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  1. Reinforce states that it triggers in the Neutralize Results step if the attack hits and more than one hit/crit remains. "Remains" only makes sense if you first neutralize hits/crits with evades and then apply reinforce. So in both of your examples one damage goes through. EDIT: I misread the second example. @meffo is right, if you roll an evade it obviously cancels out the one hit.
  2. This would prevent the dice from being cancelled for any reason. What if Han wants to use a weapon that instructs you to cancel its dice results? I'd write something like "You may not cancel those dice results with this ability."
  3. While TLTs would still be a good card in 2e, don't forget two major changes to the game: Turrets have a firing arc and it's a (potentially red) action to turn them. Range bonuses apply to turrets now. The main problem with TLTs was "If I can hit them, they can hit me and I cannot improve my chances." IIRC that was why autothrusters were so important.
  4. Just adding: Don't worry if it's not super precise. You won't be able to tell if a ship is out of bounds of it's just a few mm, but that's okay. It's more about limiting the ability to run away, not to make a perfect square.
  5. They don't. They don't answer in the threads themselves at least. They answer a bundle at a time. If you want an answer you have to use the Contact form for rules questions. (For what it's worth, I submitted this very question about a week ago.)
  6. Nothing in step 2 indicates that step 4 gets skipped if the ion maneuver is not completed. So the tokens get removed.
  7. I'd say that doesn't work. That doesn't seem to be what is intended. However, Jam also states "If the ship does not have any green tokens or is not maintaining any locks, it remains jammed." Or, not and. So you could maybe argue that yes, if you choose the other thing this works. However, it seems to me that "You cannot freely choose to do something that is impossible" is a rule running through the whole game. I think this is the intended thing here.
  8. You got a quote for that? Because that's what we thought/suspected for the Systems Phase as well and as it turns out it was wrong. EDIT: Or for the distinction – it might not be overlapping, but maybe it counts as overlapping or something.
  9. Or if something new is placed on the board appearently (as seen with the proximity mines).
  10. Read the official answer. Q: When a ship is destroyed by a game effect triggered with "before engaging,” does it still engage? A: Yes, because the game has already reached that initiative step, it is not removed until after all ships of that initiative have engaged, per simultaneous fire. The yes is important, the rest is reasoning. You don't get to ignore the official answer because you don't like the reasoning. And just because the rule is there to represent one thing that doesn't mean it cannot also influence other things.
  11. Official Answer: When an object is placed underneath a ship, that ship counts as overlapping that object. So it immediately goes "Kaboom".
  12. We have an official answer. You cannot attack at range 0. It was indeed an omission in the rules and will be fixed.
  13. This is independent from Simultaneous Fire. Once the ship engages, it gets to fire. It would make no sense if a ship could fire after being destroyed by a console fire only if there happens to be another ship with the same initiative. EDIT: The official answer even explicitly states it gets to engaged. Yes, the rule is called Simultaneous Fire, but you don't need to have another ship for it. EDIT2: Jokubas posted the same thing while I was editing
  14. No, you have to engage. Nothing in the entry states it's optional. On the contrary, even disarmed ships have to engage ("Disarmed ships still engage even though they cannot perform attacks.").
  15. That wouldn't be a clarification, but a rule change. The RR explicitly states that the ships of the player with initiative engage first, then the other players ships do. Changing the wording to all of them engaging at once and then attacking opens a whole other can of worms, namely buffing Han (Crew) and nerfing Feedback Array.
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