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  1. avensis

    One problem...

    I've been wearing mine out and it looks good as new. There's a crease on the left hand edge of the cover. I bent that back and limbered up the crease right away so it wouldn't pull it away from the binding when I opened the book. ____________________________________________________________ Bluestacks TextNow VPN
  2. this is worth every penny and every second you put into it. I will recomend this to any gaming group anywhere! its a perfect starter RPG and I will say this...its the best ive every played hands down ( for game play) and its the best looking period! the only d20 game ill ever play now is d20 modern....for a zombie campaigns.....other then that....im done with it all... _______________________________________________________ Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
  3. avensis

    GM or System?

    I've played three so far, with that 'cooldown' to think about things, and I still think it's a very solid system and it's fun to play. There's a lot of information on the games in my "Nashville" demo thread. I've found a few problems, but I've gotten them all resolved, to my satisfaction, in the forums. That's just me though. Opinions may vary. Ultimately, you have to play it yourself and make your own decision. Actually, take my review with a grain of salt, please. Try it yourself and make your own decision. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Plex Lucky Patcher Kodi
  4. I found the combat to be quick and painless. The players spent the time before their turns deciding what to do and planning their actions. They quickly caught on to the fact that the different stances had a significant impact on the characters performance. Once they did, there were tactical shifts in stance nearly every turn and (some) players intentionally stayed closer to neutral in case they wanted to flip. Building the pools and interpreting the rolls wasn't an issue after the first turn. By act two the players were building their pools before their turn began, and asking for multiple dice at a time. The rolls themselves caused shouts of excitement and groans of dispair. The dice really enhanced the game. One of biggest problems we had were all of the modifiers. Actions like Guarded Position, combined with parry, and stacked with modifiers from critical wounds, conditions, and talents made for big adjustments in dice pools. We quickly decided that any card that caused a modifier like that should be put in one place of the players play area. We also stacked the modifier dice on the cards in some cases as a reminder that they would affect upcoming rolls. After we worked out a system for it, it wasn't so bad. It was actually fun. ________________________________________________________________ Bluestacks TextNow VPN
  5. avensis

    Grognard on WHFRP 3rd Ed

    There is a PDF of the rulebooks online. Its only $10 for the corebook which is around £6. I have the same issue with the game and much prefer books to pdf's but this is adiquate for getting to know the rules. The tone is something that will make or break this game as a Warhammer game for me but I feel it is too early to find out how that will turn out. FFG have jumped into the deep end with this new system, they have some things to fix and get right before we will know if they will sink or swim with it. ______________________________________________________________ Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox
  6. The adventure started just like so many we had played before, on our way to an "inn" (here we go again) with some hand out about a expedition into some mountains (dungeon crawl here we come), then a coach nearly run us into the road, and the coachmen had guns! When we got to the inn there was some camp gambler speaking in a strange accent who tried to cheat us out of some money playing cards, and people had skills to actually help with gambling (and cheating). It wasn't just a roll against a stat. It certainly beat the standard, you meet in an inn type stuff we had experienced up until then (even though we had just met in an Inn), the npcs seemed to fit into the setting so naturally and really brought it to life. This wasn't just down to the GM either, as the same GM had refereed other games previously; this one just seemed to feel special, for some reason. we got on the coach the next day, heading towards some city and then we get attacked by all these wierd mutants who had recently ambushed another coach. A fight at last where my troll slayer can perform... when i started to cleave my enemies limb from limb. and heads rolled, well, lets just say the game became even more enjoyable. When we found a dead body from the previous coach and one of the party turned it over... well lets just say I was hooked! ____________________________________________________________________ Plex Lucky Patcher Kodi
  7. avensis

    What Armies are signed up?

    I'm rolling with 2000 points of Ogre disruption list too ________________________________________________________________________ CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC
  8. avensis

    Who is attending?

    I will be rolling in with 2000 point of Ogres and my Invasion decks. _____________________________________________________ Subway Surfers Psiphon Hill Climb Racing
  9. avensis

    Information about the Event?

    I saw that the tournament is 3 games, 2000 pts. But that was the limit of the info. Please post some more details for us! In particular - Special characters allowed or not? Painting required? Scoring breakdown would be greatly appreciated (paint/battle/sports) ___________________________________________________________ Clean Master Facebook Lite Mathway
  10. Nice, detailed review. I appreciate the time you put into this and your feedback helped solidify my purchase as well. As a fan of 1st and 2nd edition, I am more than happy to push into this new realm of RPG pen and paper gaming with a new approach! ________________________________________________________________ Clean Master Facebook Lite Mathway
  11. avensis

    Fun for a night

    played in a demo last friday night, and i have to tell you it was great fun. But, solely as a diversion. It is a fun game to laugh at the die rolls, as it has almost limitless combinations. But all in all it is just dice rolling. There was no creative discussion at the table on how to tackle the fights or the social encounter. If it wasnt on a card, no one knew how to think outside the box. I'm sure there is a leveling system but due to the rush to get the game ready the gm just didnt know anything about it. It seems like the characters have alot of options already, I cant really see flooding the table with many more cards/ choices. This would be a game that i would play for a night if everything else fell through or if i was away at a game convention. but i wouldnt design a campaign around it as i think the luster wears off quickly. For true campaining I hope that 2e adventures continue to be written. __________________________________________________________ Subway Surfers Psiphon Hill Climb Racing
  12. avensis


    So there is no way to play the game without the cards or dice? I just purchased the pdf and cannot find a reference to any of the things the cards are supposed to have. _______________________________________________________________ Whatsapp Messenger Hotstar
  13. I think the excitement could be to go through the changing in the games .. Clean Master Facebook Lite Mathway
  14. Thank you for the very intetesting thread Subway Surfers Psiphon Hill Climb Racing.
  15. While a new expansion is nice, it's hard for me to look forward to that purchase when I'm still waiting for fixes to the components in the base game. Whatsapp Messenger Hotstar