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  1. I'm a huge fan of the Omicron Group Pilot w/Palp plus a i1 Defender plus any ace of your choice. Both the Defender and the Shuttle can be a huge pain in the *** to kill. The Defender because it'll have Focus/Evade/Force (from palp) if it gets shot, and the shuttle because it'll have reinforce. Both ships make excellent blockers against swarms, and generally just disrupt things. You have 77 points left for whatever you want. Soontir with a huge bid? Sure! Passive + Afterburners Vader? Fits. Fully-loaded Whisper? You got room for 5th Bro, Passive Sensors, and even a health upgrade or a stealth device. You could do a couple of naked baby Inquisitors, too. Whatever suits your style.
  2. Couple of seismic charges will help against aces and swarms alike. With the last two points, pick your favorite two-point crew. Qi'ra is nice.
  3. Torkil is hilarious and offers opportunities to mess with other players in a way few pilots can do. You can control who gets points for first blood and kills by strategically zeroing people. And you can cloak to protect your points if you're ahead. https://raithos.github.io/?f=Scum and Villainy&d=v8ZsZ200Z114X54WW91W165W164W156&sn=Unnamed Squadron&obs=
  4. I've tested out ruthless a bit, and the obvious places are still the best. Put it on an ace that has no way to deal with blanks (like Soontir without Targeting Computer), and fly him alongside some beefy expendable stuff. If you want to be competitive AND play Ruthless, that's about the only way. But let's forget about being competitive. Let's play something that's way more effective than it should be. Let's play a list that wins--or loses--very, very quickly. Duchess + Ruthless Pure Sabacc + Ruthless Countdown + Ruthless Major Vermiel + Darth Vader (Crew) + Ruthless Flank with Sabacc and Duchess, but not too much. Just enough that the enemy has to turn their back on Vermiel and Countdown to get to your flankers. (If you're not good at this, just fly the squad in a loose cloud with Sabacc and Duchess on the sides). When you use Ruthless, try spreading the damage between Countdown and Vermiel. Then, if you don't lose a ship before I4, let the fun begin. This list maximizes its red dice. It's safe to assume two three-die attacks (Duchess and Countdown) and two four-die attacks (Sabacc and Vermiel (who is at range 1)). Expected Damage, assuming that the defender lets Vader strip their token rather than taking the auto-damage: 0 Agility: 12.27 1 Agility: 10.77 2 Agility: 9.29 3 Agility: 7.84 With an 80% or higher chance of at least one crit. If the ship keeps its focus, add +1 damage from vader, and then reduce average damage slightly. Ships with 3 agility and a focus actually come out slightly ahead this way...not that they ever have enough health for it to matter. This list dies hard to triple-ace lists, as it's unlikely for the stars to align enough to erase the enemy. Against everything else, it tends to erase a ship a round. And it's **** on wheels against any list that moves before it, because now there are four aces. It eats generic Inquisitors for lunch.
  5. I won a HST with Cova + Leia + Heroic + R2 Astromech Poe + Heroic + R4 Astromech + S-Foils + Title + Advanced Proton Torps Tallie + Proton Rockets + Heroic + Lone Wolf I originally used Lulo, but he just kept exploding to random shots. Tallie can afford to be much more aggressive, and safely link actions to threaten those prockets.
  6. Nobody disagreed with the rules reference entry. Dial is printed with red maneuver. Cova gets ability. Done. Those who were aware of the controversy and spoke to me about it thought the controversy was silly. Don't be silly. I used Leia about 80% of the time on Cova herself, but that other 20% was vital. And I used Cova more as an anvil than as a spearhead. I'd drive people towards her, then smash people into her with the APTs and Prockets. There was only one game I had to bring Cova to the fight rather than driving the fight to Cova.
  7. I won that tournament with Cova/Poe/Tallie! https://raithos.github.io/?f=Resistance&d=v8ZhZ200Z351X172WWWW244WW2WY240X124W172W102WY231X172W5WW175WW171W134&sn=Leia Aces 2&obs= Most of the responses I've seen here and on Reddit about Cova + Leia is that it's not worth it, or that the i1 generic is a better value. Digging in a little deeper, the concerns sound like people are either worried about damage output or are wanting to fly the Leia carrier like you would a 1.0 palp shuttle. Namely, try to keep it safe. I couldn't possibly disagree more. Cova is probably the second-most dangerous ship in my list. I say "probably" because she might be the most dangerous, period. That little transport is one **** of a knife fighter. Infinite reds due to Leia make every turn a decision the enemy has a chance to mess up. Is Cova going backwards? Forwards? Staying where she is? Who knows! And if they guess wrong, they probably bumped Cova (making them easy pickin's for Poe and Tallie) or Cova is right behind them with a range 1 shot. And that's not even considering the turns where you use Leia on one of the aces instead of on Cova herself. She certainly put out more damage than Tallie over the course of the tournament. And took more punishment than Poe. She died twice the entire tournament, and one of those is on the only game I lost.
  8. I'm a local Covenant player, and I know exactly who you played against. I'm very sorry he was your first experience at the store. Trust me when I say the rest of us are more welcoming and fun to play against. Most of us actively avoid that guy.
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