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  1. Well the odds are we all end up on similar band wagons - Wait - never tell me the odds ? looks like a good list
  2. Yeah I suppose so - you have a smart list - perhaps swap out grand admiral sloane for other ships - I'm trying to do a Fel centric plus Tie defender combo and keep Lns on Ins as the add ons it's tough to find balance but when in doubt Tie swarm ?
  3. Did you look at swapping in a tie defender instead of some of the ln s
  4. Or a Sith - Royal guard ship - the Raptor Strike - what will the alternate paint stat card look like ?
  5. Interesting write up. Are you planing to associate the FFG produced miniatures with your time line - similar to how you pointed out Mandalore Jumpmater 5000s. ?
  6. Glad you wrote it and it's good to find groups - tally ho
  7. Great models -. There was a tie shuttle in the concept for Vader to have boarded the rebel blockade runner - I can't find the image but it's out there looked good - search your feelings ..... Or the Internet - it might be a project you like - sorta like a Tie Bomber with only a center tube and one below it
  8. It's difficult one of my stores folded the other didn't have an event - perhaps FFG can establish a remote player league turns could be done by email with photos it's Possible here's how: grid a star mat using squares the size of small ship bases then letters up one side numbers on the other then moves could be done by email on a specified day or over time the market for sales could be expanded win for all
  9. Chicken rice and moz cheese served pan fried while watching the Star Wars marathon on TNT. Anakin is gonna fight Obi Wan soon
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