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  1. Nevermind, I reread tragectory simulator... Oh, how issues can be solved if you read cards lol.
  2. Hey, in the Joining the Cause article the example they use is Paige's ability with tragectory simulator. Would this actually work? As I remember the trouble with Captain Nym and Genius. My apologies if I've not understood something simple. Which is usually the case 😁
  3. I meant that the impervium plating just stated a face up card.
  4. Would the impervium plating help against proton bombs and an unlucky crit from asteroids/debris? As impervium plate just says when you are delt a face up (ship) damage card.
  5. Ubjub

    Kraken vs K2-B4

    I'm buying into the vulture droid swarm and was looking at Kraken on captain sear in the Belbulab to support. However, since the latest article on the sith infiltrator with K2-B4, which tactical relay would be best to support the vulture swarm? I cannot decide between stacking calculate tokens or having a guaranteed evade result/strain on the enemy ship. What would you suggest? (of course, depending on points when finally released) Help me, X-Wing hive mind your my only hope 😁
  6. I hope that's the return of the plasma torpedos 😁
  7. I agree, but it could also be to prevent reloading of homing missiles. Having a swarm that can inflict auto damage could have potant effects.
  8. Hey, my apologies if this has already been covered. If collision detector has no charges and you boost/barrel roll and land on an asteroid. Do you have to land on the obstacle, does the action fail or do you get a choice?
  9. R3 Astromech: You can maintain up to two locks. After you perform a lock, you may aquire a lock. Composure: After you fail an action and have no green tokens, you may perform a focus action. My question is: can you intentionally fail a lock action to trigger Composure, and because a lock action was performed then aquire the additional lock. To end up with a lock and focus? My apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.
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