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  1. How about we leave the well performing stuff alone and look at the under performing stuff instead? Boba is not broken, he's just good. We just need to have more good options to compete with it. Guess what? we already have, just try them and have fun. Now about new articles, it would be realy nice to have some news about x-wing, it's been a while and we need something fresh to talk about.
  2. Thanks for all the great work so far. In those difficult times due to coronavirus, it's really appreciated. But i need to ask, can we expect a multiplayer mode soon? The timing would be awesome.
  3. T65 X-Wing, Blue Squadron Escort and Cavern Angels Zealot Both 41 --> 40
  4. Emon Azzameen — Firespray-class Patrol Craft 74 Maul 12 Proximity Mines 6 Rigged Cargo Chute 4 Ablative Plating 6 Andrasta 4 Seismic Charges 3 Ship Total: 109 Half Points: 55 Threshold: 5 Captain Nym — Scurrg H-6 Bomber 48 Ion Cannon Turret 5 Veteran Turret Gunner 8 Proton Bombs 5 Seismic Charges 3 Ablative Plating 6 Havoc 4 Trajectory Simulator 10 “Genius” 2 Ship Total: 91 Half Points: 46 Threshold: 5
  5. I like the idea of Proton Rockets insted of Concussion Missiles on Inquisitors but is it not hard to line up bullseye attack at init 3? Is it worth it?
  6. 1) Inquisitor in the V1 2) Rebels 3) Nantex
  7. It's sad that we never get the chance to fly the Otana, it could have been a very good expansion.
  8. Wrecker01

    Wave 6

    I just hope we'll get new content for OT faction, just one new ship for any of those faction would be refreshing. YT-2000 would be great!
  9. I believe the most hated pilots are Miranda, Dengar and Nym. They were all overnerfed with 2.0 or in the case of rebel Nym, completly removed from the game.
  10. Made those a while back by comparing stats of the Otana, Millenium Falcon and Outrider found on Wookieepedia. The X-Wing second edition plug-in is awesome, making pilot cards is realy easy. Great work! Now hoping for an update of the plug-in in order to make upgrade cards.
  11. If the chalenge is too easy, you can remove the Squadron points cap and add a few Marauders in the enemy list. Try 8 marauders, that's good training.
  12. The AI have indeed better results with simple combos but in the case of Drea + 3 loks, the AI act mostly like what a real player would do (get ships in arc and take a focus) and have a lot of health. If you can beat that list without loosing a single ship, you can certainly bring your list to a tournament.
  13. If you want a real challenge for your list, try a few games againts Drea + 3 Loks with dorsal turret and VTG. The AI is excellent for that list and the double tap is realy effective.
  14. Best tournament for east Canada with a tonne of prices! And it's extended format!
  15. How about Jaden Korr (from Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy ) in a rebel Z-95? They could even add the Far Wanderer title to add an astromech slot to the ship.
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