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  1. Oh that’s a good point, thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely do that.
  2. That’s good! I’ve been told different things all over the place. Some say rebels will never sell some say shouldn’t have a problem. At this point, planning on trying to sell or trade the rebels. I hope you are correct.
  3. Right, not saying it isn’t possible, just feel like it would either take a while, or I won’t get much for them. Anyways, I had an idea. We get a clone core set on release, at Black Friday if the clone core is on sale we pick up one of those, and one imperial core set. This way it rounds out my wife’s army. And I can just use the extra clones for storm troopers AND we’d have a clone army to boot! I doubt anyone I play the game with will care I have clone troopers in my imperial army. Maybe the next Black Friday I’ll pick up actual storm troopers. I honestly think this is the best way for me to go. Does anyone have a reason not to do this?
  4. Black Friday is a great idea ! I hadn't even thought about that! Well honestly we were going to get the clone war set when it comes out, just to start painting, the plan was to wait to get anything else till around Christmas. However, now if I can find good deals around black Friday, that's when we'll get the rest of the stuff! Originally, my plan was to trade or sell the things we don't use. However, part of me wants to keep the clone army. The potential Jedi coming out for them has me extremely interested. However, seeing no Jedi other than Obi has been announced, this is probably way down the road. So the idea to keep the clones, and use them as storm troopers was suggested by someone in my discord. The rebel thing was just a side thought, honestly not really loving the idea, probably wouldn't do it. I feel like finding anyone to trade or sell rebels too at this point would be difficult, just due to the fact most people interested in rebels probably don't need more of them.
  5. Hmmm thanks for all the suggestions! Atm I'm thinking of getting one of each core set, for the time being. Using the clones as storm troopers in my Imperial army. We would still need to get more droids for my wife. So MAYBE we'll get 2 clone wars core set. I suppose we could just use the rebels from the other core set in the droid army? XD would look kinda odd but could do it.
  6. There is a game store near, however when I was there for magic, they were against any trading on store grounds.
  7. Hello there! (omw I bet that is used way too much on this forum, but I had to). My wife and I plan on getting into Legion soon. However, with the new core set coming out, presents a problem. I want to play the Imperials, my wife wants to play the separatists. We would LOVE to get all the factions, we just don't have the time nor the money for that. So buying both core sets, is kind of a waste. Does anyone know if there are any plans for single faction core sets? Right now, my plan is to attempt selling our unused factions on ebay. Is that the only way? Side note, I'm assuming there's no reason you can't play the prequel factions vs the original right?
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