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  1. Superman ice cream. Sometimes it’s titled playdough.
  2. Honestly I don’t think it looks that good. The wings are what hold me back. But I guess it works on the defender, so maybe I’ll come around - perhaps when the mini comes out.
  3. I keep tabs on Amazon. I’m just trying to find a home for the LAAT as I’m not a collector anymore.
  4. looking to see if any would be interested in this. It’s the ARC trooper LAAT from the first Clone Wars miniseries on Cartoon Network, full sized -for the four inch figures. I just started in on Armada so I need most Imperial ships/squads. I have: Core set Victory Interdictor ISD I need: all else. I’m not especially looking to get duplicates yet, as I want to ensure I have one of everything before branching out into doubles land. That being said I’m willing to consider anything. I also am asking for Imperial X-Wing minis too. (Check out my X-Wing post)
  5. I can look into post costs from the U.S. to anywhere. Also if any X-Wing vets want to give me sage advice on superfluous ships (like, who needs two lambdas, or other such things) I’d gladly take that into account.
  6. I’m just putting this out there to see if anyone would be interested. The ARC trooper LAAT from the first Clone Wars miniseries on Cartoon Network. Full sized - for the Four inch figures. I’m looking to finish my conversion kit needs (which is a lot). Looking for the miniatures only. 3 Star Wings 3 Inquisitors ties 2 Lambdas 3 Tie Aggressors 1 Tie Bomber 2 Tie Phantoms 1 Punisher 3 Strikers 2 Decimators 1 Imperial Vets 1 Imperial Raider I have plenty of asks so hopefully we can make something work out. Additionally I could go for Armada things as well.
  7. I had herd that too. I thought about mentioning that, but not having any sources I figured leave it out.
  8. I suggest you guys go onto YouTube and look up a video on the channel EchartsLadder. He talks about the real science behind how such a small ship could do damage like that. It’s worth a watch. The break down from what I remember is the ship had to be traveling basically an exact speed (pre-hyperspace) that compresses it’s mass enough to punch through the Space Boomerang and send shrapnel to the others. so my idea of what happened is ol’ Purple hair knew the odds and mentally said “don’t ever tell me the odds!” Made the jump, with the intention of not actually entering hyperspace, colliding with Snoke and damaging/destroying it. Very much all based on hope. And by the force, luck, or whatever granted it so, she pulled it off perfectly. An impossibility hard thing to do (why it isn’t done more, I.e. space nukes) that we will never see again.
  9. Thanks all, that makes sense for FFG to deliberately word cards in order to avoid said shenanigans.
  10. That brings up an interesting question for me. If the requirement said at range one and in bullseye, would the X-Wing in that picture be considered valid?
  11. @meffo thanks! I just wasn’t sure if the effects on the damage was the ability by itself or if the action was included. Clarity is good.
  12. But is the “action” the ability? I think not, but if both the ability and “action” are considered the ability then sure.
  13. Thanks for getting on that for me @ClassicalMoser
  14. @Crabbok has an interesting video up about this particular frame, and that unknown ship. I’d suggest watching it on YouTube.
  15. @Darth Sanguis I tend to disagree with you on about everything you posted. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see your side happen all the time too. The only thing I have for rebuttal is a challenge. You should try kindness in all your dealings for a while. You may be surprised, or I could be wrong. Just make sure to change your mindset with the actions too, if only temporarily, so that you are open to seeing positive results and not just waiting for negative ones. P.s. I didn’t think you were complaining at all. I appreciate the interactions here.
  16. You make a good point. I can see concern turn to complaint after years passing. I might have given up, but who knows, the interest I have in Armada would be shadowed by the interest of starting out with it.
  17. Thanks! I agree with you about the respect part, mostly. I disagree with you that me being new means I should take a step back. That sounds like the “appeal to authority” fallacy, which says someone who is an expert in a subject, or been there longer, trumps my own opinion. Which it does not. We are talking about opinions here, not facts. Mine isn’t invalidated because someone has been here one day longer or one lifetime. now should I take what they have to say and think on it? Yes. I stand to learn something. The second thing is this. A company doesn’t owe us anything, save a quality product we purchased. That’s my outlook. However, a company owes itself every chance to grow and flourish, and become better. That is where the human aspect comes in. Interaction with, listening to, and respect for customers, is big here. They begin to treat us as fellow people, not customers, and we should in turn treat them as fellow people and not a “company” that owes us. A mutual respect, like you said. What I’m trying to say is, the human aspect of FFG isn’t strong with the Armada customers. Nor does it seem the human aspect of the community is strong either. Perhaps a return to humanity for us, and then an appeal to there humanity could inject Amarda with a boost to its life stream. Armada is being approached poorly. It’s sad, and stinks as the new guy on the block. As I can see it sucks for old timers, and even casual players. Saying, like some have, that the lack of focus and communication is equally as bad as the rude, insensitive, harsh language used by the community is justified, because of “an eye for an eye” and other such comments, is ridiculous. We should live above those lesser laws, and be kind even in the face of unkindness (real or imaginary). To use a cliche to counter the prior, “you catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.” I think that is at the heart of this thread. Thanks for a fun game, please know not all of us, however you do see us FFG, are so rude and unjustly entitled. We want more products to continue to enjoy. More maybe I missed the mark.
  18. Still totally green, because I have no clue what you two have said. Haha. well except for the squad part.
  19. An analogy only works when things are comparable my friend. Analogy works because of the symbolism held within it. I’ll voice my point by saying your analogy is like comparing apples to oranges. My analogy works because I’m highlighting that apples and oranges look, smell, and taste completely different and your analogy of a company (that owes us nothing) is like a cheating wife (that did owe us a kept promise), which aren’t the same thing at all. Not as I see it at least. Maybe you and I have a different view on marriage. I think it’s safe to say we do about what a company does and doesn’t owe us. It made me laugh. I thank you for that. 😁
  20. @Revanur I found a fair amount of Facebook groups that often have entire fleet(s) down to single ships for sale or trade. I have gotten pretty good deals myself, so I can attest to it as an option for newer people to buy in/build fleet streangth.
  21. Agree! I just got into Armada, and I plan to buy all the current products (and any new ones) over the next several years. If that means buying peices to a “dead” game, or collecting from a growing flow, I’m down. It’s fun, and I mean Fun.
  22. Wow, comparing a company to a cheating wife.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhhahahagavabahahahahahsgfjdjfhagabdfxhsnahahahahah!😆😂
  23. Thanks everyone! I have to say I have already had a much better experience with Armada than X-wing when it comes to the community, I really appreciate it! what do you think is a good number of ships on my part/in total to run the Corellian Conflict? My nephew is really jumping the gun with how excited he is about the game, so I figure I’ll indulge him by finding out how much and how long it’ll take to get to that point.
  24. Technically the Victory is a medium size ship.
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