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  1. I have this bad feeling that we are going to get time travel
  2. A Falcon with all the trimmings, 142 points of madness
  3. Ah ok, I had presumed we were talking about the live broadcasts. Sorry
  4. I usually prefer flying 3 ships with just 2/3 upgrades on them at most, but at the moment I'm having a lot of fun with a list that has got 7 upgrades on just 1 ship
  5. I watched First Earth's coverage on Twitch over the weekend with no problems, and I'm not a subscriber.
  6. I'm a fan of Luke Gunner for sure, he really helps in many different ways (catching those pesky Ace lists with large bids, gives you an 'action' if you've been blocked, leaves you to take other actions that help defensively or offensively, and gives you that one eyeball mod). I know it doesn't involve a U-wing, but this is my current list that I've been enjoying of late: 2 Up Top (82) Han Solo [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (4) Trick Shot (26) Luke Skywalker (7) Engine Upgrade (8) Seasoned Navigator (5) Nien Nunb (6) Millennium Falcon Points: 138 (55) Wedge Antilles [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils (2) Predator (4) R2 Astromech Points: 61 Total points: 199 I like the look of your list (Jake is a solid wingman), although I'm also unsure you really need Lando crew. Either way as long as you enjoy flying the list that's what matters
  7. I do get a part of that; I wouldn't like to be a judge that has to deal with someone with a gun, but even if it's the venue that has the rule (and not FFG) then judges will have to be the people dealing with it. And it's still not answering why people want to take a gun.
  8. I'm really trying to understand here, but yet to see why (those who are against this rule) you want to take a weapon to a place where you play a tabletop game!
  9. I can't believe this thread, why the **** are people taking any kind of weapon to a place that they are playing a game for fun? If you honestly believe it's a good idea to take a gun to an X-Wing (or any gaming) event then I feel really sorry for you; If you are that scared of your fellow humans then you need therapy (anxiety therapist really help with that kind of thing).
  10. Gonk was good yeah; I went up against aces which makes things difficult for an i5 moving first, and that did mean he got shot a lot, which allowed me to regen a shield every other turn (while still getting another action). i still think I'm going to stick with Han as a pilot for now, but Lando definitely has potential.
  11. I gave it a go last night, the only thing that seemed like a miss was Ezra; the force was useful a couple of times to mod a focus, but over all it fell flat for me, personally Hot Shot might work better, especially if Corran can then take advantage of a ship without a focus (saving some points, that I would spend on the Title for the Falcon).
  12. Hey I think that would be a lot of fun for you (and extremely tough for your opponent). I might well give that a go myself
  13. @RoockieBoy have you got an idea of what you're going to do now that the points are changing and that the Falcon has lost its Illicit slot?
  14. Should start in 1h13m (roughly)
  15. That's what my opponents thought as well
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