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  1. Good luck with those change requests. Don't hold your breath.
  2. Always good to end the week on a laugh - thanks No communication is the preferred option for FFG.
  3. If you look through the forums, you will see many posts about the failings of the app from day one. How did it get like this? Poorly written, badly specified, totally inadequate testing, lack of information for users, a head in the sand approach to problems raised, an obvious reluctance to accept responsibility for a dreadful app... What's also irritating is that 10clowns, the app authors, got paid real money for that when hobbyists produce better apps in their spare time. I could go on but I have other things to do.
  4. I agree with faction filters but I think a lot of players would be initially content with lists that don't disappear without warning and subsequent apology.
  5. Same on app but my most recent attempts have remained at hyperspace. They can't even get it consistently wrong now.
  6. Sad to say, but after numerous complaints in the forum and being told via email and bug reports, we must come to the conclusion that FFG don't give a **** about us. Don't forget they have now got the cash from you, so why bother fixing something that is required unless you take reams of paper with you when you play.
  7. A bit late, but welcome to the party.
  8. Nope, even though patch notes indicate they are in 1.1.1. Unfortunately for their customers they are inept at publishing this latest bug fix, I won't use release as that implies some form of testing and QA has taken place.
  9. Providing that detail is down to FFG and passing it on to 10clowns. When it comes down to it, 10clowns are only subcontracted to create the app, the app belongs to the creators and overseers of the game, FFG. Let's be blunt, good game but crap app clearly down to hopelessly inadequate direction, poor specification, lack of testing, overwhelmingly clear refusal to acknowledge valid complaints and hence no respect for their own gaming fraternity. As I have said before, I am a developer and if I produced an app of this mediocre quality I would not only be embarrassed but would be looking for new employment and praying that references for my previous work were not sought.
  10. I'm sorry but I don't agree. This app has been a shambles from its first emergence from the primeval slime. Despite an avalanche of complaints and suggestions, very little has been achieved in terms of usability. I like the pictures. I don't like having my hyperspace lists removed due to some halfwit not testing what they wrote or some fool deciding to get rid of them. I don't like the bugs regarding saving that still permeate through the app. Where ARE the dials that the patch notes say are there? I sent a long list of bugs to Ffg software support 2 weeks ago that I painstakingly worked through. Apart from a "we will pass it on to the developers" there has been nothing. I suggested that Ffg at least put an apology in the forum for losing everyone's hyper lists, as usual there is sod all! As I said to the support people and also in this forum, I am not spending any more of my hard earned money on the two new factions until the bugs in this app are corrected and some sort of customer service is employed. Since the release of this app Ffg have been a total disgrace with respect to the people who buy their game and, in the long run, pay their wages.
  11. I have raised most of these points with Ffg via an extensive test I did nearly a week ago. One thing I suggested was that they issue some form of Comms about the disappearing lists, still no response. I think they are just taking the piss now.
  12. Yes, I doubt there would have been a leaving gift presentation, unless it was a well placed boot in my rear
  13. Yup. If, on the system I work on, I updated a list of postcodes but then every client address in the UK disappeared, I think I would be seeking new employment. 10clowns seem to be able to get away with murder here.
  14. On Monday I sent Ffg software support a huge list of things that are wrong on squad builder. I was told it was being passed onto the coding monkeys at 10clouds. I also mentioned that Ffg should put a notice up and apologise for this f-up. Dreadful customer dis-service.
  15. This app is visually appealing but fllawed. LBN I don't particularly enjoy using. Difficult choice.
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