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  1. While I say go ahead and experiment between the factions if you wish. I dont agree with this argument. Empire only upgrade cards are designed with Empire ships in mind. And while it might be perfectly balanced on a Star Destroyer with access to imperial commanders, it might be broken on a mc75 with a Rebel commander effect. So even if the game was perfectly balanced (which it's not) it could make broken meta without faction limitations
  2. Would like a lot of the old legends stuff found in games like Rebellion and X-wing/Tie Fighter series. Highest on my list: Dreadnaught, assault frigate mk1, carrack, and lancer
  3. Certainly excited for it. Nice to have a non mon cal large ship to lead some fleets for variance
  4. I also ordered from a UK website (might be the same) which had 10+ in stock and are now sold out. Glad I got it from there as Dutch and Belgian stores I frequent still haven't had any available so far.
  5. Luckily this game has very decent balance so there wont be any list that will allow you to win with every time. Of course there are things that are considered better than other things, but after the winning list from gen con last week will show that also the lesser gems can do very well in a well thought out list flown well.
  6. I have one mat, but its double sided so sorta 2
  7. We had the rebels win the core game once. Really need to avoid VSD's front arc and flank him. Good that you are already enjoying the game so much with just the core set. With expansions and full 400pt battles it will only get better
  8. Interesting read, but luckily we don't need to do that much trouble. I also always provide all the ships we play with so it's indeed convenient to know what the other player is playing to quickly set the game up. Normally my friend sends me a link to the list he wants to play via whatsapp and I then send a link back of the list I want to play within minutes of reading his message.
  9. Firespray is medium, not big
  10. Revanur

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Dont think the extra development time for the card packs should prevent them from adding 2 more reprints to round out the wave. Would have loved this wave if it also brought us rz1 A-wing and tie interceptor reprints edit: nevermind, just found out there will be soom more reprints. I am happy and move along. Move along...
  11. Empire at war is a nice game. Certainly with some of the current mods available, but the feel of rebellion was always better. The board game is also very good
  12. I am also a new player on these forums and currently only own 2.0 stuff. That said I strongly disagree with you. I am glad there is an extended format where players with a large 1.0 collection can still use them in a competitive environment. I would be pissed of by FFG if I would have had a large collection from one of there games and basically just told that it was useless now even though the game continues. It would have cost the community many players and that would have damaged the game much more then players having an perceived edge in one of the formats. Hyperspace apparently is the main competitive format so no problem, but besides that if you want you can still be competitive in extended. There are hyper space legal lists that are competitive in extended and if you really want to play extended fully you could always chase the 1.0 ships and conversion kits. What I dislike way more is that there are currently ships in Hyperspace that are not released yet in 2.0 I would love to also field Soontir in my empire lists, but buying a conversion kit and 1.0 interceptor just for that is a but expensive.
  13. Usually a couple. Not very experienced in the game yet So once every few games dial in wrong manoeuvre to what I wanted to do. Every game hit an obstacle Every game have a turn in which I bump my own units unintentionally And sometimes I trust to much in the dice
  14. Now to hope that bigger boat isn't extra slow. But good news it will finally come
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