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  1. "I feel the need -- the need for speed."
  2. Disney announced a new hotel for Galaxy’s Edge Galactic Starcruiser Hotel https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/destinations/star-wars-galactic-starcruiser/
  3. You are correct, I emailed Disney Meetings & Events and this was their response "Thank you for your reply and for your interest in Disney Meetings & Events. Due to the enthusiasm and high demand surrounding Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, we do not have any information about availability for meetings or events at this time. Stay tuned to our social media channels and www.DisneyMeetings.com for future details."Thank you again for your interest in Disney Meetings & Events.Sincerely,Disney Meetings & Eventswww.DisneyMeetings.com As much as I would like to see an event happen at Galaxy’s Edge the demand for event space and costs may be higher than FFG and the community could afford. The idea that the Worlds could be held close to Galaxy’s Edge is probably a great option
  4. Fair enough, there could be additional costs Not sure why you would want a pretzel when you could get Smoked Kaadu Ribs and tall glass of blue milk 😉 My thinking was that people coming from all over the world to participate may prefer to closer to a Star Wars attraction. Also FFG partnering with Disney on the event could be beneficial to FFG
  5. Do you think they should hold the the Star Wars: X-Wing World Championship at Galaxy’s Edge?
  6. Interesting Video on Han Solo Gunner Card options
  7. @Hippie Moosen I regret posting here however I appreciate your response.
  8. @ TopHatGorilla You make some good points I cant say that I agree with them
  9. @ TopHatGorilla "Then my wife needed the table to do some planning for work, so our second game was on the floor" Hippie illustrates that he he only had one table big enough to play X-Wing miniatures on, once his wife used that table he was forced to play on the floor. This is the inherent issue with X-Wing at 1/270 scale. I play at a local game stores, However because of the popularity of the card games (Keyforge, MTG etc) The local game stores all use 30"x48" or 30"x72" tables, One game store will allow you to rearrange their tables into a 60"x72" table and one supplies a 48" piece of plywood board to place across the table to accommodate X-Wing Miniatures players if table space is available. If FFG produced a X-Wing Micro on a 24"x24" mat the game stores wound not have to make special accommodations for the game. Respectfully, Only a select group of employees at FFG know what FFG's costs are to produce the game and the profit they make from the game. I personally "Fly Casual" so playing it tournament version is not a criteria for me, as a consumer I would be much happier to have the option to purchase a "Micro" or a "Miniatures" size version of the game.
  10. @ Hippie Your post about moving from the table to the floor really illustrates the need for a smaller playing surface, The thread is about giving players the option to buy the same product in a different size, I don't see this as a negative for FFG, Companies often release products that directly compete with their own product line, Monopoly is a good example of this, there is well over 1000 different versions of the popular boardgame, FFG has an opportunity to expand their game into the table top market.
  11. You are correct, FFG made the decision to produce X-Wing at a specific scale (1/270) I am not suggesting FFG abandon the current format, I'm suggesting they consider producing X-Wing Micro at about 1/350 scale The trade off would be less detailed ships in favor of a more tabletop friendly format Think of it as Sheldon vs Young Sheldon “As we set out to design our miniatures and our game system, we needed to choose the scale of the game. Too big, and the game play would be unwieldy and take up too much space. Too small, and we’d lose unacceptable amounts of detail, and the models wouldn’t have the physical presence on the tabletop we were seeking. After creating a series of crude rapid prototypes in various sizes, we finally chose 1/270 as our final scale. At this size it was possible to maintain most of each starfighter’s fine details while also making it possible for those players interested in staging larger battles to field a significant number of fighters on the gaming tabletop.” https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2012/7/16/the-making-of-x-wing-tm/
  12. Is there an App for that? A Travel game would still require card space/dice rolling space. I don’t think you should go sub atomic with this. Just reduce the size so that it can be played on a average size table. Really when you think about the space, right now you probably need a 48”x48” table plus seating. So now your talking about an 8’x8’ area. Not everyone has that space available
  13. The purpose of reducing the size is to allow players to play on a smaller table surface X-Wing mats are 36"x36" and you need some area to place your cards, so a minimum table surface of 43"x43" is required. A 24"x24" Mat would only require a 31"x31" table.
  14. Yes they would be 33% smaller but still useable.
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