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  1. I was going to make the same comment. I like flying IG-88B in a list with both a Tractor Beam and a Jamming Beam. I am either going to put a Tractor Token on you to allow my PS3 or lower ships to have a better chance of attacking you next, or I will put a Jamming Token on you to negate Green Tokens next turn.
  2. I'm liking this. This makes Moralo move of a threat, meaning there is a chance the opponent does come after him first. This will leave my Seevor and Palob the ability to come in and pull their shenanigans with less risk of being targeted first. Double Scurgg or Y-Wing with VTG also sounds fun! I have been very successful with a squad of Four of those before.
  3. I have toyed with using Moralo Eval's Flee tactic in the past. I thought of a way to make it better: Moralo Eval: YV-666 (74) + (24) Marksmanship, 4-LOM, Hound's Tooth Binayre Pirate: Z-95 DOCKED with Moralo Captain Seevor: Modified TIE/LN (35) Juke Palob Godalhi: HWK-290 (66) Lando Calrissian, Moldy Crow Total: 199 Main idea here is to have the Binayre Pirate Docked to Moralo at the beginning. On turn one, Moralo flies off either the right side or left side of the playing area. On turn two, instead of just positioning Moralo behind Enemy Lines, you bring a Z-95 with you as well. On Planning Phase, position Moralo on the side he flew off on, slightly higher or lower than where you expect the enemy to be after maneuvers. During System Phase, deploy the Z-95 with a Soft 1 Maneuver in the direction that will mostly put the enemy in Arc. During Activation Phase, move Moralo either straight or a Soft 3 Maneuver. Moralo and the Z-95 will not have bumped each other, and you will have two Craft flanking the Enemy. All this time, Palob and Seevor were moving right up the center or slightly banking left or right to catch the enemy in the cross hairs. Palob strips tokens, 4-LOM prevents other Greens from being used on a ship, and Seevor has a chance to strip a green or Jam a target. This is all similar to how I used Moralo in the past, but having an additional 2 Attack Dice from the Z-95 on turn two on the enemies flank seems quite Scummy. If needed, I can pull Juke off Seevor, and switch Binayre out with Kaa'to Leeachos with a Marksmanship addon for a slightly beefer Z-95. Ok ... your turn. Destroy my idea. Please and Thank You!
  4. I run a similar list with Scum Y-Wings: Drea Renthal: Predator, Dorsal Turret, Shield Upgrade, Veteran Turret Gunner (56) Hired Gun x2: Predator, Ion Cannon Turret, Shield Upgrade, Veteran Turret Gunner (49) Hired Gun: Predator, Dorsal Turret, Shield Upgrade, Veteran Turret Gunner (43) Total: 197 Your Aggressor List is IMHO just as equal to my Y-Wing list. The Scum list advantage is having more Hit points and Shields to fight thru per ship than the Aggressors, and getting Predator on them allows for Two Dice Re-rolls in the right conditions. The Empire list advantage is fielding a Fifth ship, and those ships have better Defense Dice rolls and Maneuver templates. I would love to see you field this, and hear your notes on how it plays.
  5. I posted a very similar list to this back on September 24th. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/283382-moral-flanking-list/?tab=comments#comment-3481847 Since I posted the list I have swapped out the Proton Bombs for Seismic Charges, the Stealth Devices for Shield Upgrades, and I added Tobias Beckett to Moralo. I agree that it is not good competitively. A good tournament veteran can read the strategy from the beginning and plan around it. Playing it for fun with friends who aren't tournament players ... this list is quite Scummy and fun.
  6. Very good point. I can admit that I have been sketching on paper multiple different debris patterns to see which patterns work best for me. There is always a margin of error that the opposing player will place debris in places I don't want, but Tobias gives me a small chance of moving their debris around to maximize my effect. In the end, if Debris simply will not work to my advantage upon first inspection, I still have Nym with Trajectory Simulator. I purposely stay away from the debris until the enemy approaches, and then I Forward5 Launch Charges at them.
  7. That is a risk. If they don't fly in formation, that is a good thing. I would rather take Bombers One-on-One as opposed to them sticking together from the beginning. A good player will maneuver them back into a close position by later turns, but that is more stress on the opposing player from the beginning. Scum like to be scummy, and I will be forcing my opponent to either take damage from the beginning or force them to rethink strategy on the fly. Any advantage I can get. If they put 3 asteroids on the opposing side, I have my three to put on the side I want, and Tobias Beckett to move one of their pieces of debris back to a position I feel is more conducive to my cause.
  8. I forgot to mention that Emon would be placed facing my side at the start, so his first dropped Seismic would be as close to opposition as possible. I thought about having him KTurn at first, but at the risk of getting stressed and the Bombers fly straight towards him, I didn't want a non Focused Firespray in their grill.
