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  1. millertime059

    Are you an X-Wing cheater?

    I’ve had times where I’ve lost ships then, after the fact, gone ‘oh ****, I had a reroll from Del Meeko’ or something. Like I have a list that literally has one ability/ upgrade total, AND I FORGET IT. Like it shouldn’t be hard! One thing, One! And I can’t remember that.
  2. millertime059

    Are you an X-Wing cheater?

    I had one game where, on consecutive turns, my opponent and I goofed. In one he had two ships with one jumping the other. Marks the first, pulls it off, then grabs an entirely separate ship that had been behind the two, and places it at the marker. Immediately I realize, point it out, and try as best we can to put everything in place. ‘Yeah this ship was just outside of range one of mine last turn, and should be about here’ kinda stuff. The next turn I do the same **** thing with my Strikers. Mark one, move second, place third in first ones spot. I knew it before I’d even taken my hand off the model. We’d both taken the marked ship and put it close to our board esge, before leaning over the middle to execute. just laugh, try to fix it, and move on. And, yeah, bumping ships, nudging asteroids a few mm, and the like? Constant. I try, but when you get in the scrum, it can be hard. Especially with ships like Strikers and U-wings. They extend, and tend to get caught. I put my Strikers on two or more pegs to try and minimize, and put each of them on a different level, to reduce self catching.
  3. millertime059

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    Season of Scariff? Let’s do this thing! And, yeah, the easy answer would be, in such a scenario, to tie the pilot or season pack to reprints if the ships themselves. It’s, logically, simple. Logistically? Well that’s for FFG to work out.
  4. millertime059

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    Well how is this any different for new players than having one of only 4 ships available to the faction be unavailable? It seems to me that a new player is equally hosed in either case. The net effect is the same. They want to fly a ship they don’t have, and can’t get. So rejecting the idea on that premise doesn’t hold for me. Rejecting it because you don’t think FFG would do it however? Completely different, and I’d agree.
  5. millertime059

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    Thinking… thinking… So your proposal could mean new Interceptor Pilots, or titles for existing ships huh? Or a Rebels season pack with Hera B-wing or Valen Rudor Defender or v1? I could dig that. I could definitely dig that.
  6. millertime059

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    Subhead: The Hyperspace Game Mode Brings Greater Diversity to X-Wing™ https://goo.gl/images/zq8QJL I kid, but I had to
  7. millertime059

    Lists that better be legal after the points adjustment (Jan 28th).

    Oh sure, it was an unfortunately bad spot of luck on a turn where I’d managed to block 3 ships of his, and had mods myself. Other than the front Striker being in range 3 the turn before I’d pretty much managed the engagement I wanted. Nothing to do but take it in stride, try to play for as much MoV as possible, and congratulate my opponent after. But that’s my point. It’s very dice dependent, and with the preponderance of 4 I4+ ship lists it doesn’t even have the efficiency to make up for it. You may have numbers, but not that much more. And if the initial engagement goes poorly for you, it’s very hard to come back from. That said what it does very well against is two super ship lists. And if Rey Poe and Kylo Blackout type lists become a big thing? It can have a place. It’s just the current meta, especially where I go, has a ton of 4 ship protorp alpha out there, or three ship Trench Run, and these are extremely uphill battles. If you don’t take out at least one ship on the initial engage, you probably will lose.
  8. millertime059

    Lists that better be legal after the points adjustment (Jan 28th).

    I’d agree. And this is as someone who has tournament flown a list with 3 Sentinels, 2 Alpha Interceptors, and Del Meeko. I can win with it, but the problem is the 4 ship munitions lists are just so close to a hard counter. It’s very likely that your numerical advantage is gone before you shoot. And if you fly well and are able to take an advantageous first engagement (I.e. try and get from just outside R3 into blocking range) if your dice go cold at the first shooting, you’re probably done. Like my last game, I managed to mostly get the first engagement I wanted (one Striker was just barely at the edge of 3 and died, having managed to only eat two missiles) but the next turn I threw 17 red dice, and 7 green (I didn’t take many return shots), but the dice did me no good. 5 paint on Attack, one on defense. At that point it was simply playing for MoV, as the numbers got equalized that turn. Its tough, it’s a list that is very dice dependent even when flown well, you simply can not afford to have a bad initial engagement. At times very effective, at others? Not so much. I managed to get half points on 3 ships, 1 health on Deathfire left, and 1 away (he rolled double evade my last shot) from half on all ships. Shame, I like the list, but the theoretical efficiency advantage of generics isn’t quite enough, especially with high I munitions being ever present.
  9. millertime059

    Ships that are not in a good place if you ignore 1 pilot

    I fly this list a ton, and it is very effective. Weak offensive dice mods is the trouble, but the right Reaper build can make it even more frightening than Sabaac Edit: as a Empire primary player, when it comes to Hyperspace, this would exclusively be my list unless I’m running X-wings.
  10. millertime059

    Ships that are not in a good place if you ignore 1 pilot

    The other named X1’s can be fun… if you have a support craft. Jendon in particular does good work with them. Its not so much they are bad, as their action economy isn’t great in the initial joust, and they lack the maneuverability to be a true arc dodger, especially at I4. I would say that the Sheathipede is really only worth it on AP-5. Fenn is too many points for a ship that doesn’t contribute much offensively. The Attack Shuttle is basically Sabine. The Defender is Rexler, though Ryads ability is still very fun. Vessery is really hurt by lack of other locking Imperial ships. The Star Viper, aka the Guri.
  11. millertime059

    What you been flying in FO and Imperial?

    Basically always at least one of the following: Interceptor Striker Defender Non Vader X1, usually with a shuttle Move fast, be somewhere else.
  12. millertime059

    How many ships

    3 (50%ish) or 4(35%ish). really I find that the higher ship count lists have a hard time. For example a 6-8 ship swarm list may have numbers, but a bunch of I1 and 2 ships struggle mightily against the 4 ship I4 lists. The mid initiative pilots usually have enough upgrades and punch that your numbers count for nothing. Pretty reliably they can even the ship count before you even shoot.
  13. millertime059

    Pick the date: Points Release ???

    You know what needs to happen to help TIE swarms? Kick trajectory simulator up a bunch of points. It’s 3 points. 5-6 would not be out of line if your goal is to make TIE/lns more viable. Basically make it still usable, but make it pay a premium that forces tough decisions elsewhere in the list.
  14. As someone who uses Deathrain but never Redline, who prefers Echo to Whisper, whose favorite Striker is Duchess, and whose general working philosophy is ‘look where I can fly’, I’m always a bit of an odd bird. PhilGC is my X-wing blogging spirit animal, as I am absolutely a hipster when it comes to building lists. Winning is fine and all, and my record is quite good (I win something like 2/3-3/4 of my games pretty reliably, except when I’m really getting out there trying to see if I can make unloved pilots/ ships work). But for me it is far more fun to fly something unexpected and see if my list building theory works in practice. Sometimes the answer is just No. but for me half the fun is seeing if my mad scientist concoction can work on the table. I’ve still yet to fly 2.0 Boba. But you can bet I’ve tried every other named Firespray.
  15. millertime059

    What previously spoiled ship are you most looking forward to?

    Gimme that sweet sweet Anakin and Obi Wan tag team combo action. Ahsoka would also be a nice inclusion in something. But, yeah, basically any and all Jedi ships.