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  1. Alternatively, split the difference and do Rogue One. Bonus, sandy beaches are easy.
  2. Thrawn is an admiral, he shouldn't be in Legion I would really like to see probe droids
  3. You can't just buy one squad man, come on
  4. Lol, Rex drops 6 red w/ surge, ss1 and a free aim token, what are you even talking about
  5. My kids are only allowed to watch Ghostbusters. No, not that one, the series from 1975.
  6. Uh, that clearly says TB-TT. Might be something from Star Trek or 40k, I dunno.
  7. Guess I won't be buying through eBay anymore
  8. What defense does U.S. Army doctrine suggest against lightsaber attacks
  9. Sounding very similar to the Tauntaun v Dewback issue here. This kind of thing seems to be a blind spot with FFG.
  10. *battery flies through the air* Go Philly go birds
  11. Steelers or birds? This is critical.
  12. Satan willing, but the article suggests otherwise: "This expansion puts the might of an AAT battle tank at your fingertips, beginning with a beautifully sculpted, unpainted hard plastic miniature that can be assembled with its hatch closed or with a B1 Battle Droid operator on the lookout for new targets. "
  13. Who's butt is saying these things
  14. Legion and X-wing players coming together to mock the Armada players sounds like good times to me
  15. Legion is a Star Wars game my dude
  16. The oldest thread on the first page hasn't been touched in more than a week. Seriously doubt any discussion is being lost here due to off-topic stuff.
  17. Well then, carry on. In all seriousness, that's fairly interesting, and if you had some more deep dives into the older background, I would read it even if it's questionably relevant now. For example, I am curious how the early 80s writers percieved the Jedi before George settled on 'literal space gestapo.'
  18. Bobmc


    We haven't all seen/read every SW thing, so it is helpful to explain this kind of stuff, especially if it's outside the film's.
  19. Would have been nice to get this in the Stormtrooper upgrade box. So weird that it only came with one heavy weapon.
  20. I've used him a few times with the tank and some snow troopers. It's nice when you can remove the damage token and keep a badly wounded vehicle operating at full effectiveness for another turn or two.
  21. Legion is never getting a scum faction, sorry I'm just the messenger
  22. If I don't get Maul in CIS I will literally go berserk. I will whine until my complaints blot out the sun.
  23. They can hold down a piece of paper real good
  24. I have some complaints but overall I enjoyed this game, just wanted to pop in and say Taron Malicos was right, goodbye
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