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  1. going to cross fandom quote here; Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: Yeah, well, I told the Fans I’d have this released in time for Xmas Scotty: How long will it really take? Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: Until Xmas! Scotty: Oh, you didn’t tell them how long it would *really* take, did ya? Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge: Well, of course I did. Scotty: Oh, laddie. You’ve got a lot to learn if you want people to think of you as a miracle worker.
  2. Anyone know what supply or production issue is occurring. That’s armada and legion and x-wing being pushed back. Wife is now looking for more Xmas presents. Had wave 8 and some of the X-Wing ships pre ordered for stocking fillers. Think I might try Mel miniatures at this rate. Get some Kuat drive yard cards printed. anyone got recommendations?
  3. I think a backend change is occuring on the upcoming page. So don’t get worried
  4. The sith have stricken and they are no more gone they are, as is the way with the force. is it just me or was a new category and expected release date added. Noticed on X-wing.
  5. Funny I emailed to customer services last week, and they replied today with check the incoming page. Just in time for Xmas customer service elf’s are doing well. Department: Customer Service Message: Any reprints to occur of the imperial raider at all? None in the UK games shops, mostly Spanish on Ebay or on amazon. There are a few people on the forums including new players asking for reprints.
  6. Card packs maybe a ship card pack to offer nebulon b for imperials. Some alternate ship variants. i think another faq will hit after the next ship release or when clone wars hits.
  7. I’m in uk and no sign of it either
  8. Would like to see more ships from tie fighter pc game. Agree on the assault frigate mk 1 for rebels. need a neb b variant that had 2 struts at a v shape. First multi faction ship? another squadron pack per faction. I want gunboats I think they were called. assault transports and stormtrooper transports. For capture objectives. dreadnaught for sure. could see some new cards and objectives. Similar to some tie missions in 200 point format. A lot could be done but likely at expense of balance. could we see a ramp up in release with gcw and clone wars era at same now ? interesting times.
  9. My Ssd has a slight port move permanently. So house rule is it has 1 click on right moves. but when I look at the 2 stands I can see a curve. in regards to model bow. There is a little if you use the cardboard range rule along the sides. Not enough to bother me at present but noticeable if your worried and looking at it.
  10. I want to see 200 point quick builds similar to X-Wing. some ship cards for clone wars for cross over ships. a new core set. Or something to allow new players to choose between clone wars or gcw.
  11. I,m new. Normally I just buy what looks interesting. however I have pre ordered wave 3 but they have not been on the upcoming page for some time. Or have I missed them? And is this normal. Have SSD for armada on pre order too. I see articles and such and was wondering how do you know when to be around for the postman?
  12. Larger point battles. All sounds good fun will try out a four player.
  13. Mine is for play. any ideas on shelf ideas to be above the rest of the collection?
  14. https://www.chaoscards.co.uk/ https://thirstymeeples.co.uk/ this is my local store and tends to do well stock wise https://www.cliftonroadgames.co.uk/ https://firestormcards.co.uk/ Kind regards
  15. I presume that chaoscards in the uk will snail mail me a copy once they receive it from Ffg as I pre purchased. Is that the marketing plan. Don’t answer if it puts you in a position.
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