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  1. millertime059

    Are vulture droids broken? (Energy cell charges)

    Tell that to my ships! In a tournament today it took me 6 shots, including multiple range one shots, all modded and one range one focus lock modded, to kill a vulture. 4 of those shots were front arc Arcs as well. Some days the dice don’t like you. Some days a blocked ship still rolls natties.
  2. millertime059

    Curb your Packaging FFG

    Yes, but making a bunch of different plugs is super cheap and easy. It doesn’t even require taking the die out of the chase, just having removing the current plug and putting in the new one. The amount of time to do so is 15 minutes, tops, and the cost less than $100. And, yes, I worked in the print industry on packaging for a dozen years. I know how this stuff works 😉
  3. millertime059

    Curb your Packaging FFG

    It’s also about the packaging. Having a standard packaging is a huge time saver. The cost to run one box for 8 sets of artwork, given the numbers of units we’re talking, is significant. If I had an actual idea of the units moved I could reasonably give you a fairly close estimate of how many thousands of dollars cheaper it is. Because the cost of tooling is going to be around $1000 per box design, just for the paper components. Then there is the set up and make ready. If each pack had a box designed to minimize footprint, then it would probably add at least 25-30% to the production time. Where if it is the same box but different art? You can do make ready once, then run them all in sequence. It’ll cut days off production given the numbers of different SKUs we are talking here. Yeah, it’s a pretty significant cost savings on packaging. Plus having one unified box saves waste too. Sure the package is bigger, but you also have to account for the wastage in production. There are times where the total amount of paper used to make a larger box for multiple products is actually less than making multiple smaller boxes, depending on run size and layout efficiency.
  4. millertime059


    Now I’m picturing Wolverine with devil horns
  5. millertime059

    Name/Create a rebel squad is that is good in both formats

    Pick 5, season with Leia to taste. Requires at least one Y. Pick 4 with some double tap action and pretty much any one named pilot of choice. And probably Leia. Braylen? Wedge? Dutch? I don’t care. Throw a couple Y’s, Maybe a B or two, round out points with X or Leia U. Almost any combo can be competitive.
  6. millertime059

    Impervium Plating Vs Hull upgrade

    People in your local are playing Drea?
  7. millertime059

    Impervium Plating Vs Hull upgrade

    All hail the incoming Maarek Stele meta!
  8. millertime059


    Bubble bobble blah blah blah Bubba’s lab BB-Late
  9. millertime059


    Beelzebub Zaphod Beeblebrox Bubs
  10. millertime059

    Hyperspace options expanded

    Yeah, that seems fair. I know my initial sour face was due to the underwhelming options for Empire. I’m not big on TIE/ln swarms, so they seemed bad to me. Had they Interceptors on day 1, I largely would have been content.
  11. millertime059

    Synch Console question

    Synced Console + Commander Cody + focuses torpedo friend = boom.
  12. millertime059

    Who'd you rather?

    Depends how good you are at leveraging it. As the local Striker and Interceptor expert, I feel confident in being able to leverage their ability. Because I’m creeping towards 75% win rate with a list consisting of 3 I1 Strikers, 2 I1 Interceptors, and a TIE. These look like the kind of unconventionally mobile piece I excel with. But most other people in my local largely ignore Strikers, and non Soontir Interceptors. Mod course I also like Phantoms and do quite well with them too. But I fly all three ships very differently. I think Jedi will take some adjustment, but I look at their dial and reposition options and think ‘that looks potentially disgustingly good’. How much would you pay for a Soontir with a completely open dial, double repo at I6, and a shield? Because I see Anakin at his price and think ‘I can work with that’
  13. millertime059

    This can’t be right...

    Yeah. And if the faction identity is Jedi General leading clone fleet, or clone troopers sacrificing to buff their fellow clones/ Jedi General (these are two similar, but diametrically opposes list theorums) then I’m fine with that. May be a bit sad that generic Jedi won’t see much play. I’m sure I’ll give them a try though, always do.
  14. millertime059

    This can’t be right...

    Plus the Punishers linked actions are amazing for a ship of its type. Pure stat comparisons don’t make sense, unless you also consider the role. Why I think comparisons to v1’s are inherently more useful than to T-65/70’s for the Aethersprite. Which is why I feel the Jedi Knight is overpriced, but most of the named pilots are fine/ good. My time with Inquisitors and Sister informs this.
  15. millertime059

    Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast

    Please don’t, I want to surprise some people with that. And don’t tell them I think Palp is a good call on one of said arcs. Honestly, given pricing, I’m leaning towards Plo and Luminara being the top Jedi. The clones seem really strong. Pair either with a pair of Arcs and watch out. And I’m curious if battle meditation can work…