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  1. Very much this. All a smaller point value does is lower the amount of complexity. You still want to bring ~3-4 ships so the actual time taken, damage done and hitpoints to be dealt with don't change all too much.
  2. Who flew the Imperial 5s list? I cant see it under 18th, but I do see the 6 Swarm under 21st
  3. I really want to run this list, but I’m having a hard time trying to figure out if it’s actually better than the 6 TIE Swarm with Howlrunner and Inferno Squadron. Assuming ideal circumstances both throw the same amount of red dice, but the 6 TIE Swarm is more survivable thanks to Iden and Del Meeko. It can also use Wampa to block and having an extra ship is great for catching arc dodgers. On the other hand, this i5 list has the advantage of choosing movement order and more reliable PS kills. Is the reason we haven’t seen this list consistently making hyperspace trial cuts that it’s weaker than the 6Swarm or is it just harder to use/less obvious?
  4. To support what Eruletho is saying, you're better off flying 4 bombers for two reasons. The first is that it gives you 6 extra HP to play with, which is always nice. Secondly it works out to get more hits on average compared to 3 bombers with Capt Jonus (9 vs 8.4) . Those hits will also go further since you're more likely to have stripped away their tokens. The only problem with 4 Scimitars is that you have to run Soontir very naked and without a bid, which means he isn't as threatening as when he has Predator and that he will struggle against other aces.
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