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  1. You think HEALTHCARE is destoying Western civilization!?!? LMAO! I read so much nonsense that it takes something exceptional draw my eye, but you did it. Did you level up?
  2. Explorator88

    3 IGs any good?

    I guess I should have said it would take practice, but I still think it could be tricky depending on obstacle placement.
  3. Explorator88

    3 IGs any good?

    Flying 3 medium bases would be tricky, but really, no one bought 3 IG's...right?
  4. Scyk's can't equip Barrage Rockets in the app, and we have never tried to equip them on a Scyk.
  5. Just having structured scenarios is a blast!
  6. The idea that FFG is writing off putting Epic into the APP is odd. FFG launched 2nd with the app, including it, essentially as a base component, so just turning their backs on adding this format to the app eventually makes no sense.
  7. Have they announced there will be NO EPIC support on the app?
  8. We just wsnt to know when they plan on adding Epic to the App.
  9. Could we just 3-D print any extra Huge-ship bases we need? Would their being non-clear make them unusable?
  10. I would never claim 0% fatalities was perfect; 0% accidents with $0.00 property damage and zero injury would be perfect. However, model years with 0% fatalities are a NEW THING, and generations of auto designers got us where we are today. Most drivers are like most gamers, but some suicidal maniacs DO IN FACT drive head on into on-coming traffic, and while neither auto engineers, nor game designers can ever protect everyone from themselves or others intent on causing harm within a given system, working to limit the worst outcomes is not an unrealistic search for 'perfection'.
  11. In fact, auto designers know their vehicle will face comprehensive testing by bodies established and maintained for the sole purpose of rating safety; the IIHS and NHTSA. Auto designers are also aware that drivers will operate their vehicles while ignoring every recommended safety precaution. It is not about making every vehicle safe in every situation, but limiting the MOST NEGATIVE outcomes whenever possible (in the case of vehicle collisions.....DEATH!). No one I know expects or really wants 'perfection' in game design, but expecting designers to work hard to limit the most NPE is fair.
  12. There are model-years of cars today with a 0% fatality rates; meaning no driver or passenger has died in an accident in those vehicles. Engineers found ways to decrease the most-negative outcomes involved with driving those vehicles; game designers could shoot for such a standard.
  13. I think Fireball expansion has the SLAM.
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