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  1. Something appears to have misfired: This happened after tractoring.
  2. I did the blue with an airbrush and that is a completely different animal; complicated by the fact that it is also color-shift paint, which has a lot of it's own unique qualities. When you use the airbrush, make sure you add airbrush thinner to your paint and then test it on something else to make sure you are getting smooth coverage. typically, you don't need to prime these models, unless you want to make the color lighter than what is already on there. You can find a lot of great airbrush tips from the Gold Squadron Paintcast (RIP) here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7nFEFabTU5gMqBDdyoeA_d-qe1rF5Bnn. He will be a much better teacher than I. I made this post mostly because when I first started I usually thought my paint was too thin after one coat and then did a second coat way too thick.
  3. I still don't know how to photograph colorshift paint, but these can also be reddish purple depending on how they're tilted: One turned out noticeably better than the other one for whatever reason, but I'm happy to be moving on to the next project.
  4. I'm far from the most qualified here to give a tutorial, however, when I first started painting I was always unsure of just how thin paint should be when it goes on. I took a picture of each layer of orange (vallejo's bright orange) on this ship in hopes that it might help someone. And now I started mixing the Orange with bright yellow (Vallejo yellow-green) with an equal amount of Vallejo glaze medium (but water or air brush thinner would probably work just as well) to add in brighter highlights toward the bottom: So it took a lot of layers to get where I was going. You can see where the thin paint ran into the grooves here, but I hit those again with black paint and was pretty happy with the results. Now I need to apply the same technique to the sides of the arms/wings, then do the same thing to it's twin and lastly, post them on the IG-Aggressor forum page. Hopefully this helps someone someday.
  5. I have also gotten into Gaslands recently. I did just a few cars quickly to fit into some quick lists, but just started the first two cars now that I really want to spend time on to make look half way decent. $0.99 is definitely more palatable to try new things on than the $20 X-wing ships though. Maybe when these are cranked out we can have a Gaslands page in the off-topic section. Also, I'm sure others would love to see your work on the Gaslands discord: https://discord.gg/WfvvRdc.
  6. My favorite has always been @Polda 's G-1A. Really love his Wookie fighters as well.
  7. Still need to add some weapons, but I am taking a break from these for now. They are at least table ready if not completed: edit - added weapons:
  8. It was heavily implied that Boba Fett left his armor behind in the first Aftermath book. Also, I really hope they don't end up making The Mandalorian turn into Clone Wars season 8 or Rebels season 6. I hope these folks all just show up during the procedural type episodes they had last year and The Mandalorian stays its own thing. If they were able to keep these castings a secret until after filming had wrapped I'm guessing that is the case. I loved the other two shows, just for the record, and I completely trust those in charge. But now we have nothing to do but stay at home and worry.
  9. I am also in the pressure my brother to play with me crowd.
  10. I only play this game once a month or so, but I assume this means we will not be getting Ahsoka, or was she added already?
  11. Had some issues when I tractored opponents onto rocks and proxy mines and neither of the effects proxied. Additionally, I dropped a proxy mine onto an opponent and it didn't explode until after the ship moved through it. Thanks again for everything Sandrem.
  12. This is super thorough and covers my 2 biggest issues. I think the wet pallet will help a lot rather than just dunking it in water and also pressing it down with a Q tip instead of tweezers/knife now seems so obvious... Thanks so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to write all this down.
  13. I found it, but I grew up hiking in the midwest, so I already know what a copperhead looks like. If anyone is looking for some good reading during the quarantine there is a book of short stories called Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Bradbury that has a pretty terrifying scene with Copperheads. Its now all I can think about when I hear the word.
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