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  1. According to the card "after you perform an action, you may spend 1 force to perform an action". Darth comes with three force. Two questions: 1. At the beginning of each turn, do all three of Darth's force recharge; Or just one per turn? 2. Could Darth, in one turn perform an action (say, gain a focus) and then do that 3 more times (effectively gaining 4 focus)? Thanks for the help.
  2. If I fly into an asteroid or a proximity mine and have to roll attack dice, do I also roll defense dice? The rules don't say I do, so I haven't been.
  3. Rules say that a docked ship, upon emergency deploying, suffers a crit damage. But if that ship has shields, like nashtah pup, the crit would just knock out a shield right?
  4. Anybody looking to play X-Wing 2.0, casual format, in the East Bay Area? We play weekly at King Kong Comics in Pleasanton, CA. Reply and we can connect with days and times.
  5. @jftanner Thanks so much! So we play here in the east SF Bay Area every Tuesday -- looking forward to playing tonight -- Ill let you know if we get any quicker.
  6. So at the end of 75 minutes, if both players still have ships in play, how do you calculate a winner? Hits?
  7. I'm new to the game (2.0) and have played 6 games so far. We are having a great time but all our games have gone 4 hours (if we finish at all). We are playing with 200 point squads per player, 2 players. The only thing we seem to do differently than is suggested is that we haven't purchased a game mat yet and play on a table (which is probably 1.5x the area of the 3x3 mat). We do have to break periodically to read the rules but it seems we should be a lot further along time-wise each game. What are we doing wrong? Is this true for all beginners or do we really need to invest in a mat?
  8. Can a Lock be acquired outside the firing arc (but within range 0-3)? 2.0 The rules seem to suggest that that is case - have we been playing correctly?
  9. Is there a limit to how many devices a ship can drop per round? I.e, can a Firespray, during the system phase, drop both a proton bomb and a seismic charge at the same time?
  10. Okay, so I have been playing this one incorrectly and am still a little confused. I perform my focus action and then, thanks to the card, gain a new focus token. If I cannot perform another focus action again this round, and focus needs to be given up during the end phase, what is the reason for gaining a new token?
  11. Just to be clear, I need to have chosen "evade" as my action in order to use juke but I do not need to spend my evade token when I use juke, correct?
  12. How many times can I gain a new focus token each round with Perceptive Copilot? The card says "after you perform a focus action, gain 1 focus token." Does this mean that so long as I choose focus as my action, I have unlimited focus each round?
  13. Can single card be used on multiple ships? (2.0) ie, In the app, I can add "shield upgrades" to a three x wings but I have only one copy of the card. Does that matter? It would still count three times toward the squad points.
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