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  1. It's straight forward if you assume Han is a reroll and conclude Magva is not an effect that interacts with it. This part is not entirely clear. If Magva is an effect which cares about the fact it's a reroll then Han overrides this, explicitly from his card. On an initial reading that would appear to be how it works, Han's ability is explicitly not a reroll, so Magva's ability that interacts with rerolls would obviously have no effect here. But then you go back to the FAQ and you're left wondering what could possibly make a dice ineligible for Han. My only conclusion is that Han's ability is not a reroll but IS dice modification. So Han Solo cannot reroll dice for Blinded Pilot, as it;s dice modification, but he can reroll all the dice against Magva because it's not a reroll.
  2. I was not in any way questioning your professionalism, I'm sure you're very professional. I was questioning your ability. You brought up your profession as a reason we should trust your logic, your logic is flawed....so there's really only one conclusion from that.
  3. I shudder to think what kind of programmer you are. In this case there are multiple things making you skip your perform action step. This pilot can ignore one of those thing, a very specific one, that doesn't change the fact something else is making you skip that step as well. If this kind of logic, that one thing saying you can overrides any number of things saying you cannot, then you end up with Oicunn at range 0 of someone with a disarm token claim he gets to attack them because his 'Can perform attacks' surely overrides the disarm tokens 'cannot perform attacks'
  4. What an utterly bizarre way to think tractors worked. I get why I didn't really understand your question initially as it would never of occurred to me that someone might think you get 1 and only 1 opportunity to tractor a ship.
  5. I love this reply. You actually believe, like really believe that what FFG put in the ruling's was not enough to clear this up. I thought you were arguing purely theoretically, because the forum post is not in the official rules yet, but no you actually think the official ruling is wrong or ambiguous enough that Deathfire might still work the way you think it does in whatever fever dream you're currently suffering from. That does explain a lot though I guess. I do like that you think people on here suck the fun out of things, I can imagine you getting your Deathfire blown up and trying to launch a Mine then having to explain to your opponent over teh course of the next hour that 'well actually this ruling explicitly about this pilot in this situation doing this exact thing is far far too ambiguous to say he cannot do this thing the FAQ says he cannot do, I can see you're intent on just sucking the fun out of this game!'
  6. Not quite sure I 100% get your question but as soon as the large based ship gets 3 tokens the player who gave the token to tractor it gets to boost or barrel roll it. So for example if Unkar Plutt rolls up and give the Falcon, for example 2 tokens with his action. Then the Falcon moves and bumps Plutt, at the start of the Engagement Phase Plutt will give it a third token and then gets to boost or barrel roll the Falcon if he wants to. In a slightly stranger example say you could attack your own ships with R5-TK and you had a tractor beam. Someone could come along and give your YV-666 2 tractor tokens, then you shoot your own YV-666 with your tractor beam, then you get to control the boost or barrel roll as it was you that gave it the tokens that made it tractored.
  7. I thought the 'All doesn't include zero' thread was the worst thread on this forum but I have been proved wildly wrong. It's this one where people are arguing against an official ruling from FFG about how something works.
  8. The FAQ entry would seem to imply that he would only reroll 1 dice as the others are ineligible. But with the 'this is not a reroll' text on Han who knows. That said I don't know how a dice could become ineligible for Han's ability if his 'not a reroll' text means that it's effectively not dice modification. I think there needs to be further clarification.
  9. Because the rules say you can't do it? I mean I could do a longer explanation but people have already done that in this very thread so it seems superfluous at this stage.
  10. Wat? It'll be in the next rules reference, it's answered by FFG in this every forum as people are saying. Deathfire cannot launch a device that can not normally be launched. I'm really baffled as to why you're even considering he can as FFG have officially said he cannot. I mean yeah blah blah blah forum posts are not included in the official rules etc but you're really reaching here.
  11. How are people still arguing about this when there's an official answer from FFG stating you can't do it. I mean you're right, no interpretation is needed as this exact question has already be conclusively answered.
  12. You've inferred wording here which does not exist in the rules. When performing an attack as part of the declare target step you choose an attack arc which matches the arcs on my ship or upgrades. So you select your Ion Cannon, now Krassis says you can perform this out of your rear attack arc, Karrais doesn't change the arc on the weapon, it's still a [Front Arc] attack. All he changes is the arc you get to select a target in. When you're seeing if your Outmanoeuvre triggers, you check if you made a [Front Arc] attack, which is defined by the arc printed on the ship or upgrade you're using. Nothing is checking the attack arc that you actually used, just the arc on the weapon corresponding to the attack you made. Attack Arc is a defined game term, if they meant attack arc then they would have said that, but they didn't. The little [Front Arc] symbol just means front arc, nothing to do with your attack arc. If Krassis added a [Rear Arc] to the weapon or something like that you'd be right, but he doesn't. He just lets you do something which must explicitly be a [Front Arc] attack from the rear.
  13. It's int he FAQ on Arc that I quoted on the last page. This FAQ entry specifically mentions Outmanoeuvre, is it requires you use a [Front Arc] attack , which means the [Front Arc] icon on the card. The bit of the rules Krassis changes is that normally I would have to use a [Front Arc] attack with my front attack arc but the icon above my attack value is still the [Front Arc] icon, so it's still a [Front Arc] attack.
  14. And as per the FAQ what outmanoeuvre is looking for is that [Front Arc] icon. It doesn't ask what your attack arc was or anything like that, it asks what arc was on the weapon you used.
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