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  1. First thanks for replying!!! Second, I also think it could be interesting to play as a non guardian in multiple varieties but this time I think I'm going to stick to having everyone be a guardian. thank you for suggesting the expanded players guide I will definitely look into that, it sounds super helpful! For the grenade launcher I'll compare it to the grenade launcher I found in the attachments section and then go from there. My question for you now is how would you do the single round grenade launcher? Also why did you choose Gunnery? Thank you for your ideas on the Fusion rifles, you are a huge help. For the elemental damage types I definitely want to include it and your idea for the shields is probably the best way to go. Thank you so much!
  2. so I just read your thing again and I see that you said abilities and totally just assumed you meant grenades in melee, but now I'm realizing you meant the class ability 🤦🏼‍♂️ So to clarify I would do it like the grenade and melee, but thinking about it I may say once every other encounter for all three.
  3. The way I would handle grenade, melee, and super cool down is like a once per encounter / once per session style. Supers would be once per session. And melee and grenade would be once per encounter.
  4. So if the name doesn't give it away I'm going to do a Destiny setting. I have a few questions so let's jump right in. Thanks in advance!!! First how should I handle the three different energy types for both weapons and subclasses. Would everything with the solar energy automatically get at least one rank of burn? Then Arc gets maybe a rank of breach or a couple Pierce would be good 💁🏼‍♂️ Then I've hit a wall for Void🤦🏼‍♂️ Please share your thoughts?!? On a similar note, I think for the grenades, melees and supers I'll just try and use the magic attack rules. Unless y'all think there is a better way 😉 I've worked it out where my players will still pick a species(Human,Exo or Awoken) Then then a career (Titan, Hunter or Warlock) And finally a specialization ( Which energy subclass) This may be just me sharing, but if you have thoughts on handling it differently please let me know. For the weapons im pretty much just going to use the modern-day setting options; I'll just have to home brew a couple. for example: Fusion Rifle, Linear Fusion Rifle and Grenade Launcher. (Ideas for those would be helpful too😅😅) That's about what I have right. If you have anything you want that suggest or ask me please do so. Any and all are welcome!! Thanks again for all the help!!
  5. Awesome!! Thank you so much for answering my questions. You have been a huge help!! May the force be with you!!!
  6. Thank you so much, this helped a lot!!! I think i'm good on Phalanxes. Do the minions lose their Wound threshold and or soak when in a squad?
  7. So i'm proud to say i bought RotS last Friday and i am finding this book to be SUPER AWESOME!!! But i have questions about fighting in squads and i guess the Droid Phalanxes too. 1. I think the book is pretty clear but once minions join a squad they lose their turn completely right? Like they only provide bonus/ set back die?? 2. How would members or a squad be killed or incapacitated, if so how does that effect the squad mechanically? 3. Can someone just try explaining Phalanxes to me. I understand what they are just not how they work exactly. Thanks everyone for your help previously and on these questions and any future questions! May the Force be with you!!
  8. Thank you for the reminder, I realized they put all the knowledge skills into one last night. Are there others that I missed?
  9. Thanks wasn't certain how close the numbers were 👍
  10. A super quick question. I have to create a couple additional characters for the beginner game even besides the two PDF ones. Does anybody know how much XP and credits the each get? Thanks to everybody who answers and May the force be with you!
  11. So I have some more questions. 1. Reverse grip, is there a hilt type for this that makes it mechanically different or is it more in the narrative side of details? 2. I know I've got a topic right now about a star wars version of Aqua Man, but I want the most answers possible. So... Saber Trident??? 3. Last, can four armed species dual wield two-handed weapons or four single handed?
  12. Yeah that's the only attachment I thought would really work 💁🏼‍♂️ But I definitely like hearing other people's ideas so more are still welcome 😁
  13. These definitely sound great, I will look into them tonight probably 👍👍 Any and all additional information or ideas are still welcome!
  14. So I had the idea to do an Aquaman based for sensitive character, which done with the character creation for so he's done but what I'm not sure totally how to do is his trident. I would like it to be a lightsaber, but currently I'm struggling to figure out how to make it work. The onlything I have for sure is that it would be a pike Saber but modified. As always any and all ideas are welcome; thank you in advance and may the force be with you!!
  15. So what gear would be fitting for making a character based off of the basic assassin's Creed load out??? For sure I would like ideas on the hidden wrist blade? (I can't remember the name 🤦🏼‍♂️) Also is there anything like their wrist mounted phantom blade or like tiny pistol thing? P.S. don't forget armor/ clothing. Any and all ideas are welcome, but just as a heads up I myself probably won't end up using any home brews, but they are more then welcome for other people that read this. Thanks for any responses and may the force be with you!
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