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  1. Got it for Christmas and really enjoy it so far, even when the Villain kicks your butt!
  2. Bulbasaurs are great relay carriers...... also 3 die primary ain't to be sniffed at.
  3. They are just odd to face, trying to stay out of range of the Ensnare while getting shots on them can be a bit of a task. I don't dislike the ship, they look cool and would be fun to fly. Ensnare however can die in a fire, that card is just infuriating.
  4. That list seems familiar, this wasn't on Sunday was it? It looks awesome on the table.
  5. A list I flew to another small 10 man extended tourney here in Adelaide that was fun and surprisingly good went 3-1 and come 2nd. Hera Syndulla with Swarm Tactics Lothal Rebel with Leia Wedge with S-Foils and Crack Shot 199pts The 2 Ghosts fly together while Wedge picks on opposing i6/i5 pilots. I used to fly dual Ghost lists in 1.0 and Dash/Ghost, have always loved flying the fat bastards!
  6. Sinker is great, I flew in formation early and then would split up depending on rocks/potential blocks. It's an awesome feeling when you take a shot and Sinker's ability kicks in even when your ships are spread out! I agree he makes a great decoy but I did find people would try to take him out even when it wasn't the best option.
  7. Sinker is great, BUT, it relys on formation flying and can be hard to do for more than 4 turns. Wolffe or 3 generics could be good, I haven't tried that out myself. Wolffe and Cody with Ani and Mace both with Delta 7B is a fun list I ran when I first got my Republic ships.
  8. I have been flying a 1 Jedi 3 ARC list for a few weeks now and it's been a lot of fun and surprisingly strong. Ashoka Tano w Delta 7B "Sinker" 2x 142nd Battalion Pilots. 200pts Went 4-0 at a 9 man tourney that was a lead up to Adelaide's Hyperspace Trial. Then went 2-2 at the Hyperspace Trial the week after due to my bad decision making in games 2/3. The list is really good at the initial joust, as long as you get all guns on target. Ashoka can make an Arc have Double Mods, or be a pesky flanker with her own mods. It has handled Imperial Aces, TIE Salad, Vermeil and 3 Strikers, Tavson, QD and Kylo and various Rebel Beef. Your ARC's are your hammer, they do burn up quick so get as many shots off as you can before they start dying. Ashoka can clean up nearly anything, but with 4 ships, 3 being Mediums you can corner Aces quite well.
  9. Flew this list two tourneys here in Adelaide, fun and strong if flown well, went 4-0 in a small 9 man tourney and 2-2 at the Hyperspace Trial the week after. Ashoka Tano w Delta 7B Sinker 2x 142nd Battalion Pilot 200pts Flown in formation the Arcs are great at shooting but they do die fast if you misjudged ranges. Ashoka is a pest and can close out games after the Arcs hammer the opposing list. The 1st engagement makes or breaks the list, my two losses have come from misjudging range and having only one ship firing. Equals 1 dead or nearly dead Arc. Lost to Rebel Beef (Wedge,Braylen,Cassian w Leia and Ten Numb) and Maul with 3Ps3 Drones w ESC plus a PS1 Kraken Bellbulab. Beaten Tavson, QD and Kylo, other Rebel Beef variants, TIE Aces and Salad. It can be really strong if Sinker/Ashoka live past the opening skirmish. Plus ARC's look majestic as **** lol.
  10. 5 currently. I converted all of my 1.0 stuff to 2.0 so have 4 of the 5 original factions. I also bought Republic. I mainly fly Empire/First Order but I'm really enjoying flying Deltas! My fiance and I have all the ships between us as she flys Scum/CIS.
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