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  1. I would really hate this change if it would be more then hypothetical. As I often play 3 ships lists with the most fun and I feel like I also perform better with less ships. And not only aces, but things luke 2 generic Firespray and nom lumb or things like yv666, lancer and an escape craft I really enjoy. Also losing lists like double Decimator would make me sad. Hypothetically if it was a format I think it would see a lot of beef and swarms thrive in the meta and factions that are best at those would rise to the top.
  2. Maybe some of the Aces would then still be played in lists with other ships, but I already don't want to see the triple aces archtype being taken away out of the meta. A lot of players also enjoy playing with and/or against it. Rained in a bit to fall in line with other archtypes. Yes sure, let that happen. But as I said before I vastly prefer a cautious approach over a zealous one. Also I just pointed CIS Swarm out as an example. I know they can be beaten, just like triple aces already can be. Be free to insert any other list(type) to replace. As something else will come out on top after taking something completly out of the meta for sure. The current points changes should be shown to effect before drastic measures should be taken. I wouldn't mind seeing them up Soontir and Whisper next update, but not so drastic to make them possible bottom tier in one strike. Likewise I expect Zizi to go up as that A-wing looks to be very cheap for it's strength and now shows up in almost all Resistance lists I see accross the table, but also wouldn't want Zizi getting the axe to hard.
  3. Everything that didn't change last point cycle was essentially "nerfed"in the sence that everything around it got buffed. Seeing your enemies buffed and able to field an extra body against your same list, does not equel unchanged in the meta. As many other option became much more viable it should downgrade the last season's meta staples. It might still mean they remain good viable option that can win tournaments and can even mean they remain top tier playable, but with more other archtypes to be able to also achieve that. And if not enough start by upping them a bit next to the buffs to other stuffs, but not by so much you risk pricing them out completly. Even though you say minor changes is all we got and was not enough fo you. Adding on minor changes on minor changes already becomes a big one. Plus we haven't fully seen the effect of the major buffs to generics that broke through bunch of tresholds yet due to lack of tournament data with the lockdowns. So I still say take minor changes this round. If for instance Soontir needs to go up still. Start by a few points now and not 10+ in one go around. Reading these types of threads always make me happy that we as the players and posters on the forums don't make the points changes ourselves. As a lot of what is often being said basicly translates into: "Please nerf triple aces out of the meta." After which the next thing will be to offensive and gets cries for nerfs. Have fun watching CIS swarm mirrors at the top for an entire season for example.
  4. Nice post with good arguments, but I think we have way to low data of the effects of last points changes for FFG to change as aggressively as you propose. Especially for extended we have not really have much in the way of high tier tournaments to show what the best meta will be. Best we had are things like Space Jam from GSP which only had 1 of the planned events so far. From Hyperspace we could see that squads with many low initiative generics where doing well. Also that Vader without afterburners was not performing all that well, so upping his base costs by large amounts doesn't seem a correct fix. I really hope they stick to minor fixes this time around to get a clearer view of the effect from last update and that they do shake up which ships, pilots and upgrades can be used in Hyperspace to give us a new experience still which might also give them more information they can use to get the points even better next update. Also aces shouldn't all be costed to perfectly match eachother. As other components from the specific factins should also be taken into account when pricing an ace. This might make a Rebel ace be cheaper in comparison to a Resistance variant.
  5. Sadly didn't get a code. If anybody doesn't want to use their code send it to me 😉 Otherwise have to hope I will randomly still get one after 21st.
  6. Revanur

    Alt art n-1?

    They said more information was to follow. Assumption is same time next Friday, but there should be an announcement beforehand
  7. It was a scene from the latest movie that people will remember when they see the card. So if indeed the falcon will be part of the pack (which I think is likely) then Poe will be one of it's new pilot options
  8. Apparently Rey has flown a T70 in a comic book I read on discord, so she could also be done in a T70 for this pack with the Orange T70 in it. Maybe they make the T65 option a title/configuration as well?
  9. With having the lock action you can set up double modded shots if you can lock in turns that you wont get to shoot tho. Or you can choose to hold the lock for later if you don't expect good results from the shot. Your action don't only have to impact the turn you take them.
  10. In this case you would not be considered moving through the obstacle. If the template and your final position don't touch an obstacle your clear
  11. It is true that there are some misprints in both the saw's renegades and tie Reaper expansions. On most cards it's not a big deal as they have the rebel symbol as restricted to rebel only instead of it written out in words. Biggest error is Advanced sensors from those packs as as written on those versions it would work differently. But you have correct versions in conversion kits and 2.0 expansions. These 2 expansions are not available as full 2.0 expansions at the moment. They were supposed to be rereleased with wave6, but they were cancelled. Also no other rereleases in the near future meaning some ships only available via 1.0 conversions for foreseeable future.
  12. No special interaction between ion and shields. Works the same against a shielded or un shielded target. With ion weapon you will deal 1 regular damage which will either take a shield point down or put on a face down damage card and the rest of the "damage" that got through after evades is dealt in ion tokens.
  13. From above list I would cut adv proton torps from Fenn as he already rolls 5 dice at R1 with primary and the list really wants to out bid other aces. Would also prefer Fearless over debris gambit and then proximity mines instead of proton bombs in extended.
  14. One extra big difference between Armada and X-wing you need to keep in mind is that with X-wing you are not allowed to pre measure everything. Only allowed to measure what you are actively doing at that time. So for example measure range between ships only when you will attack with that ship or do a target lock action from a ship.
  15. I think to get Boba/Fenn to that points total you would price them out of other lists. Only other lists that would benefit are Ace lists as they have same initiative and also care about the bid and people can go back to complaining about aces instead.
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