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  1. Let us know how you do in Desert Crossing, I found it pretty hard.
  2. This is good to know. I have decided to start from the beginning and bought some APs from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle and was curious about Khazad-dum so gave the first quest a go. But I was starting to think twice about buying anymore LOTR stuff, but if they improved on the game in future cycles then I will keep on buying. Heirs of Numenor is next (which I hear is quite hard) but at least you can still find APs for that cycle (it's near impossible to find AP's for the Dwarrowdelf cycle, even at inflated prices they are mostly no where to be found).
  3. Yeah it seems sometimes the designers just go, "What is the worst possible Treachery we could give the player - let's go with that" Treacheries which ruin a game in a single go... well let's just say I'm not a fan of them. Well I came close on my first try of Into the Pit but failed at the last hurdle when a defending hero was killed when a shadow card gave an Orc +3 attack for a total of 6 attack! That was it from there onward.
  4. Man, just starting to play Khazad-dum (Into the Pit) and got 2 terrible starts... In the first game the first encounter card I drew was Crumbling Ruin, which reads: "Each player must exhaust a character and discard the top card of his deck, if able. If the printed cost of the discarded card is equal to or higher than the remaining hit points of the exhausted character, discard the exhausted character." And I drew a card that was equal, so I had to discard a hero. Didn't continue with that game... Second game, the second encounter card I drew was Sudden Pitfall, which reads: "The first player must discard 1 questing character he controls, if able. This effect cannot be canceled." So again I had to discard a flippen hero! So I guess my question isn't so much about the rules - but when you start a game and a hero dies or is discarded right at the beginning do you just start over? Those 2 treacheries are stinkers though. They both had yellow borders so I hope there are not too many around otherwise it's game over if A Test of Will doesn't show up.
  5. Do any of you guys/gals take fan-made quests seriously. What I mean is do you print them out on paperboard or the like? I'm thinking of doing just that. What kind of paper do you print on? Any tips?
  6. The Luke Skywalker starter set is good and includes Heirloom Lightsaber (goes for about $8 on it's own), which is a really good card. Unfortunately the card that should have been a winner isn't, and that is the Luke card itself. Still a great way to stock up on Legacies cards though.
  7. But surely a dedicated group of software developers could achieve this. Magic Duals is fairly complex I would assume and it's free. I do agree that LOTR has some very complicated rules though.
  8. Oh man my bad, I must've heard wrong or remembered incorrectly. Could have sworn there was something about Khazad-dum. Ah well that's good news.
  9. But they done something similar with OCTGN, and that's free. Surely a group dedicated solely to that could pull it off?
  10. Oh wait, my bad, I just started reading through the rules insert and it says the Misty Mountains set is used in the Dwarrowdelf cycle... So are the encounter sets as I listed above for the scenarios correct? Because this expansion is listed as being dated from 2011, not the newest reprint, and I had heard that there was a problem with the quest cards or something along that line.
  11. I had heard it mentioned that Khazad-dum had some errors in terms of quest cards but thought I had ordered a new version. Apparently not. The Misty Mountains encounter set is the one that seems to be missing from the rules insert and quest cards. Is there are resource somewhere that can indicate which sets to use with which quests? Even Hall of Beorn doesn't have it listed correctly. This is what the rules insert indicates: Into the Pit: Twists and Turns, Hazards of the Pit, Goblins of the Deep. The Seventh Level: Plundering Goblins, Goblins of the Deep. Flight From Moria: Hazards of the Pit, Deeps of Moria, Plundering Goblins.
  12. Hmm, seems my deck needs some changes made, thanks. You know what shadow card I hate, Despair, text instructs you to ignore a characters defence. I've had several heroes killed this way, and then it's game over. And I love defence!
  13. Ah thanks, that means I could have damaged the Hill Troll in the staging area.... ah well next time I made an edit to my post with 2 more questions, if you don't mind answering.
  14. Another question regards Ally Gandalf. It's in regards to what "in play" means. One of the choices you can choose when he enters play is to "deal 4 damage to 1 enemy in play". Does this apply to enemies in the staging area or only enemies engaged with you? I wouldn't think so, but would just like to clarify. Edit: Got 2 more. - The shadow text for Pursued by Shadow reads "Shadow: Defending player chooses and returns 1 exhausted ally he controls to its owner's hand. If he controls no exhausted allies, raise his threat by 3." Now if I return that ally to my hand, does any damage on that ally remain, or does it get removed? - On the second quest card of Journey Along the Anduin the text reads "Reveal 1 additional card from the encounter deck each quest phase. Do not make engagement checks during the encounter phase. (Each player may still optionally engage 1 enemy each encounter phase.)" Does this mean you can only engage 1 enemy during the combat phase? Even if you would like to engage more. Because you would have to quest pretty well to overcome the amount of enemies and locations that would stack up in the staging area.
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