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  1. Yeah, but its got a lot of really, really iffy implications for stuff. I'm kind of fixated on the game not really defining You, as now there are definitely two versions of You/Your in the game by way of this ruling. I'm aware this is an exception created by this effect being an interrupting replacement effect - but here's what's going on when I read this ruling: On 99% of cards, in 99% of cases, "You" means the current controller of the card in question. In that 1% of other cases, though, "You" refers to the Active Player. This isn't particularly great, because if this ruling stands, I can now go for cards like Mantle of the Zealot and say "Oh, hey. I'm the active player, that means I can use this creature!" which I know isn't true according to the rules (I don't control the creature, so duh), but with this Biomatrix Backup ruling in place there's the framework for that even more abusive ruling to be played. In this case, it's pretty bad - Mantle of the Zealot is clearly NOT intended to do this. Remember that my concern isn't for the game as it is now - this actually makes a pretty by-the-numbers card very interesting - my concern is that it lays the groundwork for some pretty bull rulings to get made in the future, and that's what I'm on guard against.
  2. What. This is complete nonsense. "You" on a card refers to the owner of the card, or is there a specific thing that changed this? EDIT: I read the FAQ and am entirely flabberghasted that this is the ruling. I cannot imagine why the opposing player would gain control of an effect on a card I control -and- own, but apparently, this is the way things are going to be right now. This STINKS of the bull ruling from Legend of the Five Rings, where an entire game concept was made up in order to prevent a particular combo from working, then took SIX REVISIONS of the Rules Guide to appear.
  3. Yeah. I talked to my local TO about it. He says he's pretty relaxed about it, so it shouldn't be an issue as long as I say up front to my opponent what's going on. Granted, this doesn't seem to apply 100% since i was made aware you can just grab a 2.0 Y-Wing for Rebels off the shelf and use the conversion kit bits to get a Scum one early.
  4. I hate to resurrect this thread from the dead, but is the creator of this site looking to update for 2.0?
  5. So I've read a few things suggesting that there are different sorts of ship roles that ships can be built into. I'm completely new to the game, so could someone give the forum noobs a quick tour of the different ship roles and how they're used to help build lists? While we're at it, I play Scum & Villainy, so what ship/pilot combinations are the basis for the different roles?
  6. Seems good. I'll just ask the TOs when I go to a tournament. Thanks!
  7. Hi. New player here, completely unfamiliar with any sort of tactics or 'what's good'. So, using my best guess and leaning on things that made ship abilities better, I put together the following 2nd-edition only list at 200 points: Firespray-class Patrol Craft - •Emon Azzameen - 116 •Emon Azzameen - Shipping Magnate (76) Fearless (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Cluster Missiles (5) Boba Fett (4) Seismic Charges (3) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Stealth Device (6) Andrasta (6) Proton Bombs (5) Fang Fighter - •Fenn Rau - 80 •Fenn Rau - Skull Leader (68) Fearless (3) Proton Torpedoes (9) Total: 196/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder What do you guys think? I'm kind of hoping i can just fly Emon Azzameen in from behind the enemy squad on turn 2 and blow them up pretty quick.
  8. So i noticed there's not a ton of visual difference between the Y-Wings in the Rebellion and Scum and Villainy factions. Is there anything against me treating an X-Wing as a Headhunter or re-using a Y-Wing in Scum and Villainy squads for its appropriate equivalent from S&V?
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