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  1. Hi Neil 666, That was my playable Lego Talisman diorama/board. A lot of fun but mostly deconstructed now. I am planning and gathering for a 2nd version - improved diorama, and the 2nd Ed'n city expansion in Lego (Costly though!!). I'm aiming to bring it together through next year (2019) for exhibiting a Melbourne's Jan 2020 Brickvention all going well. The variety of Lego minifigs (the collectable series or just from the variety of themes) allows mixing and matching to come up with something close to most characters, strangers and enemies. I just love being able to stick a sword in the hand, a helmet on the head and put them on a horse or with a horse and cart etc. Then being able to move the group of character and followers around the board is really cool. These are 'playable' elements not available with the moulded miniatures (and mostly they only focussed on characters and rarely the peripheral folk/creatures). cheers, Michael
  2. Some mates around for the pre-deconstruction Talisman in Lego - played Feb 2017. Hoping to rebuild/rework and add the 2nd Ed based City full expansion in Lego as well for the next time around. Also the Inquisitor (with helmet and sword and the charming jester as a less than helpful follower) bumps into the Necromancer in the fields (next to the graveyard) where a market place has set up shop. Next time will do a bit more stylising of the diorama elements - but it's still gotta be a recognisable board for simple playability.
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