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  1. In short the answer is that as Ahsoka you need to be real intentional, but aggressive. You have lower initiative with a worse stat line, and are behind on points. It is absolutely winnable though, but you need to outplay your opponent and find a way to take the initiative away. What I mean by that is dictate the terms of engagement. Force them to spend their actions repositioning, not getting shots to avoid your shot. And get a little cooperation from the dice. If you do things right you may get one or two real good cracks at Kylo without retribution. If the dice blank on you then, not much you can do. Sometimes a 4 dice lock and focus shot rolls blanks into blanks. But the key is try and force them i to position where they get stressed. Once Kylo becomes stressed then Ahsoka has a maneuverability edge. If you can establish that, you have a chance. If kylo is always having to get stressed then you can get into advantageous positions where there is either mutual shots where you have better mods, or where you get unreturned fire. Or just nobody shooting. Get behind and force him to stay stressed and you can win. Slower is better, barrel rolls to move back and create space are great too. But if you can restrict Kylos dial, limit the options, you can have a chance. But the reality is that you need to play better than your opponent at that point to have that chance. Which may mean doubling down on a win or go home choice where if you are correct gives you a great opening, but if you are wrong probably creates one against you. But knowing when that move is there and choosing to use it is hard to tell, you just need to be able to read it correctly. But often in this case would mean blowing both force charges to reposition, focus, and lock and hope Kylo can not escape the trap.
  2. Which Luminara list? The answer for both is yes and yes, and the results are favorable for both. I won a tournament with the battle meditation, and am 5-0 with the paper cut squadron. The details diverge though, and I must caution I have an unorthodox flying style. Part of my success is from deliberately flying off meta and my ability to visualize how different lists want to approach. I am also an above average maneuver visualizer, and particularly good at causing blocks. So don’t expect them to be easy to fly. Ok the Mighty Ducks list kind of is, it’s a ‘punch you in the mouth, and just keep doing it’ type list. And truthfully with 5 decently mobile ships, with two medium bases, causing blocks isn't exactly rocket science.
  3. I don’t fly Rebels much since 2.0. But when I do, it is Jek Porkins.
  4. I believe it was also the model they used in Rebels Recap so… it’s Chop.
  5. So I’m going to toss something completely bonkers out there. I’ve had a ton of fun and success with it, winning a few mid sized tournaments using it. Fantastic Fours (49) Major Vermeil [TIE Reaper] Points: 49 (44) "Pure Sabacc" [TIE/sk Striker] Points: 44 (51) "Echo" [TIE/ph Phantom] (7) Juke Points: 58 (48) Sigma Squadron Ace [TIE/ph Phantom] (1) Crack Shot Points: 49 Total points: 200 Formerly had a second Juke instead of Crack Shot It is 4 ships that will drive your opponent nuts to pin. Moves everywhere. Small base Aileron, Medium base Aileron, Decloak, Echo? Heck yeah, my kind of nonsense! And it can kick the astromech out of Rebel beef. Wedge is terrifying so always nuke him at first chance. Here is an odd Republic choice that has some legs. Hits like a limp noodle at times, but near impossible to bring down. Paper cut squad (42) Ric Olié [Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter] (7) Juke Points: 49 (45) Padmé Amidala [Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter] (7) Juke Points: 52 (43) Luminara Unduli [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (3) Calibrated Laser Targeting Points: 46 (47) Obi-Wan Kenobi [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (4) Calibrated Laser Targeting Points: 51 Total points: 198 And for those of you who don’t realize the power of Battle Meditation? Try this Mighty Ducks (Flying V) (43) Luminara Unduli [Delta-7 Aethersprite] (8) Battle Meditation (3) Calibrated Laser Targeting Points: 54 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] Points: 42 (42) 104th Battalion Pilot [ARC-170 Starfighter] Points: 42 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (6) Concussion Missiles Points: 31 (25) Gold Squadron Trooper [V-19 Torrent Starfighter] (6) Concussion Missiles Points: 31 Total points: 200 kinda a departure for me, pretty striaghtforward and as subtle as a brick to the face. But it hits like a truck, and is hard to bring down. Plus you can set up one devistating alpha with a few double modded butt kickers.
  6. Can confirm, flown it or a variant (Del Meeko or Gideon) over a dozen times. It can be ok, but is extremely variance prone and pretty much hard countered by ordinance lists.
  7. This was kind of the secret to Rebel Beef, and why it performed so well. It could make mistakes all day long, and have miserable defense rolls, but it didn’t care. It had enough that no single roll or series of rolls would eliminate ships. Wedge wasn’t ever going to get one shot, so you never felt the sting so acutely as the person flying an Alpha squadron interceptor.
