had distinct paintjob, but were things done from scratch today, i'd say the Y-wing would be Rebel exclusive and the Headhunter probably a Scum ship, and the ARC-170 would be Republic only. Further, some cross-factions ships were left out, with not even cross-faction pilots, makes me think that cross-faction ships are avoided where possible. Admittedly it is possible for later upgrade packs to reintroduce some (eg Imperial Boba Fett) but i'm doubtful retroactive cross-faction pilots will happen, figure new pilots for existing factions is more likely (Vult Skerris for the Empire in the TIE Interceptor or TIE Defender, or even Vader in the TIE Defender). And singling V-wing as a sole Republic-Empire cross faction ship is also a bit weird. For one, the Empire has similar ships already: TIE/LN and TIE/IN, and possibly others, depending what kind of stats the V-wing gets. Secondly, the Empire used everything the Republic had really, so why not make all of them cross-faction? That the V-wing appears in ROTS only after the Empire has been declared, as someone noted, isn't much of a reason, since the ship must've been around before that (it wouldn't magically appear within days the film spans). Vader used Eta-2 Actis for a long while too, would that be Republic-Empire cross-faction ship too? And Empire not having new stuff to buy is not a good argument either. As noted elsewhere, there's bunch of canon stuff the Empire can get: AT Hauler, Krennic's Shuttle, TIE/rb; and far more old canon options than anyone can probably bother to remember. (I admit that anything not having appeared in a while is annoying...) And this reminds me of a far more plausible cross-faction ship, if there's to be cross-faction ships that aren't special cases like Sabine's TIE: the LAAT/le that appears in both The Clone Wars and Rebels, in hands of the Republic and Empire. It gets more screentime total for either faction alone than the V-wing (i'm assuming it is space-capable). Note: I don't count the YT-1300 as cross-faction ship since it has three distinct (well, more or less) variants with different gameplay. The V-wing's change would be far smaller, if there'd be any.
  12. Ah, interesting, have missed that. I suspect canon will retain the droid slot though, rather than create weird variants.
  13. Yeah, didn't think of that. Actually recommend sharing the poll if people would, i don't really frequent many forums and i don't use social media (not counting few forums).
  14. Not entirely in that the Geonosian fighter is seen before Belbullab-22. But given the gameplay niche and style, quite reasonable perhaps.
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