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  1. Has anyone had the chance to put 4 or 5 of these little guys on the table yet? My order just came in and I want to see what they can do!
  2. A-Wing Hera is my dreamboat. The A's need an I5 so **** much. As an A-wing enthusiast myself, while I've never flown that many A wings in a 2.0 list, I've found them to be best a one or two pocket aces. Beatstick Arvel (Pred/Intim) and Lone Wolf Ja kipke (or Outmaneuver) are the best of the best. If I have 40 spare points to fill in a rebel list, I know what I'm packing. Swarms of them... I think they're just to flimsy. They're great harassing, but if your opponent happens to glance their way, it's curtain for those little guys.
  3. I've been meaning to get both of my Tie/Punishers out on the field, and I saw @thebrettski had some neat ideas for Redline & Deathrain in a squad. Here's what I have so far: (52) "Redline" [TIE/ca Punisher] (5) Cluster Missiles (2) BT-1 (10) Advanced Sensors Points: 69 (44) "Deathrain" [TIE/ca Punisher] (7) Barrage Rockets (5) Bomblet Generator (10) Trajectory Simulator Points: 66 Total points: 135 I think AdSen & TrajSim could probably stay or go. Moving around some points could give me the solid Vader, or Major Vermeil w/Vader & 0-0-0. (49) Major Vermeil [TIE Reaper] (14) Darth Vader (5) 0-0-0 Points: 68 Or... (65) Darth Vader [TIE Advanced x1] (3) Hate (6) Afterburners (2) Fire-Control System Points: 76 I'm not sure where to go from here or what to toss and what to keep. Any suggestions are much appreciated!
  4. (55) "Odd Ball" [ARC-170 Starfighter] (12) Squad Leader (4) R4-P Astromech Points: 71 (51) "Wolffe" [ARC-170 Starfighter] (5) R4-P17 Points: 56 (49) "Jag" [ARC-170 Starfighter] (14) Chancellor Palpatine (4) R4-P Astromech Points: 67 Total points: 194 This list has served me pretty well so far, though I only have 3 games on the table. Dropping the R4-P's for a 7FG on Wolfe is an option, which also leaves some room for extras all around.
  5. IMO the ships are what you make them. Fly what's cool. Sure, the republic could use some point adjustments down the road, but with what you have, you can do plenty. Wolffe - R4-P17, 7th Fleet Gunner Jag - Palp, 7th Fleet Gunner 2x Gold Squadron Troopers w/ Conc. Missiles Could be a good list to get a grip on the clones. An archetype that a bunch of people in my area have been flying are one thick jedi, alongside two Arcs. Barebones Anakin and two 104th Battalion Pilots come in at around 56 points to toy around with. Make sure you leave a bid for Ani, but however you stack him up, he's great. Anakin with SNR, CLT and R2 is a clutch ace, and alongside the ARCs would give people a run for their money. Try stuff! Have fun! The new factions are a blast!
  6. What kind of stuff do you think could round both of these lists out? Hull or shield upgrades? Some astromechs? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  7. Yo, what would a list with this even look like? Some trick shot spam?
  8. Does anyone have any ideas on a double falcon list? The flapjacks were my favorite list to run in 1.0, but I'm struggling fitting them both into one list.
  9. Hera looks awesome. Saw is great on her, but I would consider changing him out for a Seasoned Navigator. Here's a list I've been rolling to some effect: Hera w/ Intimidation, Zeb, Title, & Seasoned Nav Wedge w/ Predator, Proton Torps, R5-D8, Afterburners & Servos AP-5 just naked. Pretty fierce so far. I'm 5-1 with this list and I like it a lot.
  10. Hey, little late to the party, just bought into 2.0 last week, but I'm loving it so far. Been flying MasterShake2's XXYY list to some success! Took second in the tournament this weekend! I'm looking at flying a double falcon list, because it was my favorite list in 1.0. Where should I start? Lando? Han? Both? I'm lost! Any help would be awesome!
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