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  1. Horny Beast (73) Chewbacca [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (2) Leia Organa (8) Magva Yarro (26) Luke Skywalker (2) Trick Shot (7) Engine Upgrade Points: 118 (66) Corran Horn [E-wing] (2) R4 Astromech (2) Fire-Control System (1) Marksmanship (6) Afterburners Points: 77 Total points: 195 having a lot of fun with it. I know Chewie isn't as 'powerful' as Han, but I actually prefer the i4, it fits with my style of flying. And this is my standard Corran build with Afterburners on to. I took Corran to the UK Systems this year, and went 3:3 (should have been better, but nerves in the first match got to me, and all 3 matches could have gone either way), so don't give up hope for him.
  2. Personally this is what I'd do with the list: Han/Corran (66) Corran Horn [E-wing] (2) R4 Astromech (12) Proton Torpedoes (2) Fire-Control System (1) Marksmanship Points: 83 (82) Han Solo [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (12) Kanan Jarrus (8) R2-D2 (1) Inertial Dampeners (2) Trick Shot Points: 105 Total points: 188 although I understand why you had Engine upgrade I just feel it's unnecessary with Kanan helping with Stress with Whites (I know it doesn't help if you want to Inertial when stressed, but it's all about timing). Corran for me is just so much better with R4 than any other Astro, especially when Leia isn't on the table to help with those Reds. You could put on Advanced on the Ewing (leaving a 4pt bid), but FCS is a favourite of mine when Corran is carrying Torps as well. Whatever you go with it should be a fun list, I'm flying chewie and Corran ATM and having a great time.
  3. It's fun to put the combo (Kanan, Dampeners, R2) on a Uwing though, just sit in the middle of the board a swing around
  4. IF (and it is a big if) I had to come up with a way of dealing with the issues people are having with this, I would unfortunately ban outright the In Dampeners card (a card that should have always been Charge based anyway, but too late to fix that), so nobody can use it at all; after all there are other ships that can use this combo (the Uwing is the one that springs to my mind). I'm just unable to like the idea of the Falcon losing the illicit slot; I came to this game because I'm a Star Wars fan, not a gamer, so I like my ships to be realistic to the stories (off subject.... **** you FFG for not giving Corran the Force 😕). Also a quick word on the points needing to go up on Luke Gunner, now I'm not the best person to judge if points are right or not in this game (I used to run both Luke (30) and Leia (8) at their original values), but I honestly don't think he should go up much (if any); by his very nature he has to be on an expensive ship meaning he is only really seen in 2 ship builds, and yes he can always make sure he has arc, but by having that you sacrifice having at least 1 other ship arc (and HP's) on the board, while also sacrificing being able to take another shot (with Han/Vet Gunner or similar). I feel that if the 'handbrake' part of this list was to go then most people would definitely relax about the Luke side. Anyway those are my final thoughts, enjoy gaming peeps, no matter what you're flying.
  5. I only made one post in the other thread that concerned this subject, on how I felt that people might be being to harsh on this list, and that we shouldn't be forgetting to celebrate winners(I didn't reply to those who responded as I put my point across and wasn't looking for an argument); but I definitely feel this thread isn't needed and has been done purely to have a dig at those who are experiencing NPE against this list. I personally don't get anything negative when I play this list, but I do against Phantom's and Rebel Y's with bombs and Ion (can beat them, but just never enjoy the games), so while I can't agree with those who want rid of this build, I can empathise with them; so I'm not going to belittle them or tell them that there NPE's are wrong. As a community of people who play a game for fun, we should be able to be a little more civil to each other when have have different points of view.
  6. xwingMinty

    Inert Fat Han

    Been watching this thread since the UK Systems, where I had the pleasure of watching Jack win the tournament with this list. Must admit it's disappointing to see that people would rather jump on a list that they feel is broken, rather than congratulating a very talented player for winning a very competitive tournament. A lot of you seem to be giving the impression that this list needs absolutely no skill at all to fly (its broken and you can't win against it), and I can tell you that's just not true, I've seen accomplished players lose with this list. Are more people going to pick this list up and try it, undoubtedly yes, will it replace all the Rebel beef or quad Phantom lists getting into the cuts, I very much doubt it (but only time will tell). We can only speak for ourselves when it comes down to negative gaming experiences, but personally I've faced this list and it's no where near negative for me. We have 3 months left before the next points changes, let's just watch and see what happens during that time, rather than jumping for the jugular immediately.
  7. I really want to make Chopper work in the Ghost; I think it's got a very good skill that works really well with a ship that loves to try and block. The biggest downside is that it can't take a focus action, but that's why Two Tubes could be a good wingman; hoping to start testing this one out soon: (47) Benthic Two Tubes [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (8) Perceptive Copilot Points: 55 (50) Magva Yarro [UT-60D U-wing] (0) Pivot Wing (2) Leia Organa (2) Tactical Officer (2) Trick Shot Points: 56 (70) "Chopper" [VCX-100 Light Freighter] (4) Ion Cannon Turret (6) Veteran Turret Gunner (0) Ghost (1) "Zeb" Orrelios (4) Chewbacca (3) Shield Upgrade Points: 88 Total points: 199
  8. I fly Corran a lot, and have played around with some all Ewing lists. @RedSquadBW list above is (for me) the way to go; I4 ships aren't the easiest to get working, but with practice those 3 can hit really hard (and have ok survivorability). The most important upgrade for an Ewing is R4; the Ewing has one of the best dials in the game, and with R4 you make it the best (IMO). keep us updated with any games you play with them.
  9. Hey like I said I'm not picking a side, just passing on the information from an FFG official tournament; but clearly if people are still asking the question then there is ambiguity.
  10. The rule for this is ambiguous at best, and I'm not sure which way I fall. i can tell you however that the UK Systems this weekend have sent out a number of rule clarifications that will be used, one of them is that dropping a Loose Cargo onto a ship immediately triggers the effects (so stress and rolling for damage).
  11. I love my Falcon and X-Wing Hyperspace list. Most people underestimate a 2 ship build, but they can be very strong, and very fun (also a lighter workload on your brain ) --List 2187 (82) Han Solo [Modified YT-1300 Light Freighter] (2) Trick Shot (26) Luke Skywalker (8) Saw Gerrera (2) Leia Organa (4) Rigged Cargo Chute Points: 124 (52) Wedge Antilles [T-65 X-wing] (0) Servomotor S-foils (6) Afterburners (2) R4 Astromech (12) Proton Torpedoes Points: 72 Total points: 196
  12. currently all ships are limited to just 1 bonus attack (outside of their normal attack) per round.
  13. The reason you can't use Han after using a Lock is because of Han's wording: "After you roll dice..." You only 'roll' dice the first time you roll them, after using a lock you have rerolled dice, hence why you have to do it in that order.
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