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  1. This might be the best infiltrator I've seen yet, but also, great photography work.
  2. I can relate. Scum is where my heart is, but I haven't put them on the table in at least a month. I tried FO for the first time last night (QD and 2 FO test pilots) and unfortunately they were really fun. I also fly Rebels but I see myself flying FO or Republic in the foreseeable future.
  3. I get my magnets from Green Stuff World to avoid this problem LT. The rotation magnets come with the ball bearings in the package. They ship from Europe but I'm pretty sure that I've ordered three times and they've always arrived in under 2 weeks. http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/125-rotation-magnets-n52 I know if I ordered from K&J I would do the same thing, so I take the extra lead time to idiot proof the process (although at this point I don't really need any more ball bearings). I only did a few at first but it's a really easy process, so I ended up doing everything eventually. Once the pegs are done getting the magnets on the ship takes no time at all. I would recommend for the larger ships leaving the peg on at first just in case your magnet isn't the right size.
  4. Semi-satisfied with how this is turning out, but hopefully someone much better than me can at least be inspired by the idea for this Anakin someday
  5. This still has a LOT of cleanup to go, but I wanted to get it posted as I'm sure a lot of people who have flown Ricky Olie will get the same idea. So still a WIP. I might end up doing no wash at all on the white parts.
  6. Unfortunately, that's the FO helmet design and not the Empire's.
  7. Other than Obii Wan -6 and Plo Koon -7 this is technically correct (although those are 2 pretty big pieces). However, the Empire, Rebels and CIS received significant points increases to their strongest lists. So even minor point reductions coupled with 0 point raises sums a stronger net gain for the faction. I think calling them the most improved is fair, especially with the addition of some stronger pilots.
  8. Really great advice here. What helps me the most though is just talking to the players at the top. I think a general rule is that the more people have played X wing the more they like to talk about X wing. In a casual game ask, "out of curiosity, what made you choose this action instead of taking a focus?" In general, people enjoy sharing the knowledge and talking about it. It should go without saying here though to actually listen to what they have to say. Also to piggyback on what the President said above, I often find when playing more seasoned players the smartest move to take is the second best move on your dial. The percentage of the time this is true is dependent on your list/play style, obviously.
  9. Everyone guesses the Tri-fighter, which would have network calculations and be cheaper than the Nantex, but imho the Gunship would give the faction much more versatility.
  10. The K fighter would be a much better ship with boost (especially Talonbane), but I like the fact that there are several X Wing-like ships in the game, and what sets the T-65s apart are their s-foils. Maybe a Vaksai configuration could take away its barrel roll and give it a boost (similar to a T-65 upgrading to the T-70 sans S-Foils)?
  11. Links to the YouTube and Twitch pages are in the first paragraph here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/ffg-live/
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