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    Game mode: Extended vs Second Edition

    I get that you could have a tournament format for just rebranded ships, but that just sounds like a custom format (select only ships released starting with 2.0). Also, as more ships that were converted from the first edition are re-released, you make less of a need for the extended format. It just feels like there could have been a better design, maybe like normal, tournament, variant (or scenarios), and custom. Then you have a normal game play mode, and the other three have their own options under them.
  2. I have been trying to think of a reason where this makes sense. The point of the conversion boxes was to make the first edition ships playable in second edition, so why limit a second edition game format to only those ships that have a 2.0 re-release? I can understand a first edition and second edition game mode, but just can't see the use of the current setup.