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  1. Well I guess I'll just avoid buying Asmodee products in the future. At least then I won't have to worry about missing or damaged parts.
  2. You don't need Twin Shadows to get Boba Fett. The side mission in his villain pack works with the core game.
  3. Grey's are mostly the starting bounties they are the easiest to fight and do give the lowest rewards. The next level is green, followed with yellow being the hardest.
  4. The Stromtroopers pack actually unlocks the Vader's Finest Stormtroopers.
  5. He hasn't logged-in, in a year and a half I'll doubt he'll response.
  6. It's from the Heart of the Empire mission card "Capital Escape".
  7. Veers? Though he might end up being to similar to Sorin.
  8. Nal Hutta Swamps has Fett and Vinto on it.
  9. Why does an article about the skirmish game show the campaign versions of the Tyrants characters?
  10. That does make me wonder of how well an unnerfed 4x4 would have done against Spectre Cell?
  11. The new rules generally buff the Empire more than the Rebels. However the new combat system makes stockpiling shield generators and airspeeders in your base a very powerful strategy.
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