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    webrooks2005 got a reaction from Arma Quattro in Whisper with Krennic   
    Agreed. Jendon’s ability is wasted here since he is the only ship that can lock. Swap Jendon for Sai, put the title and advanced sensors on him and swap Kallus for Krennic on Whisper. Decloak her for the evade, Sai coordinates giving them both a focus, and then she locks. Full mods for both of them. Vermeil is fine how he is though I don’t think he needs elusive. This gives you 7 points to play with for either a bid or maybe a shield upgrade on Whisper. 
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    webrooks2005 got a reaction from Cgriffith in Countess Ryad & Rexler Brath   
    I like homing missile on Rexler. An auto crit if he is evading is good against low hull/no shield ships (Fenn). And if they choose to take the crit then he still has the lock to do it again the next round. 
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