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  1. Made those a while back by comparing stats of the Otana, Millenium Falcon and Outrider found on Wookieepedia. The X-Wing second edition plug-in is awesome, making pilot cards is realy easy. Great work! Now hoping for an update of the plug-in in order to make upgrade cards.
  2. If the chalenge is too easy, you can remove the Squadron points cap and add a few Marauders in the enemy list. Try 8 marauders, that's good training.
  3. The AI have indeed better results with simple combos but in the case of Drea + 3 loks, the AI act mostly like what a real player would do (get ships in arc and take a focus) and have a lot of health. If you can beat that list without loosing a single ship, you can certainly bring your list to a tournament.
  4. If you want a real challenge for your list, try a few games againts Drea + 3 Loks with dorsal turret and VTG. The AI is excellent for that list and the double tap is realy effective.
  5. Best tournament for east Canada with a tonne of prices! And it's extended format!
  6. How about Jaden Korr (from Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy ) in a rebel Z-95? They could even add the Far Wanderer title to add an astromech slot to the ship.
  7. Yeah, Maul is hard to kill, you need to focus fire on him with all your ships if you can.
  8. Eaden Vrill for the YT-2400 which only have 2 named pilots right now.
  9. Keyan Farlander in a B-Wing at init 5 with a new hability General Antoc Merrick in his X-Wing K-2S0 as a U-Wing pilot
  10. I also feel that de Tie defender was more fun un V1. The loss of the mod slot and the titles caused the ship to lose some flavor. I aslo think that adding a shield with 2.0 was a mistake and that it only inscreased the cost above the level required to play 3 defenders in a list. It was probably the point but i wish FFG would have taken another path for the Defender. As suggested above, a title could fix it but i doubt that FFG will go there.
  11. Wrecker01

    Happy Friday

    V1 Epic ships re-release is indeed needed, not just a conversion kit.
  12. Wrecker01

    Happy Friday

    They could not, it's not the same miniature. They have to make a separate extension.
  13. You could also try the talent Elusive but it's not really reliable and will only be useful a few times in a game
  14. Wrecker01

    Happy Friday

    Conversion kit or kits for V1 Epic ships. Epic ships for factions that don't have any yet? Re-release of ships that have been made Hyperspace legal recently : Rebel A-Wing U-Wing Tie Interceptor Tie Bomber Star Viper Resistance YT-1300 Star Fortress Upsilon shuttle I don't know if we should expect new non-epic ships in that wave but it would be nice. Tie Brute from the Solo movie or ships from the prequel trilogy. A new ship for the rebel faction would be awesome.
  15. Wrecker01

    Andrasta Day

    20 years later, still remember flying the Otana, what a nice ship! what a great game! Wich we could see a release of that ship for the rebel faction.
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