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  1. The whole Inferno Squad including the one who didn't make into BF2 are in X-wing. (She got merced in the book I think.) I am disappointed that we aren't getting the whole squad.
  2. Bobmc

    Admiral Sloane

    Of course, the real power move is to stick her on a Raider
  3. Where's my dewback you clowns
  4. I would love to know what on earth 'Leia Beef Historians' is
  5. I'm more concerned about the massive gap between the initial release and wave 2. My local scene lost at least one player who got tired of waiting for more variety when Legion initially released; We have a few guys excited about to jump in with CW and don't want that to happen again. Really would have been nice to see the second Corps units ready to go with the base set.
  6. I would not have bought into Legion if I didn't have at least a half-dozen friends who were prepared to buy in as well, and I believe this to be the number one consideration before buying into any wargame. I don't think it's enough for one person to have the game and share; part of the fun is seeing the paint schemes and army combinations that your friends create. Regarding your other concerns: I wouldn't want to play the game without terrain that at least attempts to look 'real.' Immersion is part of the experience. I would estimate $300 to be an absolute minimum buy in to enjoy the game for a while. You want terrain, paint, and additional units to avoid monotony. The legion core alone will not provide more than one or two satisfying games. Pretty sure I've spent at least twice that even with a friend supplying terrain. It's neither the most nor least complicated game on the market. You will have to refer to the rules reference frequently; My friends and I have been playing since it release and we still have to check up occasionally and new rules are added with each wave.
  7. Legion starters are shipping out to people now too, despite being 'on the boat.'
  8. Agree w/ Big K, it's just okay in it's current state. I sold it off once it became clear that no expansion was forthcoming. A few more techs would have helped, but what it really needs is a better combat system, maybe a card-driven one like Game of Thrones or Kemet's.* *I think every game that has combat should have combat like GoT or Kemet.
  9. I'm kind of glad that they erred on the side of caution regarding the I6 guy who can drop a tractor token on an enemy without even rolling and then dump five attack dice into them. If it's too much they'll fix it in a few months; We'll all still be here.
  10. I would prefer them to be able to be shot or not be able to walk away for rules consistency if nothing else. Previously we had vehicles, which cannot be engaged and troopers which can and then suffer/gain the dis/advantages of doing. I would have preferred Creature Troopers be treated like one or the other as we are starting to pile a lot of rules on this game with troopers / emplacement troopers and now creature troopers all having their own exceptions. FFG could also have just left their melee rules the same as standard troopers and given them the Disengage rule that post-amputation Luke has. I'm not terribly interested in arguing 'realism' as there always special cases to be made for one side or the other. For example, the arguments for not allowing them to be shot could be applied just as easily to AT-RTs and Droidekas. Every bit of added complexity, however small, is cumulative with others and a drag on learning and recalling the rules, so I think the real question is whether this increased complexity is worth that.
  11. Stop giving me Warmachine/Hordes flashbacks.
  12. My policy for my Empire army has been 2 of each corp and 1 of everything else, and since I already have the dice, etc. I expect to be purchasing the droid half of someone else's set.
  13. I too am having this problem, also on android.
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