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  1. Cantriped

    Reloading a Revolver

    I don't know if I would go so far as to track individual bullets. Given the length of a combat round, a single "attack" could just as easily be one, carefully aimed shot or six quick hip-shots. However, if ammunition is suposed to be a scarce resource (such as in a western setting, or in most modern horror campaigns); than Extra Clips should be relatively plentiful, and Dispair can frequently be spent to force the PCs to use 'em. Tracking how many clips you have left isn't much different than tracking painkillers, so it shouldn't add too much overhead to implement.
  2. Cantriped

    Reloading a Revolver

    I think that's exactly what Extra Clip's are for. Depending on the setting, I'd allow the purchase of Extra Clips (or an item like them) for any weapon that requires ammunition; though you'd generally have to specify which weapon it was for, an Extra Clip for your Assault Rifle isn't the same as an Extra Clip for a Laser Pistol... Mechanically, if the character doesn't have an Extra Clip for their Revolver (defined in this case as a ready speedloader), they simply shouldn't be allowed to reload it during the encounter. Otherwise that defeats the purpose of having spent a Dispair to make them run out of ammo in the first place. The narrative of 'fumbling while trying to load loose ammo one-at-a-time' could be used to justify why the character's revolver remains 'out-of-ammo' for the remainder of the encounter, despite their wasted attempts to reload it. Meanwhile, having 'a box of loose ammo in your pocket' is the narrative justification for why your character is able to reload their Revolver after the encounter ends. However, realistically speaking a minute-long round is enough time to reload almost any weapon if you actually have the munitions to do so. So if reloading that weapon during the encounter is vital to the heroes' success, or if I were inclined to compromise and allow the PC to fail-foreward, I have a few options: First, I could allow them to reload their weapon as an action instead of as a maneuver. The skill used would depend upon the situation, and the player's proposed solution. Using the example above, they might have to perfom an Average Discipline check to 'steadily load one bullet at a time'. With success indicating you've reloaded the weapon. During a hectic battle scene, I might allow someone to perform a Perception check to generate an Extra Clip for their weapon. Second, I could allow them to spend one Triumph on unrelated Perception and Vigilance checks to generate an Extra Clip for their weapon (circumstances allowing).
  3. Cantriped

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    I consider everything beyond the core rulebook a supplement, including adventures. I also specified "professional" because we can make supplements for genesys, @drainsmith is especially prolific, but we can't publish them for cold-hard monies. Star Wars has decades worth of fan-fiction that can be adapted into plots. It is a well-known universe beloved by multiple generations. Meanwhile fewer people know, or care about the runebound or android settings. They're comparatively obscure settings. There are probably also a fair number of people quietly working on conversions for their favorite settings instead of adventures for them. Which is sort of what genesys was advertised as being for, so that makes sense.
  4. Cantriped

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    I can't speak for it's current success, but L5R does have more than two-decades worth of brand recognition. Genesys just can't compete with that.
  5. Cantriped

    Adventure modules for GMs with no time?

    Unlike RoT, SotB does have a rudimentry 'adventure builder'. Though I can't say I've had a chance to use it. In addition, I'm certain FFG will eventually release their convention one-shot (and the pregens) for SotB. FFG doesn't seem to be interested in supporting professional third-party supplements for Genesys. Nor do they seem to be willing to devote more than a miniscule fraction of their resources to the system's development. So unfortunately, I don't think there is ever going to be a reasonable selection of published adventures for genesys (let alone for any given setting).
  6. Cantriped


    It strikes me as a technology that the setting takes for granted. Which is probably for the best, because nanotechnology is basically the sci-fi equivalent of "It's Magic!" as far as justification go. The more heavily we lean on it, the more we have to question why everyone doesn't already have an Amorphous Blob Of Problem Solving.
  7. Cantriped

    Bioroids: Combat Skills - Hurting Humans

    The same way we reconcile the fact that there are illegal Human-On-Bioroid boxing matches. A Bioroid's inability to hurt humans seems like it's mostly just propaganda. Only the ristiest risties would actually be so nieve as to believe it's impossable to 'crack' a bioroid, or assume that every bioroid is manufactured with a code-versus-killing.
  8. Cantriped

    Is there a vehicle combat cheat sheet?

    This is amazing work!
  9. Cantriped


    The official pregens haven't been released yet, neither has the Android Adventure, or an updated Errata/FAQ document. I'm really hoping the come out soon.
  10. Cantriped

    Official Release Date of the PDF

    I would totally purchase the PDF of Worlds of Android. I just don't want to devote the physical shelf-space to it; given that I'll rarely if ever reference it during play, and that's the only reason I keep a physical library anymore.
  11. Cantriped

    Free PDF when you buy RPG Book from FLGS/FFG direct

    Sadly no. FFG expects us to pay for both the physical and digital versions seperately. The digital editions typically cost about half of whatever the physical copy costs.
  12. Personally, I think FFG intended to include some kind of vehicle creation rules in SotB, but either ran out of time to develop them, or ran out of space to include them. It could mean we'll get a vehicle sourcebook in the distant future, or that they'll include vehicle creation in Twilight Imperium or another future setting book... Regardless, I'm trying to give FFG the benefit of the doubt. As opposed to simply assuming laziness or incompetence is to blame. FFG must have had a clean version of the background at some point; otherwise the second and third pages of the Android Sheet would also have fields for Total and Available XP baked into the background as well, and they do not. The image quality of the various enclosed-fields (such as for total and available xp), indicates to me that they were seperate rastorized assets at some point. Finally, I find it hard to believe a professional graphic designer would be so foolish as to delete the master copy of any of their assets (I'm only an amateur graphic designer and even I know better). So there are few good reasons to assume those fields were included by mistake.
  13. Why does the Android Vehicle Sheet have fields for total and available XP?
  14. Cantriped

    Official Release Date of the PDF

    Well darn, I was hoping they'd drop another Errata, or at least the SotB Adventure and Pregens today.
  15. Cantriped

    Chasing cars and such

    Nay, I wouldn't track the fractional results. That still allows our aforementioned character to destroy a car in about an half-an-hour. In combat, I would rule that a personal-scale attack has to deal at least 10 or more damage at once to cause even 1 HT, 9 damage or less causes 0 HT (but may cause cosmetic damage, such as a dented door, or cracked window to indicate it was close to causing real damage), and 19 damage still only causes 1 HT. I don't like it, but its the fairest way to prevent 0 armor vehicles from being inappropriately fragile. If you would like to track fractional results, I suggest you also give certain vehicles about 5 soak (½ Armor)