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  1. Untamed

    The big Companion App wishlist!

    I'd love to see the option to add other players. So you can have a friends list, and check it each others' decks... and make friends at tournaments when participating!! I believe it would be good for the community.
  2. Untamed

    Giving up non-playable deck

    This is one of those "unfortunate" deck names.
  3. Untamed

    Four Horsemen decks

    I saw a decklist with two sets of the Four Horsemen in there... The eight horsemen.
  4. Untamed

    Profile icons

    Yeah, this would be very nice! I'm guessing it is something they'll enable on Thursday, on release.
  5. Untamed

    How much do you expect to spend?

    I will purchase around 2-3 decks to begin with. And I am a sucker for tournaments, so probably will spend much more on those whenever they show up nearby.
  6. Untamed

    How much do you expect to spend?

    Do you have a photo? ^^ Curious.