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  1. Revanur

    SSD article up!

    I hope you are right with all of this. Highly doubt it, but do hope so.
  2. Revanur

    What ship have you not used in a long time?

    The Pelta. I own 2 of them, but never used any of them in a fleet yet. Will need to change that soon.
  3. Revanur

    SSD article up!

    That article is pretty much the same as all the other preview articles. Didn't think we would get more rules information from it. And that we already had the information from anouther source doesn't mean it's not the preview article
  4. Revanur

    SSD article up!

    So when we finally after all that time got the preview article earlier this week, you missed it? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/3/11/unlimited-power-2/
  5. Revanur

    FFG is shipping Wave 3

    Crap, that will most likely then also be the case for us in the Netherlands. I really want to get all the republic expansions asap
  6. Revanur

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Although I understand some people like it less to use an app or other online resource and prefer things as they currenlty are. But for it to be a real problem we are talking about a small group that has all off these factors: No printer at home, no option to print at work, public area of friends place, no wifi at the LGS and also no mobile data and also no time to write stuff with pen and paper? I would think in most advanced countries these numbers should be low. Earlier in the thread was opted that older people are expected to be the ones most grumbling about this, but when I started with Warhammer back in it's 5th edition we wrote all our lists with pen and paper from the books and list building took a lot more time and effort then any Armada or X-wing list. So the time en effort part you make it out to be to use digital means is kinda surprising to me. And while fully get the argument about using table top games to unplug, I must say that it's still unplugged time even while I build my lists digital. All time playing the lists on the table my phone remains out of my hands and I just have a good time face to face with friends.
  7. Revanur

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Armada isn't perfectly balanced. Some ships are way better then others. The overal balance is decent and a wide meta is possible, but it's not so well balanced that it couldn't use some fixes. And X-wing's path was more 1.0's issue. 1.0 was heavily inbalanced. 2.0 has a lot more options to it . And you don't have to google on your phone the entire time during play. All cards are still there and present during battles showing you exactly what everything does. Only the points costs you need to look up on your phone, but those are not important during the match.
  8. Revanur

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Numbered your points to clarify what I am awnsering. 1) Everything to play is in the X-wing 2.0 core game. I played my first trial game without the app or any other online reference. 2) The cards are still there to visualize the list in a way that is in my eyes clearer to view from accross the board then a hand written or printed out army list I was used to with games like Warhammer. Also I still like to go through my Armada ship cards etc, but haven't build a list that way in ages. 3) Even when the game designers and testers are extremely passionate about the game and strife only for the best game with great balance mistakes will happen. And as a game grows in size through new expansion it will become more difficult to find all interactions. Things will always be overlooked during testing that the community will find, everyone playing the game brings way more time into it than any company can test it. I welcome the option to fix it. 4) You only need to when you want to customize your upgrades yourself, no need otherwise. And the bar to do it is not that high. 5) It's not incomplete and how do you know it's better? Only because you have a minute less work on it? I think the better game is the one with better balance and the one that can evolve to that better balanced state. Although Armada's balance is pretty decent I would welcome certain ships and squadrons getting different costs to make them viable. 6) Luckily that's everyones choice to make for themselves/ 7) For you that may be true. For others it will be more. I now play X-wing 2.0 with a lot of fun and am buying a collection for it. Something I wouldn't have have done with 1.0 I guess we will never agree on this and that's fine. To each their own way of enjoying a game.
  9. Revanur

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    How often will it happen that you are list building without internet connection? Maybe lucky living in the Netherlands as the only time without internet is when the provider has a technical failure and those are rare. But besides that, how often do you need to build a list on the spot? I will never build my list at an LGS as I wouldn't have my entire collection with me anyway. And if you do expect to do that every now and then. Just print out the points list and ok you will have to write stuff down the old way while doing it, but doing it old fashioned offline was already the idea
  10. Revanur

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    That's what 3rd party army builders are for. For Armada I also build most of my lists on Armada Warlords and not with the cards themselves. A lot easier then a pdf file and will be supported way after FFG stops supporting the game. I really don't understand the fuz people are making about it. You can play the game right out of the box, although not with full customization by using the pre-build threat cards and If you want to fully customize go to the app, pdf or 3rd party army builder. That's not a lot of work to do and gives the upside that they can fix mistakes with the plus side of having the meta-game change once in a while without them having to release the next OP ship.
  11. Revanur

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Besides the pdfs as alternatives to the app that other mentioned, the game is playable from the box with quick builds cards supplied in the boxes if you don't want to customize the builds yourself
  12. Revanur

    K-wing swarm

    Yeah it's not bad. Watched this game yesterday evening and liked the list
  13. Revanur

    What have you played this year?

    Played a Sloane Phantom list and a 3x MK2 Friagte Ackbar list in normal 400pt 1v1. Last week we did a 2 vs 2 in which I played a Dodonna APT list. Strange list as I used good number of squads, but didn't have good squad pushers in the list. Sadly that's all so far this calander year.
  14. Revanur

    What I’d Love to See Released for ARMADA

    I would really like the Dreadnought cruiser to be released. Growing up with the Thrawn trilogy books and games like Rebellion I really like the ship. Next on my list would be Carrack Light Cruiser. For fighters I would mostly like to see the Assault Gunboat
  15. Revanur

    New factions

    But the difference with the amount of ships in episodes 4-6 and episodes 7-8 is that with the Rebels and Imperials you know that they have more ships of the same type and also ships from other sources. The resistance was the 4 ships we saw in ep8. They didn't have any other capital ships. So the resistance didn't only have 4 type of capitals, but just 4 capitals.