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  1. Oh thank goodness! I've recently discovered that I've been playing soooo many things wrong that I thought I were right. When I heard that in the podcast my brain just about broke.
  2. I was listening to the podcast today (been listening to you guys, Fifth Trooper and Scoundrels, since the beginning and love both shows, really good discussion with Brendon today too btw) and I got very confused when Brendon said you can't force push out of an engagement. I couldn't find anything in the RRG that says you can't. Kyle's article says you can use force push to push units out of melee, which contradicts what Brendon said. Then Brendon said RTFC, it says right on the card that you can't, but when I read the card, unless I'm reading it wrong, I'm pretty sure it says you can. "Choose an enemy trooper unit at range 1. Perform a speed-1 move with that unit, even if it is engaged." Is there a difference between what Kyle said about force pushing units out of melee and what Brendon said about force pushing units out of an engagement? The RRG says that a unit in melee is engaged, so they're the same thing, right? If you can't force push out of an engagement, then what does it mean when it says to perform a speed-1 move with an engaged unit? Is there an errata or clarification in the RRG that I didn't see? I feel like I must be missing something. If what Brendon said is true, then me and a lot of people I know have been playing force push wrong for a very, very long time. I'd really appreciate some clarification because this dramatically changes the way force push can be used. Thanks!
  3. I've got a question about spending standby tokens and it might be a dumb question, but I think I'm just not completely understanding it and wanted some clarification. This situation, not quite as dramatic as my example below, came up in a game the other day and neither of us had ever seen this many standby tokens in play at once before and couldn't really figure out which way this should go (but I'm assuming the answer is a yes from the way I'm reading it). From the RRG pg.64 So, say you've got 6 rebel troopers, each one has a standby token and then Vader pops out into range 2 from behind LOS blocking terrain. Does that mean each of the 6 rebel troopers could spend their standby tokens off of Vader's one move action and then they can all shoot him before he can do anything else?
  4. Me too! I wish they'd done Ewoks instead of Clone Wars. I'd buy so many Ewoks.
  5. I don't think it's a buy for me, way too pricey. I bought the downed at-st (which is a beautiful terrain piece) when it came out but I still haven't played the scenarios it came with, so I don't know that I got my money's worth from that one yet. Can't justify another terrain piece with a scenario I may not play when there are sooooo many cool units coming out that I need to buy.
  6. I like running him with Targeting Scopes and Hunter, then keeping him at range 4. I haven't need estims keeping him that far from the fight. The scopes help a bunch when the white dice fail.
  7. How long did it take to put Grievous together in realtime?
  8. For me, when I tried to do GW warhammer models years ago I ended up bailing before evening getting a chance to play because the process was so frustrating. I think that's why I kind of freaked out a little bit when I saw all those sprues earlier, it brought me back to failing with those GW models. But I understand the value in switching to them and I do love FFG's commitment to Legion. I have a friend who kind of said all the same things to me this evening when we were discussing the sprues (and playing Legion!). He's a little more pragmatic than me and thinks I'm overreacting, which I probably am. And, he's gonna let me have a whack at building his droids before buying my own. I think I just needed to hear more than one person tell me that's it gonna be okay. Thanks everyone!
  9. It looks really cool but I'm in it for playing the game, not the hobby aspect. After seeing all the sprues and all the droid parts, Clone Wars is gonna be a hard pass for me, which makes me really sad because I love the Clone Wars. I just don't have the time or the energy for the work that comes with sprues. The ease of building the miniatures is what drew me to Legion in the first place, the awesome gameplay is why I stick around. I absolutely love the game, it's my favorite and I play at least twice a week. However, sprues will end up killing it for me, at least in regards to purchasing new units. It seems like everyone is crazy stoked for the move to sprues. Am I the only person that's feeling super overwhelmed by the shift to sprues?
  10. I can't get it to save any squads. When I click Save Squad, nothing happens, it just sits there. update: After saving a squad in the browser version, I can then open that squad in the app, edit and save it there. Still having issues with it saving a new squad started in the app. This is very frustrating.
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