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    Thanks everybody for the comments, they are super helpful helpful.
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    Thanks everyone, super helpful!
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    I haven't ever played D&D or any other role-playing games, so I don't know how the different species worked (in the sense of characteristics) in any other game, so I'm asking are there different characteristic stats for the different species in those games, and if so how do the compare to these games? This is basically the type of info I looking for. Thanks for the help and comments 🙂
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    Thanks, More thoughts and ideas are always welcome.
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    Can anyone help me figure out what to use as a species replacements for some of the LOTR species. Elf Orc Goblin Hobbit Dwarf These are a few that I can think of, if you can think of any other just please let me know. Thanks and May the force be with you!
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    "Far have you come young padawan" Yoda

    Thanks everybody, your comments are super helpful.
  7. So I've got a fellow PC who is curious if they could have a padwan. The idea is that it would just be this other player and I would be the only PCS; so I would assume that this would make it that the Padawan would be a NPC. How should I / we go about doing this? Thanks everybody, and may the force be with you!!!
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    Dwarf Wookiee

    So... I'm still working on this pesky little Wookiee, got pulled away for a little bit, but back on him. Now I'm trying to determine his motivation. I've landed on the category of cause and I'm totally not sure where to go with this; also I think/ hope this willnwould help determine on how he got off Kashyyyk he after order 66. Thank again everybody!!!
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    Thank you to both of you this super helpful.
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    Your answers for 2-3 are exactly what I was looking for. PERFECT! 1. To clarify, which cystal do I need to equal the basic lightsaber stats? Thank you for commenting!!!
  11. Ok so I have a couple of questions surrounding lightsabers. 1. If I just buy a Hilt, what do I still need to get fully functional? I understand it's needs a cystal, but I'm looking for just the basic cystal to get the saber going, not any of the special ones. 2. Is there a way to go from having a normal lightsaber to a double bladed saber? To be precise, I asking if there is a way to modify/ change my existing Hilt to larger (or smaller) style of hilt. 3. Crossguard hilt like rylo ten, do they "exist" in this game? 4. Can one person have two (or more ) different colored lightsabers? I've always remembered Aalya Secrua have a green and blue lightsaber, but I think in more recent stuff she only has a blue, also Revan had a red and purple - always, and I think ive seen others as well. (This is more of a star wars question than a game question) Also if a character had two different colors, I would always assume that both colors would "match" their personality/ connection with the force. Alrighty, those are my current lightsaber questions, but I'll probably have more later. Thanks to everybody who comments, and like always any and all comments are welcome. May the force be with you!!!
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    A non Canon child...

    Probably won't use that one, I was thinking they I leave them both dead and just use Holograms, holocrons and other teaching styles, but thank you for the idea. Also thanks for the list of planets.
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    A non Canon child...

    Well my character was born sometime during the Clone Wars before asajj Ventress dies, (obviously) so from that time till when I'll actually start playing him which would be around the same time that the first Death Star was destroyed. So sometime in between there I would have him acquire his Crystal and build his lightsaber On a slightly different note would this make sense? "At the same time that the Death Star destroyed there is kind of this shift in the force that maybe exposes or in some way reveals some some Sith or dark side users for him to hunt."
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    Where are they now???

    Yeah that's kind of what I assumed. I probably wouldn't / shouldn't keep them all alive but I definitely want to use some of them as either mentors, NPCs or PCs in some of my games.
  15. swordfishson

    A non Canon child...

    This is perfect, thank you so much. ? My current idea us for his personal lightsaber to be yellow, but haven't come up with the way he got it yet; any ideas?