  8. I don’t like blaming dice, however I think it is instructive to evaluate decisions based on the dice results. What I mean by that is evaluating the probabilities of certain outcomes when evaluating performance. If, for example, you lose a match look back at critical moments and evaluate whether your decisions put you in the best position. My most recent game I had rather poor dice, and while it may not be the sole factor, I do feel it was the determining one. Case in point I had one sequence where I managed to, against two ships moving after me, to line it up so over three rounds I took one single, unmodded, shot at range 3. I blocked Wedge 3 consecutive turns. In that span I had, among other shots, a four dice focus and locked attack on Wedge, a four dice locked shot, and a three dice focused locked shot. All on a mod less Wedge. Plus several other modded shots at other ships. On the third turn he got a single unmodded 3 dice shot at an evading faster Ric. I took 2 damage on Ric, and did a single damage to a B wing (and none on Wedge despite all that nasty) Now I lost the match, but that was emblematic of the match. I take modded shots, do zero or one damage, he does unmodded shot against my modded defense, I take 2-3 damage every time. When you have two four dice defense blank outs it feels bad. And so when evaluating I calculated the probability of those results, to see if the risk was greater than I anticipated. The answer is no, there were multiple 1 in 10,000 or worse die results in the game. And in a game I lost in the final round when I had a 75% kill shot miss and a .02% kill shot against me kill where if those results invert I win on points? I can confidently say that my choices through the game were broadly correct. And though I was relying on the dice in the final round (due to consistently poor dice to get to that point) I was not relying on poorly modded or particularly unlikely dice outcomes. I was making a choice at the end of the game with a high probability result. And in another game where I rolled literally 2 evades and 5 paint on 40 defense dice!! Yeah, sometimes it just is the dice. But it is important to understand the difference between a calculated risk with a high probability of success (or one where the game state demands you make riskier plays to get back in), and an unnessecary risk where despite the poor result you never should have been there in the first place.
  9. I, uh, I knew that and definitely hadn’t forgotten since I haven’t played in two months due to moving. And because my acrylic tokens are 1st ed for jam. Yup. Totally didn’t forget that.
  10. Matchstick also seems plenty happy to take the jam token. Free mods for him Edit: seriously, Matchstick with VTG and Chop, you can get two rerolls on two separate attacks every turn if you are stressed. And with a Y wing that is easy to accomplish. Just 2 hard circle around the enemy formation shooting out the side.
  11. Just give him my green dice. That way a range 2 unmodified 2 dice attack will make him spend the evade when he rolls all blanks, and still do one damage. I really don’t see the issue here. People are acting as if green dice have paint on them.
  12. I tend towards 4 ship mid I builds lately (mostly as a iconoclast rejecting the ‘meta’) so tend towards lean. Usually between 2-6 upgrades per list. I’ve also run loaded lists, and naked lists, but the things I tend towards generally have 2 ships with 0-1 upgrades and 2 ships with 1-3 upgrades. More is exceptionally rare.
  13. I’ve used it to some good effect. It really is meant for collision detector. It is a twice a game IDGAF about obstacles which can really open things. Dropping into the middle of a rock, being obstructed for defense but not attack, then boosting off end phase to set up next turn? Extremely powerful if you do it well. Not important every game, but on average I use 1 charge. Some games both. But it has a higher skill ceiling and lower floor than Advanced Sensors so you don’t see it.
  14. This thread is hilarious. People suggesting rebels are terrible, the worst faction, man what comic gold. I’d worry if I thought any of you actually believed that. Well played, thanks for the laugh all. Seriously, the faction that is least vulnerable to the depredations of dice due to their mainline fighters being of a medium to heavy build with decent flexibility and good linked actions/ pilot abilities? They are always going to be one of the most reliable factions as they are far less likely to huge dice swings one shotting them than, say, any non Soontir interceptor. I also have seen plenty of local success with Rebels. PDX has lots of good rebel players who fly a variety of things. And they do well. Heck we see a ton of very good E-wing play, and if you think those aren’t very good _right now_ I suggest the problem is not the ship but rather the people playing them. Of course I also said the same about the v1, but I was still the only person locally flying one with any regularity.
  15. millertime059


    The answer is, sometimes? But he is very solid and versatile. Either as a fleet support or as a solo ace. Personally I like him with CLT. But go have fun, Ahsoka Obi and Wolffe should be a quite viable and playable list. I’ve run similar myself, it can hang in most matches well.
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