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  1. Cantriped

    Osmium - Galaxies of Fantasy Adventure

    A cursory read through indicates it is a high quality supplement. I did catch a few typos, but I didn't think to note them... There are also plenty of spots where the text just needs tightening up, but isn't actually incorrect. For example, similar racial abilities sometimes use slightly different phrasing, and those abilities should all be as consistent as possible. The setting content is not particularly to my taste, so I'll try to refrain from giving irrelevent feedback on it. Overall it feels a little bit like Starfinder (which is good), your writing has energy, inspiration, and throughout are passages which catch even a disinterested eye. I presume you're using 'found' art. Most of your selections are great, and really sell the world you're presenting. Though a few feel somewhat out-of-place, like they're depicting a different setting entirely (namely the illustration of two wizards dueling you used in the magic section). I also noticed you used the same art for both the Elf and Explorer entry; one of the two needs to change (see below for reasoning)*. Finally, I would suggest raiding some Starfinder and Warhammer 40k inspired art for some more modern looking mages. * The best reason is ease of use, unique art is like a landmark when navigating a document, and that elf is a particularly striking landmark. My brain can much more quickly recognize the art than the text it accompanies. The next best reason is that it is less professional looking to recycle art in the same document (and often indicates a low budget or lack of inspiration).
  2. Cantriped

    The Scion of Genesys?

    Scores above 5 should be reserved for NPCs, because they tie into success-rate more tightly than potency. The "Giant" in RoT has a 6 Brawn, and special natural attacks to represent its size. One easy way to make a character feel mythic is to raise their statistics to the planetary scale (meaning their 4 damage 'punch' deals about 40 damage to a regular person. This allows for superheros who can crush tanks with their bare hands, and survive massive explosions. Things which would be 'planetary scaled' compared to them would use the 'interplanetary scale' instead (interplanetary equal to the personal scale × 100) Personally I would take some note from the unofficial superpowers supplement and have such capabilities be written as special abilities (like a talent bush). Strength is the easiest example, as Genesys has lots of statistics based on Brawn. Super Strength might multiply your Brawn's contribution to melee weapon damage, encumbrance, and soak. Which would make you notably 'stronger' in play, without also increasing the accuracy of your punches (or modifying the dice pool at all actually).
  3. Cantriped


    Rules Question: One of the pregenerated heroes for Realms of Terrinoth, Ulma Grimstone, begins play with 2 Dwarven Firebombs and Bottled Lightning. However I've yet to find an entry for these items in Chapter 2 - Call to Adventure. What should the Encumbrance Rating, Price, and Rarity of Dwarven Firebombs and Bottled Lightning be? Rules Answer (By Tim Cox) You are correct that those items don’t appear in Realms of Terrinoth! We can assume those are Ulma’s personal creations, so a player who wants to make use of those or similar items might create them using the crafting rules beginning on page 112, or the GM might make them available for purchase from certain NPC alchemists and other merchants. I would give both encumbrance 1 by default, but of course allow a character to spend Advantage on the crafting check to reduce the encumbrance as normal. Since the cost of ingredients and difficulty of the crafting check are based on the cost and rarity of the item, the GM would need to assign those values, whether or not they decided to make these items available for purchase. Personally, I would probably go with 75 silver/rarity 6 for bottled lightning and 200 silver/rarity 8 for dwarven firebombs. I hope this helps! Thanks for your question. --- Tim Cox RPG Developer and Fiction Producer Fantasy Flight Games
  4. Cantriped

    GM screens - what would you like?

    I would want all of the Critical and Result Tables on the inside of the screen. As well as a table of common check difficulties (including the difficulty of typical combat checks). The outside should be an imaginative and half-sketchy landscape akin to the GCRB cover art.
  5. Cantriped

    Pricing New Armor

    Naturally. I am working on a list of high fantasy armor as a pet project, mostly inspired by later french and german designs. I had nine entries ideated, described, and ready to have mechanics assigned to them... and then I ran into a wall pricing the first one. I could have just used existing entries as a basis, but since this list is intended to replace the existing options, their values weren't really relevent except as examples of the pricing metrics; which I was unable to reverse engineer in a reasonable period of time. I expected some deviation, as the book admits they're just guidelines, but with your answer I was able to come much closer to an accurate analysis of the existing armor prices. More importantly you've provided an acceptable "zero-point" model for me to build up from for my armor set. Even if the math isn't perfect, at least all of the item's prices will be internally consistent. This is all work towards a much larger project that I may or may not ever get around to. However if ya'll would like I will post the set once it is ready for critique.
  6. Cantriped

    Pricing New Armor

    Regarding Table III.1–1 (GCRB 199): What do the -1, -2, and -3 Encumbrance entries indicate? And how do they interact with the guidelines for armor encumbrance (shown on the same page)?
  7. Cantriped

    New Stuff for Genesys?

