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    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Siesmics are cheap, but using them without trajectory sims means you have to fly a fairly predictable path. While you're blasting 'roids, those droids can still formation fly and work on positioning. Points mean context. If well costed, they seem fun.
  2. Explorator88

    Deep thinking: or how to plan several rounds ahead.

    You will not be able to head off your opponent with a balanced attack, until you can balance this tack-hammer on your head.
  3. Explorator88

    X-Wing TMG 2.0 Feels Watered Down

    I view the metaphor like this; all the useless upgrades that were NEVER used just added content without depth or flavor, in other words...water. 2.0 right now feels distilled, like they boiled off a mass of steam and delivered a more concentrated flavorful version of the same game. How FFG manages adding content will determine if we return to a watered down version again. To extend the food metaphor, I think FFG is aiming for a 'Food Court' style of management for X-Wing; solid number of themed factions with flavorful options for most tastes. As of right now however, X-Wing seems anything other than watered down.