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  1. I like the Dimond Boron + Adv. Proton with Sense option. It puts the list at 200, I'll see how it goes this week.
  2. I need some help deciding what to run on Redline. His wing mates will be Vader with Auto Thrusters + Passive Sensors and Grand Inquisitor. Why run Passive sensors on Redline? Is two locks and a calculate better than a Focus and a single Lock? Why else would Passive Sensors be so desirable on I5 Redline? The only other upgrade I'm running is Proton Torpedoes for Redline.
  3. Attack shuttle Sabine was good at under 40 points. Hera would be nice if a bit cheaper. I experimented with 5 ship rebels that used 2 attack shuttles. It was okay. The idea was to get 5, 3 attack dice, ships in a list (the 5th was Blount). At any rate the attack shuttle is just to un-maneuverable and squishy for the cost.
  4. Thanks! Did the Rebel TIE/ln make an appearance or is it just counted as a TIE/ln so the Empire TIE's are hiding the fact that it didn't show up. Same question with Rebel vs. Scum BTL-A Y-Wing.
  5. During the FFG Live Stream I Heard them mention there were only 5 ships not used in a list on day 2 worlds. Did anybody catch which ships those were? It was so good to see such balanced representation!
  6. I had some fun and success with this list, although I got totally smoked my last game due to some poor choices on my part. In better hands it could do well. With Han and R5-P8 danger isn't too sad when he gets blocked. Sirissu is nice to smooth out the green variance and gives a little control. I also thought Mux might be a good option. I like your idea of Old T and Cobra as wing mates. I'll have to give that a shot. Palob Godalhi (40) Hull Upgrade (5) Shield Upgrade (6) Moldy Crow (18) Ship total: 69 Half Points: 35 Threshold: 4 Dengar (56) Han Solo (Scum) (12) Contraband Cybernetics (3) Punishing One (8) R5-P8 (4) Ship total: 83 Half Points: 42 Threshold: 5 Serissu (40) Ion Cannon (5) Ship total: 45 Half Points: 23 Threshold: 2 Total: 197
  7. I've been using the app for a couple weeks, its super great! A nice feature would be to display the total list value. It would just make it easier at the start of the game when choosing first player.
  8. So if Torkil is second player the target ship will engage at 0. It follows that this would also be true if that same ship were also the target of swam tactics. From the rules under Ability Queue "If both players have abilities that trigger from the same event, the abilities are added to the ability queue in player order." Being second player is super important for a Torkil list.
  9. When does a ship engage if it is the target of both Roark and Torkil? Or Rebel Han Gunner and Torkil? Or Heightened Perception and Torkil?
  10. Perfect! I should have read that first. It is not destroyed unless it fails the emergency deployment.
  11. If a carrier ship is destroyed, is a docked ship also destroyed?
  12. If Tel Trevura in the Jumpmaster is destroyed for the first time during the last round (game time is over) and spends the charge to be placed in reserve, does the opponent score full or half points? Tel's card text, "If you would be destroyed, you may spend one [charge]. If you do, discard all of your damage cards, suffer 5 [hits] damage, and place yourself in reserves instead. At the start of the next Planning Phase, place yourself with in range 1 of your player edge." I tend to think only half points, but I think there might be an argument for full points.
  13. I want to make sure I get this interaction correct. Tavson in the Ups can spend a charge when suffering damage to perform an action, and has 2 recurring charges. If Tavson has 3 hits coming in, a charge can be spent to reinforce after the first damage is suffered. The reinforce will not be active to reduce 1 of 2 remaining hit because reinforce triggers in the neutralize results step and that step is complete. Did I get that right?
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