  9. I am tired of facing Imperial Four Bomber Lists. Here is an idea to cause damage to them early: Quadjumper - •Sarco Plank - 39 •Sarco Plank (31) •Tobias Beckett (2) Shield Upgrade (6) Scurrg Bomber - •Captain Nym - 71 •Captain Nym (52) Proton Bombs (5) Seismic Charges (3) Shield Upgrade (4) •Havoc (4) •“Genius” (0) Trajectory Simulator (3) Firespray - •Emon Azzameen - 85 •Emon Azzameen (76) •Boba Fett (4) •Marauder (3) Seismic Charges (3) Skilled Bombardier (2) Total: 198/200 Here is the plan: Place Largest Asteroids/Debris Clouds I have as close to opposing starting area as possible. Use Tobias Beckett to move one if needed. Place Emon on a piece of Debris near the center of the map, but close enough to Forward3 Drop a Seismic Charge as close to the Bomber Starting Formation as possible. Place Nym as far forward upon deployment at almost dead center of starting edge. Turn One: When Emon moves, he of course drops his Seismic on Debris as close to the Bombers starting area as possible, and then Hard2 towards whatever edge he is closer to. Nym moves Forward4 to move as far forward as possible Turn Two: Emon Drops a Hard2 Seismic on the original debris he was Range 0 of, incase the Bombers headed that way after Turn One. He then does a Hard2 back into forward facing position. He has now 180 the long way. Nym Trajectory Simulators another Seismic Charge hopefully on Debris that is little more than Range two from starting edge, near the center. He is setting up incase bombers didn't go towards Emon but towards the center. He then Forward1 to keep Primary facing the right direction, but doesn't fly into his own sides Charges. Hopefully Bombers will suffer two seismic charges, or possible Three if they flew really badly and into the 2nd Round Charges at the same time. All the while there is a silly Quad Jumper flying somewhere to eventually Tractor. Turn Three - Half the Debris is gone, so now we engage. Long story short ... Position my own larger bombers to lay down Seismic Charges at the beginning to either cause possible 33% to 50% damage on all targets at the beginning of game, or force the formation to scatter thus helping to minimize a formation strike. Known flaws to my plan ... Never know where Debris will be placed until the game starts. Nym's 1 Defence Dice is painful if he is multi-targeted. Medium Base ships tend to fall faster to bombers than smaller base ships. Thoughts?
  10. Here is my list idea ... Firespray - Emon Azzameen (102) Elite - Crack Shot (1) Crew - Boba Fett (4) Device - Proton Bombs (5) Illicit - Contraband Cybernetics (5) Modification - Stealth Device (6) Title - Marauder (3) Gunner - Skilled Bombardier (2) YV-666 - Moralo Eval (98) Elite - Outmaneuver (6) Cannon - Heavy Laser Cannon (4) Crew - 4-LOM (3) Crew - L3-37 (4) Illicit - Contraband Cybernetics (5) Modification - Stealth Device (6) At Setup: I do my best to place Large Asteroids at Range Three (3) from Opposing players edge, and center them evenly across the board. I then place Moralo on my deployment zone edge on either the left or right side, one large ship base from the edge. Emon will be placed at the very end, and I will place him so he is facing my side of the board. I will make sure to place him so that when he moves, his maneuver template isn't on an asteroid so he doesn't suffer the effects of moving over an asteroid. Turn One: Planning Phase: The opposing player will have now determined that I am going to drop a Proton Bomb as my first move. They will most likely maneuver their ships to avoid receiving 1 Crit Damage on their first maneuver. If they point their ships towards the edge that Moralo is on, they risk putting themselves at Range One (1) next turn. If they fly away, the risk Moralo coming at them from behind. This confuses the Opponent on Turn 1. Turn One: System Phase: I do indeed drop a Proton Bomb in the most likely position that will either cause maximum damage to a player calling my bluff, or in a position that will force the player to avoid. In either case, I control a Range one Bomb zone right in their deployment zone from the beginning. Turn One: Activation Phase: Depending on when the Opponent moves, I Hard Three (3) Moralo off the board to reposition. Then I use Emon's Contraband Cybernetics immedietlly to activate a K4 Maneuver to turn myself back in a position that will allow me on Turn Two to flank Left or Right depending on where my Opponent has moved. I will Focus incase the Opponent chooses to do a high speed maneuver to get within range to attack. On Turn Two: Moralo can deploy in any position he likes on the side he left, doing his best to be in Bullzeye Arc to use his HLC. Emon turns towards that same target to flank. If needed, Moralo will use is Contraband Cybernetics to move Zero (0) and still Focus for attack and defense. The idea here is to cause confusion and distraction at the very beginning of the game. To push the first round of attacks to the sides of the Opposing Players board, and/or forcing them to begin their attack runs before taking a turn or two to establish whatever they are trying to set up.
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