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  1. As others have said in this topic, with this new Ref I dont believe he can fire special weapons at range 0. Intentional fix, or mistaken overstep? Who can say... regardless while special weapons have their own special requirements to perform the attack they are still an "Attack" have have to adhere to the rules of "Attack" in the reference. Rhymer can change the range requirement of the special weapon to 0 (as useless as this may be.) but doesn't change the hard rule of not being able to fire at range 0. The "even if the attack range would be range one" isn't a extension of the rule its added clarification of the rule. In any case this doesn't make his ability bad, he can still launch clusters at range three or torps at range one, I think that was the goal of this pilot anyway. To increase his effectiveness within all "Attack" ranges.
  2. MrSkorm

    X-Wing sale

    Well I attempted to place an order and no EU countries were an option. So I googled why it wouldn't be and found a few hits saying that B&N and many other US stores aren't shipping to the EU due to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
  3. MrSkorm

    X-Wing sale

    Sadly B&N no longer ship to the EU/UK. UK never has sales for X-wing
  4. At this point you're just being pedantic... Pretty sure everyone here knows what he means when he mentions a weapon type, even you.
  5. The Rules Reference says you use the arc of the chosen weapon.Which in this case is a front arc special weapon, that is being fired from the rear, but the weapon card is still front arc.
  6. Happy to see I'm not alone in my thinking, and I totally understand why people would be on the other side of the fence. I'm not attempting to cheese rules here, I've never attempted this combo during a game. I just enjoy exploring the possible combinations and see what crazy things might actually make it through. I like to look at these things like fighting game combos, you got the standard combos that you can look up in the training menus, but they don't show you that you can pull off a super that would otherwise miss if you use a different move mid combo.
  7. Wondering if anyone is clear on the ruling of Krassis's Ability combined with Outmaneuver with something like Cluster Missles or Concussion Missles. Outmaneuver clearly states that a front arc attack means one less defence dice, providing you are also out of the defenders arc. Cluster Missles or Concussion Missles are a front arc attack, so they work with Outmaneuver. But do they work with the pilot ability? "You can perform front arc special attacks from your rear arc." You may instantly jump to the answer no as it's a rear arc attack and Outmaneuver requires a front arc, but the way it is written doesn't strictly say that the attack is no longer a "front arc attack" it just says that you can perform a front arc special attack (Outmaneuver trigger) using your rear arc.
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