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  1. First Order Gozanti in prep for upcoming conversion expansion
  2. Haven't tried this yet, but seems like it puts a few options on the table (alas no bid): RZ-2 A-wing - •Tallissan Lintra - 37 -Tallissan Lintra (36) -Heroic (1) Transport - •Nodin Chavdri - 60 -Nodin Chavdri (36) -Plasma Torpedoes (9) -Korr Sella (6) -Amilyn Holdo (9) RZ-2 A-wing - •L’ulo L’ampar - 43 T-70 X-wing - •Nien Nunb - 60 -Nien Nunb - (55) -Pattern Analyzer (5) Total: 200/200
  3. Thanks ZealuxMyr; i watched the clone wars with my kids but dont recall the scheme- might rewatch a few episodes to see if any other designs stand out
  4. Based this off a picture of a toy - saw a very similar one above. Does anyone know if this scheme is in a show/game/comic etc?
  5. Nowhere near the same league as Polda, but here's a first attempt at a cloaking effect I added to the base model
  6. My attempt at Jostero. Thanks to all who post here that inspired me to give it a go
  7. Working on a Guri as well (work in progress)
  8. Great, thanks. I'll give it a go
  9. Complete amateur, but pleased with how my first repaint turned out 😁 Edit: can't see my photo despite uploading it - first time posting a pic - is that because a moderator needs to check it?
  10. Anakin and Mace, both with Delta 7B, and level 2 generic ARC with Palp (and Veteran Tail Gunner as an option) is a lit of fun and very flexible with actions/force regen. 200 points with the tail gunner included.
  11. Sorry, missed title of thread and don't know how to delete. Anyway, appreciate is not hyperspace legal yet, but had some luck with Kavil, Drea Renthal and 2x Black Sun Assassins (both with elusive) - kit the y wings out with remaining points and they are pretty tanky, and the vipers get rerolls on attack (so long as you fly them with Drea) and defence, so they relatively reliably deal and avoid damage.
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