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  1. I meant that the impervium plating just stated a face up card.
  2. Would the impervium plating help against proton bombs and an unlucky crit from asteroids/debris? As impervium plate just says when you are delt a face up (ship) damage card.
  3. Ubjub

    Kraken vs K2-B4

    I'm buying into the vulture droid swarm and was looking at Kraken on captain sear in the Belbulab to support. However, since the latest article on the sith infiltrator with K2-B4, which tactical relay would be best to support the vulture swarm? I cannot decide between stacking calculate tokens or having a guaranteed evade result/strain on the enemy ship. What would you suggest? (of course, depending on points when finally released) Help me, X-Wing hive mind your my only hope 😁
  4. I hope that's the return of the plasma torpedos 😁
  5. I agree, but it could also be to prevent reloading of homing missiles. Having a swarm that can inflict auto damage could have potant effects.
  6. Hey, my apologies if this has already been covered. If collision detector has no charges and you boost/barrel roll and land on an asteroid. Do you have to land on the obstacle, does the action fail or do you get a choice?
  7. R3 Astromech: You can maintain up to two locks. After you perform a lock, you may aquire a lock. Composure: After you fail an action and have no green tokens, you may perform a focus action. My question is: can you intentionally fail a lock action to trigger Composure, and because a lock action was performed then aquire the additional lock. To end up with a lock and focus? My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.
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