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  1. Well in my opinion, R2A6 not changing the revealed manouver but the executed manouver is really strong, even better than expected. Example, you want to execute a 2 bank to avoid a bump or an obstacle. You can set your dial on a 3 bank and execute a 2 bank thanks to R2A6. In that case, you did the manouver you wanted but with a 3 bank you might have an extra dice!
  2. Hi, In the last patch, you said that language selection was added to mobile but the option can not be found. The reason that I wish to change the language, it's because in French (my current language in the app), the squadron points is cut so it's pretty annoying to build on mobile in French.
  3. Hi, to me: 1) Display upgrade cards on hover 2) Display bombs and mines effects along the device cards 3) Dials! 4) Direct links to share to someone without using Facebook or Tweeter links 5) Up & Down buttons to reorder ships on squad list
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