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  1. Number16

    Squad Builder Bug Reporting

    Long standing problem that seems to be beyond the skills of the developers to correct.
  2. Well, despite my many complaints and postings, I have yet to receive any feedback from FFG or should that be FFS. After I have eventually got my conversion packs for the initial factions then that will be me done. Forget the newer stuff until FFG can be bothered to sort this shite out.
  3. Number16

    So where is Modified Tie?

    The patch notes in the app don't even reflect the app version itself. I'd expect this lack of consistency from novice programmers, not a seemingly more professional company.
  4. Number16

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    It'll have to be a bloody big key to unlock all those. Just seen my phone upgrade it to V 1.1.0. Patch notes still at 1.0.4, shakes head.
  5. Number16

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    It'll have to be a bloody big key to unlock all those.
  6. Number16

    public xwing 2.0 api

    Seeing as they can't produce a competent version of their own app I can't see why they could have any complaints as long as you credit them with the points and other components.
  7. In Ffg app, the owners of the game, the modified tie is missing from scum. In a third party app, launch bay next, it is there! Why do I even bother using this app? I want to see you do something with it that is approaching a professional effort. No doubt there will be no response from FFG to this post as there never is. Please give it up as a bad job, stop any further embarrassment, take the app off the onlines stores and let the hobbyists continue developing much better apps than you are clearly capable of.
  8. Number16

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    I would like Ffg to reply to my emails and my more reasonable questions in the forum and before you tell me that they are busy,if they hadn't produced such a crap app they wouldn't have so many complaints I would like more frequent updates (than the almost black hole at the moment) of their progress towards a competently written app that has been promoted as a crucial component of 2.0. I would like the lack of basic functionality not to be stated by you as "not simple changes", that merely plays into their obvious reluctance to make a big effort. And yes I have been playing x-wing 2 for several weeks and find the game quite well updated.
  9. Number16

    X-Wing Squad Builder Update

    Still no reply from the spineless worms at FFG. Quality customer service not.
  10. Number16

    Has anyone tried the Custom Formats?

    I would prefer if they got the app working properly and usable in non WiFi places rather than have customising lists or whatever it does.
  11. Number16

    Broken images in 1.0.4?

    Hahaha so true, it's where all the best data is.
  12. Number16

    Serious question

    As far as I am aware the rationale for having an app that holds the points instead of having them fixed on the cards is that rolling adjustments can be made. This could be for errata or points manipulation at tournaments. Given that there is no offline mode, may I ask how this will work at a venue that has no internet coverage? If I turn up with a list (with points changes) that someone else then questions how will it be checked? Will a tournament organiser have to drive down to the local Macdonalds to use their free WiFi and go through each player's list? I am eager to hear how this situation is to be resolved.
  13. You idiots! If someone has stuffed it up just use the restore that you surely must have taken. Ooops, my apologies for confusing FFG with a competent organisation.
  14. Number16

    Broken images in 1.0.4?

    +1, development is always "nearly there" and has been tested against the Devs favourite set of data. Been doing it for 35 years now and still haven't been found out
  15. Number16

    Broken images in 1.0.4?

    Q and A, two letters unknown at FFG. Someone somewhere must be telling the Dev team that they are doing a good job. Believe me, you aren't!