    Nay, the Humans of Terrinoth use the "Average Human" archetype as their basis. Though one could datamine some of the special abilities from the various RoT subspecies for use in creating new Archetypes. Completely independant of RoT... I know I recently saw a set of supplemental human archetypes which also included some alternate special abilities for the GCRB Archetypes (My link-fu is weak today). I also saw a set of archetypes for a mecha-campaign on Cannibal Halfling Gaming (https://cannibalhalflinggaming.com/2018/04/10/system-hack-genesys-mecha-archetypes-and-careers/). They're all homebrew, but they can at least provide more frames of reference.
  8. Cantriped

    "ranged" attack at a target engaged with my PC

    True, but it's not particularly fun when a PC accidently kills or incapacitates themselves. Very few people like it when their hero dies/fails anticlimatically. Its the kind of cinematic that's most appropriate for NPCs. Or if the GM spends a storypoint to upgrade the difficulty, because it is appropo to do so for whatever reason...
  9. Cantriped

    New Stuff for Genesys?

    Realms of Terrinoth contains a fair amount of supplemental rules, but outside of the fantasy genre less of it is useful as a whole. As an overview: Chapter 1 and 3 contain almost nothing of value to you. Of it the most useful things are the npcs, but they use the fantasy skills and items. Chapter 2 contains new species, and presents subspecies with alternate abilities. It has an alternate set of careers, and includes suggested starting equipment for them which you can take in lieu of the normal starting currency. There are some new talents, many of which can be used in other settings. There are two new magic skills, as well as some new magic implements, and magic items (most of which will require some work to recycle). As has been mentioned above, RoT introduces Heroic Abilities, which are fairly setting neutral aside from the table of example origins, and the available Signature Weapons. There are rules for Mounted Combat and Crafting (including tables for spending results). There is a new "Craftsmanship" element to equipment (examples include iron versus steel weapons and armor, or oaken versus willow implements). There are new Item Attachments, some of which are enchantments, but the mechanics could be reflavored.
  10. Cantriped

    Shapeshifting Talent animal forms

    Its not really that great for spellcaster's actually. Mostly because it requires you split you Experience points between being a better Caster, or being an okay Martial. Also once you hit your trigger, you're stuck like that for the rest of the day (you'd best hope your party didn't need your magical expertise, or for you to participate in social encounters). It is worth noting that Martials can spend Strain too, quite a lot of it with the right talents, and unlike a caster, doesn't lose access to a huge swath of skills for the remainder of the day.
  11. Cantriped

    Humans Undercosted?

    Not really no. Unless you build around it, in which case it's just as good as getting a rank of Defensive. If we count it as a tier 2 talent (worth only 10 XP), that would mean all of the GCRB Fantasy Species were built to the guidelines. Personally I find it super annoying and strange that Nimble, Armor, and Cover/Guard don't stack... but the Defense Cap is so low it doesn't really matter... A Nimble Elf with gear from Realms of Terrinoth can easily cap out their Defense with a sword & board, and wear high soak, zero def armor like maille. After reading the GMs section... I sort of just took for granted that everything in the GCRB would be, but there does seem to be at least some variation.
  12. Cantriped

    Humans Undercosted?

    It appears that all of the Human Archetypes have about 10 more XP than the rules for creating an Archetype (pg 192) suggest: Each archetype besides Average Human gets a rank in a skill tied to their attribute (which is worth 10 xp as opposed to 5 according to page 193), and Average Humans get two skills instead of just one. Plus they all have an extra unique ability, which, for lack of listed valued I'll assume are more or less equivalent to tier 1 talents. Of the fantasy setting races; assuming you appraise the Elf's "Nimble" at 20 points (because it is similar to the tier 4 talent "Defensive"), than they're at +10 XP. However the Dwarf and Orc seem to be following the guidelines (edited after some double checking).
  13. Cantriped

    Android: Official Genesys System

    No, I meant that I bought the "Foes of Terrinoth" deck knowing it only contained creatures already published in Realms of Terrinoth. I wouldn't know about adversaries from Star Wars, having never played it. I bought them to test how well they'll work for me as GMing aids. However I wish the packaging advertised explicitly which adversaries it contained. If I had just wanted new creatures instead, I would have felt cheated if FFG had forced me to buy ~18 creatures I already stats for just to get the ~2 that I didn't.
  14. Cantriped

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Because then they'd be forcing me to pay for the same seventeen-or-eighteen adversaries twice in order to get the two-or-three new ones I actually wanted. This way owning duplicate references for any given creature is my decision. I bought the Foes' deck despite there being nothing new in it. Personally I just wish the packaging advertised the contents more explicitly.
  15. Cantriped


    Since I haven't seen it mentioned yet... Version 1.0 of the Errata and FAQs for Genesys and Realms of Terrinoth was released a few days ago.