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  1. i like the idea would dfs-311 be good with 0-66? sounds nice to pass an extra calculate to it for it's ability.
  2. It’s probably worth getting the probes if you’re going for so many torpedoes. Looks really fun otherwise
  3. Netherlands here. We seem to be missing the servants, vulture, republic squad packs still.
  4. So i played another game, this time trying out the Moldy crow. Pretty strong indeed ;). I'm a little sad i had to drop some fun stuff like the informant, but overall it's more solid now I think. I played against an adv. proton torps Fenn Rau, and the jam actions on both my HWK and G1-A were quite usefull in preventing his attack. Felt pretty good to steal his target locks a couple times. Guess jam isn't has bad as it seems. Anyway, this is the list for now. the only thing i'm not quite set on is the bombs, but i do seem to consistantly hit them or create a fair amount of extra control with them. Lancer-class Pursuit Craft - •Ketsu Onyo - 83 •Ketsu Onyo - Black Sun Contractor (74) Fearless (3) Shadow Caster (6) HWK-290 Light Freighter - •Palob Godalhi - 55 •Palob Godalhi - Tethan Resister (38) Proton Bombs (5) Moldy Crow (12) G-1A Starfighter - •4-LOM - 62 •4-LOM - Reprogrammed Protocol Droid (49) Advanced Sensors (8) 0-0-0 (3) Mist Hunter (2) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  5. I feel like the list has decent damage. Especially if you go for the crow. All 3 ships having some sort of control makes it quite overbearing. Removing 4-lom for more damage would make me lose a lot of that control. The modded 3 or 4 dice on lom felt decent
  6. Seasoned nav i tried. It’s as you say. I found i didn’t really need it. I agree on the moldy crow. Just trying to get around it because i am resisting the idea of having to buy the rebel kit. Cheeky ffg...
  7. I like that idea a lot, seems like a good swap. didn't really find a good time to drop the cargo yet anyway. Thanks
  8. Hello there, I've been having quite a bit of fun with this list. 4-lom might just be the most fun ship i've ever flown, getting a bunch of calculates and barrel rolling + red moves. HWK-290 Light Freighter - Palob Godalhi - 48 •Palob Godalhi - Tethan Resister (38) Informant (5) Proton Bombs (5) Lancer-class Pursuit Craft - Ketsu Onyo - 87 •Ketsu Onyo - Black Sun Contractor (74) Zuckuss (3) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Shadow Caster (6) G-1A Starfighter - 4-LOM - 65 •4-LOM - Reprogrammed Protocol Droid (49) Elusive (3) Advanced Sensors (8) 0-0-0 (3) Mist Hunter (2) Total: 200/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder Still a bit unsure about the loadout on Ketsu. Maybe you have a suggestion?
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