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  1. What is your style of play?
  2. Well, I got 12th in our local Regional by running loaded out Nien and Lulo (before the points change) as my flankers, and my jousters were Bastian and a Red Expert with Heroic. Lately I've been trying to figure out the same sort of thing with Obi-Wan and Ric + Torrents or ARCs.
  3. Thanks for adding the formation deployment!
  4. Great idea. I don't have anything crazy like this, but as a general rule I like to run a jousting group and then two other ships that flank.
  5. So my working list is Ric with R2 and a Talent of 7 or less (still trying to figure that one out!), Delta Obi with R2, and three Torrents. if I strip Ric and Obi naked (except the Delta title), then I can fly two torrents AND one ARC with them.
  6. What Talent would actually proc the most for Ric?
  7. I want something that I can throw in there naked to just get in the way and muck things up for my opponent. Something that will keep them busy while Obi and Ric do their thing. I just seems like ARCs melt so fast.
  8. So, obviously 1 ARC is better than 1 Torrent, but is it better than 2? Are 2 ARCs better than 3 Torrents? Thanks.
  9. If you're going for the bullseye anyways, do you think Predictive Shot is worth it? Seems to me it is because you're rolling less dice.
  10. I would really like to hear everyone's take on this in particular. Are the points right? When is it better to go to CLT over Delta 7B? Personally I'd love to fly Ric, ObiWan, an Arc and two Torrents - and I can, if I put CLT on ObiWan. Anyone else tinkering with this sort of thing? Initial thoughts?
  11. I noticed the other day that The Grand Inquisitor shut off my entire range one attack, not merely the bonus. I was flying Mace.
  12. I think Anakin's ability can have a lot of potential in a list with three torrents and Ric though.
  13. Yes, indeed. If Mace and ObiWan were the same initiative and cost, who would you think was better?
  14. With the new point changes will the average level of initiative drop? I've never liked to run the highest initiative ships because the cost just seems hard to me to swallow. In particular, I have a 200 point list with ObiWan + R2 in it. Or I could switch that out with Mace with a shield upgrade. The other ships are 3 torrents and Ric with Juke+R2. Is i5 even worth it if there is no bid?
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